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    Evolution Gaming has brought a new twist to the classic baccarat game with their Speed Baccarat B Live. The game has all the rules similar to that of the baccarat game except for the betting period. Speed Baccarat B Live has now 10 seconds to bet instead of regular 15. That's what makes live baccarat more speedy and fun.

    Speed Baccarat B Live Look and Feel

    Just like with all its previous live table games, Evolution Gaming has done amazing work on the background and the look and feel of Speed Baccarat B Live. The game screen has a choice between classic and HD view.

    The game has a toolbar with some buttons and options to adjust the sound and video quality as well as to communicate with a live dealer of the game. The real fun begins when the video feed is stretched over the full screen while the toolbar and other controls shift to the bottom of the screen. There's also an option to enlarge and see the scorecard in the betting area of the screen and spot the previous betting trends to help you decide on the next bets.

    Speed Baccarat B Live Pairs and Winnings

    Speed Baccarat B Live features player, banker and, wagers. Aside from the base game, there are plenty of side bets to get a chance to win more. Each pair you make pays out differently. For example, a Banker and a player pair get you 11:1 while the Either pair wins back 5:1. The perfect pair is your chance to win something big. The perfect pair with identical two cards in one hand and two hands pay back 25:1 and 200:1 respectively. If you Wager on Player or Banker Bonus and you may benefit from odds of up to 30:1 in case the respective hand wins a natural 8 or 9, or by at least four points.

    Final Words

    This is no doubt a great refreshment for baccarat fans. The game features many different side bets and interesting payouts along with an amazing background, and a live dealer. The tight bet period of only 10 seconds makes the game even more thrilling.

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    Game Summary

    Name: Speed Baccarat B Live

    Author: Alex Karidis