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    Why Are Slots the Most Popular Casino Game?

    Slot games paved the path towards what is seen as this incredible domination of online casino games. A major chunk of the wide acceptance is due to the outburst of casino slot games. Numerous gambling platforms are dominated by slot machines solely due to the enormous amount and diversity of slot games available in casinos.  No matter where you go, there is someone in the front row battling it against the spinning of slot machines endlessly. Such is the intriguing and engaging experience that this casino masterpiece brings to the table. There is always something in it for everyone to enjoy. Slot Games: A Brief Slot games can be classified as the kind of casino games that are played on... Read More

    Posted On: 26/06/2023

    Author: Alex Karidis

    What Are Fixed Jackpot Slots and How Do They Work?

    The gambling sport is an entertainment enjoyed by millions when they practise responsible gambling. The history of casino sports can be traced back hundreds of years. starting from the round table games like roulette and poker to the ones enjoyed now in casinos online.  Slots online enjoy the same popularity as online roulette and online blackjack. Slot machines have long been a cornerstone of the gambling industry. They attract players to try them with their flashing lights, exciting sounds, and promise of big wins.  Fixed jackpot slots are the new trend in the world of casinos online, offering players the chance to win big with every spin. Unlike progressive jackpot slots, where the prize pool keeps growing until someone hits... Read More

    Posted On: 19/05/2023

    Author: Alex Karidis

    Some Blackjack Books for you to Excel in the Game!

    Sometimes, reading will make your mind change and this can make a lot of super movements as well as moments in your life. So, reading is a good habit which we all should endorse. This article is not about reading per se. It’s about how you can score good at Blackjack with the help of some reading and reading blackjack guide books. Believe me, it will definitely help you in the long run.  Fred Renzey’s book always gives out a helping hand when it comes to playing blackjack. It not only supports us, but also gives everything in a simple yet subtle format. This book is called Blackjack Blue Book “ the simplest winning strategies ever published”. From the title... Read More

    Posted On: 25/04/2023

    Author: Alex Karidis

    The Nostalgia Behind Classic Online Slots

    The word classic does not denote anything outdated, and here it means something that will last forever. It will have an essence of its own, and the way it carries itself will make a lot of sentiments of that very subject. So, classic online slot games will always be a great thing if you are into the smelly old ‘classiness’. The Beginning of Classic Online Slots Now is the time of advancing technologies, and intricacies are on the rise. Every day, something complicated and intricate is coming to life, and with that, the old things are getting revamped into new sophisticated ones. What I’m talking about here is about online slot games. With the advent of new online slot game... Read More

    Posted On: 16/03/2023

    Author: Alex Karidis

    Doubling Down in Blackjack: When You Should and Shouldn’t Do

    When playing the game of Blackjack, players have a number of wagering options to choose from. You can choose to hit to receive additional cards or stand if you’re content with your hand value. Then there’s the option to surrender, split and double down. In Blackjack games, doubling down offers an exciting way to boost your potential winnings, given that you get it right. But what exactly can you expect from the doubling down option? And when you should and shouldn’t use it? Keep reading to find out. What is doubling down in Blackjack? Doubling down is a Blackjack wagering option that allows players to get one additional card by placing a wager that’s double their original stake amount. After... Read More

    Posted On: 15/02/2023

    Author: Alex Karidis

    Interesting Blackjack Movies You Must Watch

    Blackjack is one of the classic casino games for enthusiastic gamblers. Simplicity is what makes Blackjack stand out among the other card games available. All you need to master is the online Blackjack rules. The main objective of Blackjack is to beat the dealer by getting close to 21 without going bust. The blend of luck and ability makes the game more appealing and interesting for the players. Owing to its growing demand, a number of Blackjack movies have been released.  Have you ever watched any movie based on the game of Blackjack? If not, here are some of the coolest movies that are worth watching. Let’s dive in! 21 The very name of the movie depicts the ultimate goal... Read More

    Posted On: 15/01/2023

    Author: Alex Karidis

    Your Go-to Guide to Casino Roulette Chips

    The game of Roulette consists of several different elements, including a spinning wheel, a small white ball and a betting table. An important but often overlooked element of Roulette games is the chips. Roulette chips, as regular casino players would tell, come in a variety of designs and shapes. But their main function is essentially the same. In this guide, we touch down on several things you need to know about casino Roulette chips. Continue reading! Basics of casino Roulette chips When playing Roulette or Blackjack online, players don’t need to give much thought to Roulette chips. This is because in online Roulette games, the handling of chips takes place virtually and there’s a dedicated software to keep track of... Read More

