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    For an intriguing variant of the basic Baccarat casino card game, try Live Baccarat Squeeze- an Evolution Gaming product. In this online casino card game, the live dealer will gradually open the upside down playing cards and in the process build up your tension and anxiety. This game is aired in real time from Riga, Latvia where the studios of Evolution Gaming is located. Read on to learn more about this live dealer casino card game.

    What Makes Live Baccarat Squeeze Different?

    There are some obvious differences when you compare the basic Baccarat casino card game with Live Baccarat Squeeze. Two of these differences include the following;

    1. Card Position

    With the basic Baccarat game, you have a dealer that deals a couple of cards to the banker and player. The two cards are open when dealt by the dealer to the banker and player. In the case of Live Baccarat Squeeze, the cards dealt by the live dealer are closed or face downwards. However, the live dealer would gradually unveil the cards by squeezing them over in a slow manner.

    2. Type and Value of bet

    While cards are open from the moment they are dealt to the player and banker by the dealer under a standard Baccarat game. However, with Live Baccarat Squeeze the cards are unveiled by the live dealer on the basis of the type and value of bets made in one round. Those cards with the biggest bets will end up being squeezed by the live dealer with the other hand being unveiled.

    Live Chat And Multiple Language Options Available

    The minimum bet per round for this live-action Baccarat game is £5 while the maximum bet per round is £2,000. This is a game best suited for low and high stake players. The online casino card game is equipped with a live chat option and the dealer can communicate with players in a variety of European languages. These languages include; English, French, Italian and Spanish.

    Gaming Rules

    When playing Baccarat Squeeze Live you will be required to guess correctly the hand with a card value close to “9”. There are a few bets that players can place two of these include; a Tie bet which comes with a payout of 8:1 and a Pairs Side bet which has a payout ratio of 11:1. When the cards of a player hand comprise of a pair, this results in a Player Pair win. Equally, with a pair of cards on the banker's hand, the outcome is a Banker Pair victory.

    To Sum Up

    With simple rules and gameplay, Live Baccarat Squeeze is a Baccarat variant that is worth trying it today. The live dealer action and card squeeze add to the overall excitement of the game.

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    Game Summary

    Name: Live Bacarrat Squeeze

    Posted On: 02/11/2018

    Author: Alex Karidis

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