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  • Blackjack Professional Series Standard


    Net Entertainment is the creators of an online blackjack series for both low and high stake players. One of the games in their collection is the Blackjack Professional Series Standard. This is a 3-hand online casino blackjack game that comes with detailed graphics, animation and a nice jazz soundtrack.

    With this online blackjack game, you can adjust the gameplay speed if you like. It also has a Double Jack and re-bet feature to keep you intrigued for long periods at a time. Continue reading to learn more about how you can benefit from these features.

    Blackjack Professional Series Standard Gaming Options

    Blackjack Professional Series Standard meets the needs of both low and high stake blackjack players. The Low Roller option is for low stake blackjack players and has a 10p minimum bet and a £5 maximum bet limit.

    For the High Roller option which is for high stake blackjack players, the minimum bet limit is £25 while £500 is the maximum bet limit. This makes this NetEnt Blackjack game a preferred choice for both low and high rollers alike.

    Regular Gameplay Option

    The regular gameplay option of Blackjack Professional Series Standard involves a minimum betting limit of only £1 and a maximum betting limit of a total sum of £200. Regular gameplay also involves a 3-hand game. You can split a hand just once in this blackjack. Once a hand has a pair of cards, you can double your bets if you want. However, doubling cannot be done if the split involves Aces.

    Double Jack Bonus Side Bet

    A Double Jack bonus side bet with a maximum bet limit of £200 is available in Blackjack Professional Series Standard. This bet is played after a standard bet is made and just before cards are dealt by the dealer. In the Double Jack side bet, you will earn a win when you have “Jacks” as your pair of cards.

    Similarly, if you have a “Jack” in your hand as the first card dealt during the standard blackjack, you will earn a win. Where the latter is in play, you will be rewarded with a 10x multiplier. However, where the former is in play especially if you have a pair of “Jacks of Spades”, you will receive a 100x multiplier as your reward.

    To Sum Up

    With the possibility of earning 100x multiplier in the Double Jack bonus side bet, you have one good reason to play Blackjack Professional Series Standard. Another good reason to play this blackjack is the ultra-realistic graphics, sound and gameplay on offer.

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    Game Summary

    Name: Blackjack Professional Series Standard

    Posted On: 02/11/2018

    Author: Alex Karidis

    Blackjack Professional Series Standard | Get £200 Bonus | Brightstar Casino