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    As the name of the game suggests that 3D Blackjack is a 3D game, the player will have a mind blowing gaming experience while playing it. This is all because of the great visuals and graphics of the game. The level of graphics can be seen in the cards, table and the camera angle of the game frame. The angle is set in such a way that you will feel like you are sitting right at a live table. The table has an additional depth to make the chips and cards look three-dimensional.

    The game is very much realistic and features bright light mesmerizing sound that includes the sound of human interaction and sirens.

    How to play the 3D Blackjack?

    A regular gamer must be aware of the objective of the game. At the end of the game, the player has to win higher valued hand than that of the dealer’s hand. The player will win only after the value of his hand exceeds 21 or the dealer burst his hand.

    Players of all stakes can play the 3D Blackjack as the gameplay starts with a lowest bet range of £1 to highest bet range of £100.

    Rules and Payouts

    The 3D Blackjack offers you three winning payouts which include the standard winning Blackjack hand. The standard winning hand will reward you the normal payout. This blackjack hand has a single ace and ten valued card. Another payout will trigger only if you have chosen the insurance side bet wager.

    If this bet goes successful, then you will win an award that is equal to half of the amount of the original base game position at odds 2 to 1.

    When the dealer will have a hand value of 17, he may stand up to draw a hand valued 16 or less than that. This will indicate that the dealer now wants the blackjack after being dealt an Ace. This is a Hole card game.

    Summing Up

    3D Blackjack is one of the most innovative games of blackjack range. The game has very enticing features and graphics. 3D Blackjack has huge amount of reality associated to it. The game will surely entertain and give you an amazing gaming experience for multiple hours.

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    Game Summary

    Name: 3D Blackjack

    Author: Alex Karidis