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    Ozzy has always been the evil mage and hence had the name Prince of Darkness. Ozzy Osbourne Video Slot has done a good job of embracing that dark image. The game starts with a gothic image of Osburne who sits on a throne. When you get a free coin, the reels get changed to a stone background with electricity hitting the reels. This game offers 5 reel and 20 paylines. This game has 243 ways to win as compared to most of the other slot games.


    Symbols consist of various images of Ozzy and other evil items which are present which includes demonic items such as a bat, crucifix, purple rose, raven and skull. Four picks of Ozzy deliver the highest payouts. The highest bet you can win is 10,000x your bet. Now get your chances high of getting many bets by playing on Bright Star Casino.

    RTP and Betting option:

    The RTP ranges from 96.30% to 96.67%. you need to consistently activate the bonus to get the higher end of this range. Standard betting options range from 0.20 euros to 100 euros per spin. You can also activate the bonus bet which doubles the initial wager which you had placed. For example, if you risk 0.50 euro then your wager will get increased to 1 euro. This means that you can have a larger bet with a higher multiplier added to it.

    Special Features:

    Ozzy Osbourne Video Slot has many features that you’d love to try. When landing two scatter symbols on the reel, you can get a free re-spin. When you select the “Charge-up” button you get a randomly selected symbol along with a special bonus. You can either get a free respin by clicking on charge-up, or you can get them by getting three or more scatter symbols together. You can get a multiplier with a chosen symbol on all payouts that it forms. The standard multiplier ranges from 2x to 3x while the bonus ones can get as high as 5x to 7x. all instances of a selected symbol will turn into wilds. A selected symbol will offer payouts equivalent to a 3 of a kind.

    Now get your own game on Bright Star Casino and test your luck for the same.

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    Game Summary

    Name: Ozzy Osbourne Video Slot

    Posted On: 22/11/2019

    Author: Alex Karidis

    Ozzy Osbourne Video Slot | 100% Welcome Bonus | Brightstar Casino