    Posted On: 15/12/2022

    Author: Alex Karidis

    Essential Guide to the Paroli Betting System

    Betting systems and strategies have existed since the time casino gambling has been around. While some betting systems are exclusive to a single game, others can be used in multiple casino games. One such betting strategy that can be applied to a multitude of casino titles is the Paroli betting system. In this article, we offer a comprehensive overview of the Paroli system and explain how to use it when enjoying casino gaming online. What is the Paroli betting system? Simply put, the Paroli system is a betting strategy that’s based on positive progression. For players who are unaware, a positive progression system requires players to double their wager size every time they win. The Paroli betting system is popular... Read More

    Posted On: 15/11/2022

    Author: Alex Karidis

    Casino Outfit Tips for Your Next Casino Visit

    The top gambling meccas are full of several state-of-the-art casino resorts that are renowned for their endless casino gaming entertainment and warm hospitality. But when visiting these gambling venues, visitors are required to follow certain dress code requirements. While this doesn’t bother regular casino players much, it turns out to be baffling for many novice players. As such, here are some tips on how to choose the best casino outfits for your next casino trip. Decide why you’re visiting the casino As a casino visitor, the first thing you need to figure out is what’s your main motive behind visiting the gambling venue. If you’re going to the casino to socialize and have a few drinks, then you would want... Read More

    Posted On: 14/10/2022

    Author: Alex Karidis

    The Basics and the Layout of Blackjack Tables Explained

    It goes without saying that Blackjack is one of the most commonly played casino games, with millions of players enjoying it at land-based gambling venues and online casinos on a daily basis. The popularity of Blackjack can be attributed to two major things – simplicity and ease of playing. Along with having straightforward rules, the game of Blackjack features a table that is simple to understand and easy to get started with. In this article, we offer a detailed insight into everything you need to know about the Blackjack table, from its design and layout to the positioning of players on it. A look at the design of Blackjack tables If you’ve visited a land-based gambling venue before or have... Read More

    Posted On: 15/09/2022

    Author: Alex Karidis

    Your Go-to Guide to Roulette Side Bets

    Roulette is one of the few casino games that come with a number of betting options. From even money bets like Red/Black and Even/Odd to single number wagers that have the highest odds, the game of Roulette has something for every type of casino player. While all of these betting options are great, some Roulette players who have been wagering on them for years may want to try something new. And this is where side bets in Roulette come in. They give an interesting twist to the traditional Roulette gameplay and make it more engaging and exciting. Continue reading to know more about some of the most popular Roulette side bets. Lucky Ball Roulette Lucky Ball is a side bet... Read More

    Posted On: 15/08/2022

    Author: Alex Karidis

    A glance into the history of casino games

    The world of gambling and games is ancient; even one can track their existence even before centuries. Gambling has been a vital part of our entertainment for a long time. Most of the gambling games we play originated from their ancient versions, which are very similar to modern gambling games. The history of live casino games is very descriptive, even though it's unclear from various aspects. Most famous cities in the world have hallmark places with casinos that showcase the importance of gambling in today's world. Have you ever wondered about the origin and reasons that carried the legacy of gambling to this 21st century? In this article, we will discuss the multi-thousand years of heritage of gambling games and... Read More

    Posted On: 15/07/2022

    Author: Alex Karidis

    Top Poker Math Facts You Need to Know

    There is no requirement to earn an academic degree in math to be a successful poker player. However, you must be able to comprehend the basics for the best gameplay experience. We've compiled poker math-related facts you must apply to be more successful at the poker table. Also, you'll be able to understand the exact method to use each of these statistics.  So you'll see how they function instead of just trying to remember them and hope they are effective. These poker math facts will make it easier to succeed when playing online poker for real money. Let’s get started! 1. How to Determine Odds If you know the exact set of cards included in your deck, you can estimate... Read More

    Posted On: 08/06/2022

    Author: Alex Karidis

    What Really Is the James Bond Roulette Betting System?

    James Bond is not only very adept at saving the world in minutes to spare, but James Bond also seems to be able to get lots of money in the casino.  He is often seen scooping cash at baccarat, and, more famously, he took home the entire prize in a high-stakes poker game against Le Chiffre, the villain at the end of Casino Royale. However, it's Roulette which used to be Bond the creator, Ian Fleming's favorite game preferred for the smooth spy. It's not a James Bond roulette betting system wasn't but for Bond films or books. It was simply a concept that he created. First, let's look at how to play the James Bond roulette strategy to determine... Read More

    Posted On: 06/05/2022

    Author: Alex Karidis

    Is the Reverse Martingale Strategy Effective?

