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    Olympia brings the age of the ancient Greek period, which was characterized by the Gods and the powerful kingdom of Greece that they ruled upon. Fugaso emerges out to be as one of the leading games and software developer and this slot is certainly majestic enough to display the same! It is a low-variance play but it does offer some strikingly majestic and intriguing features that might entice players to try this game out. The music score depicts the gallant days of the Gods who were the Supreme beings in ancient Greece. In all, the slot game is a must for someone who seeks the same dose and vibes of a gallant play as that of the famous God and Demigods that everyone knows of, today!

    Key Features of Olympia

    Olympia consists of marble and stones, which depicts the royalty pervasive in those ancient periods in Greece. The Greek-themed characters would be easily recognised by all, thanks to its popularity pertinent to this date. It consists of a 5 reel and 10 paylines grid layout. The play through even though exciting can be a bit dragging since there are not many elements that have been introduced to bring in uniqueness or variety.

    Bonus features and free rounds:

    There is not much to offer in this niche. However, there might be a chance to take away 250,000 worth of credits when Olympia is played. The large pile of money is only availed when the full amount is put into the bet which comes in 50 credits. It can be availed by landing the winning combination which can be availed in no time. A player has the possibility of going away with 15 free rounds, which is basically a decent number of plays. A special symbol has been added to the game that allows for a bonus. This symbol can expand itself to cover about 3 squares in the grid which would be chosen at random, prior to the beginning of the free game rounds. It leads to a potential chance of multiplying the staked value.

    Final thoughts

    Even though Olympia might seem a bit bland in taste for the professional players and gamblers, this game certainly can pose as a stiff challenge to players. Perhaps that might be enough for players who are looking more than an easy let through and need that persistence that this slot game provides!

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    Game Summary

    Name: Olympia

    Posted On: 03/01/2019

    Author: Alex Karidis

    Olympia | Get £200 Bonus | Brightstar Casino