Pit Boss In A Casino, Who is he?

Casinos have a lot of employees to help the players out in many ways. It is, after all, a hospitable industry where customer satisfaction is of utmost importance. There are many employees at a casino who are dealers, receptionists, chip runner, pit bosses and many more.  A Pitboss is one important designation when it comes to casinos. Let us know more about a Pitboss and the roles and responsibilities.

Pit Boss In A Casino, Who is he?

A pit boss is a term used to address a person who authorises cash transactions, keeps vigil on the tables, overseeing the financial figures at the table and many other tasks. A pit boss is an iconic job and is imperative to all the casinos. A pit boss is like a manager of the casino and indulges in a lot of responsibilities in a casino:

  • A pit boss supervises the floor. Meaning that the pit boss keeps a close eye on the few tables, watches the activities without the player knowing and in case of a crisis of any kind jumps in. He keeps in close connection with all the supervisors who are watching each game individually.  
  • Dealing with crisis: It is not only watching the players, but a boss is also responsible for watching the dealers and identifying if there is an error that they are committing. A pit boss also looks out if the payoffs are handled right, proper steps are being followed for payouts, the players are treated well and makes sure that the culture of the casino is followed.
  • Managing the floor staff: All the floor supervisors are connected with the pit boss directly. They report to the pit boss and the pit boss addresses any issue that they face.
  • A pit boss is also involved in managing the other workers on the floor.. A pit boss is responsible for managing the internal schedules with the dealers, the shift changes, scheduling of games. A pit boss is also responsible to coach the dealers, servers, and supervisors with casino etiquettes and manners. He is also responsible for staffing and training and performance monitoring of the other employees who report to him.
  • Dispute handling: A pit boss is also responsible for handling any disputes that arise on the floor. The disputed may between the dealer and the players, among the players, the dealer and the server or between anybody. A pit boss has to handle such situations. Some major and usual issues that arise at a table are incorrect shuffling by the dealer, misbehaviour by the dealer or the player, cheating, scams and much more.
  • Be vigilant: A pit boss has to be always on his toes to avoid as well as to combat disputes. He needs to monitor the behaviour of the dealers, oversee what is happening on the floor, look into the payouts, monitor the working of the supervisors and getting updates from them.
  • Documentation is another important part of a pit boss’ job role. He needs to complete the paperwork for wins and losses every day, the inventory files, the payout records, the rules and regulations of the games, undertakings from the players, casino inventory, the inventory on the table, account for all the losses fill and credit slips, shift reports, MTL and CTR documents, and any other items required by the US Title 31 banking regulations.

A pit boss is one of the most desirable job roles in the casino. Many candidates are looking for an opportunity to be a pit boss in a casino. A pit boss is a good paying job in casinos but comes with a lot of responsibilities. It is a very ethical job where the person has to be always on his toes and be quick to make decisions. The person has to be agile and firm. Personality traits that a pit boss should have are:

  • A pit boss should be a good observant.
  • A good pit boss should be a leader and should have the ability to instruct all the other employees.
  • He should be a quick thinker. Despite a lot of training, planning and practice new issues and unforeseen events can happen every day that the Pit boss will have to tackle. Thus he should be a quick thinker.

A Pitboss is an important employee of every casino and has to shoulder many responsibilities. Every day in the life of a Pitboss is a new day with new challenges.

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Name: Pit Boss In A Casino, Who is he?

Posted On: 23/03/2019

Author: Alex Karidis