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    Roulette is a game that came about by chance. The classical roulette wheel was actually meant to be a perpetual motion machine. It sadly failed in that objective but gave birth to the very iconic roulette wheel that we all know, love and admire.

    Previously, such a game could only be played in actual casinos. However, technical advancements have since made the game of Live roulette available at all hours of the day and night on mobile, PC, and tablets.

    Apart from the main roulette variants- American, European and French- there are lots more variants of this game, with some even having multiple roulette balls that double the fun, wins, risks, and action. Lots more variants are seemingly being invented daily, with each seeking to one-up its peers by offering the most outrageous features possible.

    Live For Real With Live Roulette

    Live Roulette is the live version of the game. It essentially simulates the experience of an actual casino and has a live dealer who presides over gameplay activities.

    These dealers are mainly women and very pretty ones who are dressed to impress and professionally trained. Apart from taking care of gameplay matters, they can be interacted with via live chat and are courteous enough to welcome new players and congratulate winners. This courtesy and more besides essentially makes players feel that they are in an actual casino.

    Live RouletteGameplay

    Not much brain is required to play Live Roulette! It is purely a game of chance, with players being merely required to guess in which of the numbered pockets the roulette ball will rest in after a spin.

    There are different types of bets available, with these all having payouts that vary according to the risk potential. Straight up bets are normally available and are made on just a single number or number sets. There are also line bets, 1:1 bet and lots more.

    Players are not restricted to any one of these bets during gameplay, as multiple bets of different types and of different value are supported. The incredible diversity of the bet types and the very fast-paced gameplay all make live roulette a very popular and thoroughly exciting game with few if any peers.


    Live Roulette is a live version of roulette that is played with a live dealer. It is available on a wide array of devices, can be played at all hours, is usually streamed in HD or better and offers the highest grade of fun and thrills!

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    Game Summary

    Name: Live Roulette

    Posted On: 01/02/2017

    Author: Alex Karidis

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