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  • 1 Reel – Caribbean Treasure


    1 Reel - Caribbean Treasure is a one-of-a-kind online slot game produced by Spinomenal, offering a single 1-by-1 reel grid to play. The game features a theme about pirates, offering exciting bonus attributes and potentially huge payouts up to 500 times the initial stake. 

    1 Reel - Caribbean Treasure slot operates on an RTP of 91.5% with high volatility. With features like Wilds, Special Wins, and Progressive symbols, this game has a lot of potentials to deliver the fun and excitement we look for. Let's check further!

    How to Place Bets On 1 Reel - Caribbean Treasure Slot

    We have a quick guide for you on how to place bets on this slot game —

    • The betting limit ranges from €0.01 to €10. Click the stacked coins icon to adjust the stake.
    • Click on the '?' icon on the right to learn about the bonus symbols and game rules. 
    • Click on the 🔊 symbol to adjust the sound and music. 
    • Use the large '⟳' icon to initiate the game. 

    Free Spins and Jackpots On 1 Reel - Caribbean Treasure Slot

    Since the slot features only a 1-by-1 reel grid, there is no free spins feature on this game, unfortunately. However, you will still find yourself engaged throughout the gameplay because of the Wilds, Special Wins, and Jackpot features. 


    The Wild is represented by a check of gold coins. When you land this symbol on the reel, it counts as landing 3 winning combos at once and will progress each of their progress bars to the next level. 

    Reset Bank

    This feature is represented by a black flag with a skull on it. When you land this symbol, it will reset all your progression and the bank balance to 0.

    Special Wins

    In this feature, the player is awarded whatever winning amount is incurred by the time they reach the final level with a symbol. Once the 3 progress bars on the left screen are filled, the player is awarded a mega jackpot. 

    Layout and Graphics Of 1 Reel - Caribbean Treasure Slot

    The slot displays sharp graphics of an exquisite lagoon surrounded by water, palm trees, fireflies and a ship. The island is set around the Caribbean, and the 1 reel grid is laid out in front of it, decorated with varieties of sea motifs like starfish, shells, and seaweed. 

    On the left side, 3 progress bars are displayed with a 'Jackpot' banner on the top, wherein, each bar has a set of multipliers. On the right side, you will see the 'Collect & Win' banner; on the bottom of the reel, the 'Collect' button is exhibited. The game's peaceful ambience is completed by relaxing cinematic music in the background, followed by realistic audio of the waves and birds.

    Final Verdict On 1 Reel - Caribbean Treasure Slot

    In conclusion, 1 Reel Caribbean Treasure at Brightstar Casino is a unique slot by Spinomenal and is evidence of the actuality that a 1 reel slot can deliver both a dynamic and irresistible gaming experience. The illustrations are impressively designed, and the potential jackpot of 5000 is a great start to a slot adventure if you are new.

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    Game Summary

    Name: 1 Reel – Caribbean Treasure

    Author: Alex Karidis