    Just playing a Slot game could earn you a huge profit, but do you have the knowledge that you can improve your odds with casino strategies?  A strategy that is a well-known method used by players is the reverse martingale strategy. This strategy doesn't just increase the fun of your game. However, it could also pay you huge cash payouts. What exactly is it, and how do you make it work? Is it the most effective martingale strategy? Find the answers to all your questions by reading about it! A brief history of the reverse martingale As one of the most enduring casino strategies, The reverse martingale technique was first utilized in the Basset Italian game. Also called 'Paroli,' it... Read More

    Posted On: 04/04/2022

    Author: Alex Karidis

    Live Online Blackjack: Myths And Misconceptions

    Slowly but gradually, live-dealer gaming is becoming the latest norm for online casino players. Try it out once, and you'll be unable to return. However, despite its many benefits, live casino gaming is still a mystery and has misunderstandings. Certain of them are alarming (or at the very least unclear) enough to turn people off of giving it a shot. To clear some of the doubts, we've put together a short overview of myths and misconceptions concerning live online blackjack. 1. You must place a larger bet when you play live online blackjack It is often believed that because there are live dealers who are in charge of the game, you will have to pay more money to play. However,... Read More

    Posted On: 22/03/2022

    Author: Alex Karidis

    How to Choose the Best Online Poker Room?

      Are you searching for poker rooms online? Are you looking for a venue to show your abilities with the cards? Don't waste time typing "poker spaces near me" in your web browser.  Instead, it would be best if you took the time to read this article as we will provide you with some characteristics to keep an eye on when you are searching for the online poker room. If you are a beginner at playing, getting familiar with the game is just the beginning, mastering it is the ultimate goal. With the increasing popularity of poker, the world has many poker rooms on the internet to pick from. If you think about what to do to assess these online... Read More

    Posted On: 09/02/2022

    Author: Alex Karidis

    Comparison of Live Poker Games and Online Poker Games

    Do online poker games differ from live poker? If you've been a poker player before, it's evident that the live and online poker games are alike in many ways. In the end, regardless of whether you play in a casino or online, poker is still the same game. Many people aren't aware that there are several differences in the poker experience online or live. We all are aware that poker online is different from when you are at casinos. What is why it's crucial to understand the distinctions between live and online poker games? This kind of information is essential for those who wish to change between living and online-based poker. If you're committed to improving your poker game, you're... Read More

    Posted On: 12/01/2022

    Author: Alex Karidis

    5 Gambling Documentaries That You Must Watch Right Now

    No matter if you engage in online casino games or go to the tables at a brick and mortar casino, or wager on your team's favorite sports team, there's no doubt about the fact that gambling spawned many of the fascinating stories from all over the globe. Join us as we look at these amazing stories in these five short and long gambling documentaries, which cover different forms of games in casinos, betting on sports events, as well as the numerous players who put their lives in danger. 1. Now, Place Your Bet Now Place Your Bets was a documentary from 2017 created by James Bernardo. The film, featuring famous characters like Pete Rose, Joe D'Amico, and Professor Richard Davies,... Read More

    Posted On: 29/12/2021

    Author: Alex Karidis

    How do you perform well at online live dealer poker?

    Poker is one of the most famous of all table games. Films such as Rounders, Maverick, and The Cincinnati Kid helped foster poker's status as a game that appeals to those willing to take on risks. The truth is that poker has moved from the smoky dungeons of legend and into the new age of poker. Nowadays, online poker is the place to be in all its current versions. Live, land-based poker is not going to go away. However, an increasing number of players are discovering that live online poker can be equally enjoyable and difficult as traditional poker while being much more accessible and practical. You don't need to leave your home (let even find a reputable casino), and... Read More

    Posted On: 22/12/2021

    Author: Alex Karidis

    Top 6 Gambling Books of All Time

    From stories of MIT graduate students trying their math skills in Vegas or a heartfelt memoir on one of the best players in the history of cards, The books on gambling provide a wide range of subjects. They show that gambling isn't only about honing your skills or engaging in games, but it is also a significant part of the human story. If you're someone who enjoys playing online casino games or is a committed gambler, you'll get a fantastic book on the topic of our top gambling books that have ever been published. Here is the list of 6 best gambling books of all time. 1. The House is Bringing Down the House Topic: Casino Author: Ben Mezrich Pages:... Read More

