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    What Is A Flashed Card?

    Posted on January 4, 2019
    In this industry of casino gaming, the competition gets tougher each day where casinos are trying to showcase their potential and trying to attract as many customers as they can. The cut-throat competition doesn’t allow any sorts of mistakes that Continue reading

    Reverse Implied Odds: Casino Definition

    Posted on January 2, 2019
    In this casino gaming industry, the Internet boom has led to the rise in the popularity of the online casino gaming because of its easy accessibility and availability to all people around the world. The most evident reality as a Continue reading

    Mobile Roulette Games & It’s History

    Posted on December 29, 2018
    The gambling industry has evolved into an experience of technology and entertainment. With mobile roulette casino being a handy feature for the gamblers to come together and enjoy the classic casino games on their mobile devices, the level of convenience Continue reading

    Blackjack True Count Drills

    Posted on December 24, 2018
    Keeping eye on the deck of cards and true count drills seriously affect your level of winnings in a game of blackjack. After all it is the insights of the players that make them win big. And when you are Continue reading

    What Is An Exotic Wager: Casino Definition

    Posted on December 20, 2018
    Exotic Wager is a term generally associated with horse racing. However, in any type of gambling sport, an exotic wager or an exotic bet is an unusual betting. Unlike straight bet where the players bet on a winning “team”, an Continue reading

    Early Vs Late Surrender

    Posted on December 18, 2018
    Early and Late Surrender in Blackjack is two common playing strategies in the game. Based on your playing techniques and conditions, you would need to apply the right gaming strategies. As a player, it is important that you get a Continue reading

    Rule of Six in Casino

    Posted on December 13, 2018
    Table game lovers have a great variety of games offered at both traditional and online casinos. While most games have some basic rules that players and dealers need to adhere to, here’s a term commonly used in the game of Continue reading

    What Is Outside Straight?

    Posted on December 11, 2018
    If you are a Poker fan, familiarization with the terms used in the game becomes essential to play comfortably and not look straight-faced when co-players use them at the table. While there are various Poker variants accessible at top casino Continue reading

    Hold Percentage In Online Casino Explained

    Posted on December 6, 2018
    There are lots of gaming elements and terms that you need to know in order to become a good player. If you are not aware of these terms, you may tend to get confused while playing. In simple terms, a Continue reading

    What Is A Non Sticky Bonus?

    Posted on December 2, 2018
    If you were to enjoy a bonus winning, wouldn’t you want to withdraw it? Non-sticky bonuses refer to the category of bonus which can be cashed out upon fulfilling all bonus requirements. Most casinos give away bonuses to new players Continue reading