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  • Battle Mania


    Battle Mania is a Microgaming(Skillz Gaming) slot machine that has all the fun packed into it with an adventurous twist. The game setting is very unusual as there are no reels here. You will find a set of five cards besides other regular settings.Final Say: Battle Mania Slot Review

    How to play Battle Mania?

    In Battle Mania, a choice needs to be made by you between some character teams. A value along with volatility rating is associated with each team. It means there is a variety ranging from low wins and volatility to high wins and volatility. Due to this, you will find the slot quite flexible. Payouts vary between all these teams as the payout can be anywhere between 20 to 3940 coins for every win.

    Stakes vary from £0.50 to £100 per spin so low rollers might find it a bit tough to play. Being a non-standard slot, it might take some time for you to get through with the settings of this game. The character team you have chosen will damage the enemy monsters. Every hit done by the enemy monster has a coin value designated to it. The win will be collected only when enough damage occurs and the enemy gets destroyed.

    After the bets are placed, every character will do a present amount of damage and every crystal will represent 1 damage point. After receiving five damage points, the enemy will die and hence the player wins.

    Progress onto the islands

    Unique ability is associated with every character which can get activated randomly. All these abilities include killing the enemy, healing their allies or themselves & resurrecting another shot. Apart from this as you progress, you will reach a different island as you reach the next level.

    Every island has its own bonus which begins from Boss Fight up to five free battles. The bonus mechanism is much like other slots but their execution is completely different. You too will find it quite different.

    Final Say: Battle Mania Slot Review

    Fair efforts have been put into the design of this slot game with a pretty nice soundtrack that plays in the background. More improvement could have been put into the concept but overall Battle Mania is not disappointing and can be tried if you are looking for something unusual.

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    Game Summary

    Name: Battle Mania

    Posted On: 11/01/2019

    Author: Alex Karidis

    Battle Mania | Get £200 Bonus | Brightstar Casino