    Posted On: 15/12/2021

    Author: Alex Karidis

    Things To Keep In Your Mind While Playing Live Casino Games

    Each casino has two gaming areas: slots and live games. Slot games are very loved by those who are only beginning their first casino experience.  The rules of slot games are easy to follow, and the minimum bet amount is also minimal. However, the odds played on a slot machine are also very low, making it difficult for experienced players. Experienced gamers prefer playing live over slot games because they can dictate their rules and select which game to play. Live games are played with fewer players playing in the pool, and the stakes are higher too.  So, you should choose a site that offers live games regularly in addition to regular slot games. Live games also have an individual... Read More

    Posted On: 08/12/2021

    Author: Alex Karidis

    All You Need to Know About The UK Gambling Commission

    The mission of the UK Gambling Commission is to safeguard British gamers from becoming victimized or being targeted by greedy gambling firms, and the best interests of the player are the main focus of the organization. It is a non-profit organization. UKGC is a non-profit entity and works in its best interest for British gamblers.  The UK Gambling Commission is indeed responsible for issuing gambling licenses only for companies that operate responsibly.  The UKGC concentrates on three areas that include the public, gambling enterprises as well as licensing agencies. The licenses are legally required for any company that wishes to make money with the possibility of getting the prize. That means that any games such as those of the National... Read More

    Posted On: 24/11/2021

    Author: Alex Karidis

    Roulette Strategies and Systems Explained

    Roulette is among the most played casino games around the world. If you're playing on the internet and in-person, few games will match the excitement it provides. It's an extremely competitive game based on percentages, as there are many ways to bet. There are various ways you can play a Roulette game when you are playing online or at land-based casinos. This has created a myriad of roulette strategies being developed by the best players. An effective roulette strategy is an excellent strategy to enhance the enjoyment of playing. However, be aware that no gambling system will assure you an income! There isn't a super-system or money-making roulette system. The roulette strategies we will discuss here are extremely popular and... Read More

    Posted On: 17/11/2021

    Author: Alex Karidis

    Top Online Slots Strategies to Watch Out For

    The time to make money is here again. This time, it's real. Slot machines are changing the lives of people. A lot of people are earning real profits from slot machines. Why do you sit in the stands, your thoughts ruled by fear of losing your money? Make the most of this opportunity to make real money by playing slot machines.  With the right slots strategies, you'll smile the whole route to your cash. If you're trying to get cash on the slot machine, these methods help you achieve your goal.  Making money on online casinos is thrilling. This is why it's important to be looking for the best slots strategies. It's all about getting the right strategy.  Remember that... Read More

    Posted On: 10/11/2021

    Author: Alex Karidis

    How Casino Bonus System Works- A Complete Guide

    Being a new player in the casino world, when you receive a text offering you a huge welcome bonus or free spins on a casino site, you may wonder why they offer you free money. But remember, the bonuses that casinos offer aren’t free money. There is a bonus system in place, and in this guide, you will learn how it works, what the different types of bonuses are, and how you can take advantage of them. What Is A Casino Bonus? A casino bonus is a marketing strategy wherein you are offered free points when joining the casino or when you are its regular players. The casinos offer you free points or money which you can use to play... Read More

    Posted On: 03/11/2021

    Author: Alex Karidis

    Difference Between Betting And Gambling

    Betting and gambling have been part of a man’s life since time immemorial. With time, the line between the two blurred, and people started thinking that both are the same. These two words are often used interchangeably today. But is it right? No. They are different. The online casinos today offer the opportunity to bet your money from home. New players are entering the live casinos. Thus, it is important for them to understand the difference between betting and gambling so they know what they are doing. This article talks about what is betting and gambling, and what are the major differences between the two terms.   What Is Gambling? The literal meaning of the word gamble is to bet your... Read More

    Posted On: 27/10/2021

    Author: Alex Karidis

    Triple Zero Roulette- A Complete Guide For Players

    There was only one type of roulette in the world initially, which is known as European roulette. Then the game became popular, and Americans added another pocket to increase their house edge. It became popular as American Roulette. Then in 2016, an extra empty, thirty-ninth pocket appeared on roulette in The Venetian Casino of Las Vegas. The house placed its house logo “S” on it, and triple-zero roulette was born. The game of roulette is quite popular, and over time, different variants have emerged. One of them is three-zero roulette. This article talks about every aspect of triple-zero roulette. How Is Triple-Zero Roulette Different From Other Variants? In the casino world, two types of roulette are very popular- European and... Read More

    Posted On: 20/10/2021

    Author: Alex Karidis

    A Detailed Guide to Blackjack Side Bets

    Many people like gambling with blackjack because it's easy. There are just a few choices to make, and with simple blackjack strategies, it is possible to further reduce the already thin edge of the house. Like many table games, a few blackjack variations offer the possibility of blackjack side bets. These are opportunities for gamblers who are more daring to place an additional bet or two depending on the game's result. What are blackjack side bets? Players will be required to place their bets in the designated spot before them. If there are side bets available, they will be displayed in smaller spaces along with. How do side bets work with blackjack? You'll need to add additional chips to place... Read More

    Posted On: 13/10/2021

    Author: Alex Karidis

    Will Enhanced Artificial Intelligence Spell the End for Live Dealers?

    The development of artificial intelligence is slowly turning our lives into a sci-fi saga. Artificial intelligence has replaced millions of human workers across the globe to date, and the increase is happening rapidly. These advances are also transforming our travel habits. Every week, we're getting closer to the day when we'll see roads full of autonomous vehicles. While many gamblers are ecstatic about the idea of a self-driving car for long road trips, however, others are skeptical about the idea. We are particularly concerned about the consequences that these advances will bring to the casino. Do AI enhancements mean the end of live dealers? It's a bit far off, but We have got a few thoughts about how the impacts... Read More

    Posted On: 06/10/2021

    Author: Alex Karidis

    How Can We Start A Private Poker Room?

    Online poker offers many advantages for players. You can now play at any time and even while on the move. Furthermore, the game is more efficient, and you can access a variety of online resources that can help you improve your skills.  The biggest benefit is the accessibility of poker rooms that allow you to play different variations of poker. Even better, it's possible to build an account Private poker room on the internet. The Beauty Of Private Poker Rooms This cutting-edge casino technology lets you host an invitation-only event and Poker game where the players all know each other. It's an innovative method to bring families or new friends. The tables are bright and attractive. Create the perfect setting... Read More

    Posted On: 29/09/2021

    Author: Alex Karidis

    Complete Blackjack Strategy Guide

      If you want to play blackjack better, you should use the following Best Blackjack Strategy we are about to share with you. These strategies can be used in any game. These strategies assume that you are a recreational player and not a card counter. Blackjack Strategy #1: Always Split a Pair 8s And Aces No matter what the dealer's up card, you should always split a pair with 8s or Aces. Many players will not split with a pair of 8s if the dealer's up card has a 9, 10, or Ace. Splitting is a better option than splitting because they are the underdog in this situation.  They don't realize that playing two hands (each starting with an eight)... Read More

    Posted On: 22/09/2021

    Author: Alex Karidis

    Gambling Etiquette: How to Properly Behave At A Casino Table

      Casino table games are the second most popular activity in digital and land-based casinos, trailing only slot machines. Blackjack, baccarat, roulette, and craps are just a few of the table games available.  Blackjack is perhaps the most famous table game in the world. It has among the smallest home margins, providing the player with a higher opportunity to beat the casino. Furthermore, unlike games like slots and roulette, players could use expertise in their approach, such as card counting, to virtually always succeed. The game additionally comes with simple guidelines of play that are simple to understand. Furthermore, blackjack and other casino table gaming allow participants to engage with other players participating in the similar game.  It could be... Read More

    Posted On: 15/09/2021

    Author: Alex Karidis

    Interesting Facts About The History of Playing Cards

      A deck of cards is the best tool in your arsenal if you are a master or casual player of a master card. How often do you think of the cards as a game rather than the games? We look closer at their origins and explain why they are what they are. Continue reading to discover some amazing facts about the history of playing cards. 1. Cards symbolize the Calendar One interesting explanation for why 52 cards are in a deck of cards is that 52 cards equal the number of weeks in a year. Some believe that the two colors, red and black, reflect day and night and that the four suits represent all four seasons. This is... Read More

    Posted On: 08/09/2021

    Author: Alex Karidis

    Biggest Mistakes One Must Avoid at the Roulette Table

      Roulette is one of the most famous casino games between the players. Even if it's not something you have ever seen in a casino, there are chances that you have seen it on TV.  To play roulette online, you don't need to visit a casino. You can find the game at almost every online casino. Online casinos also offer standalone roulette games that you can play for fun. There are some things that you need to know before you play real money roulette. Roulette is quite simple, but there are many mistakes that a player can make. This is especially true for new players.  We will discuss three mistakes that you can make and how to avoid them in... Read More

    Posted On: 26/08/2021

    Author: Alex Karidis

    Base Vs Theoretical RTP With Progressive Slots

      In the realm of slots, return to player (RTP) is a crucial notion. It shows how much cash you can expect to earn on usual when enjoying a specific game.  For instance, a slot with a 96.5 percent RTP is a significant level gamble than one with a 95% return. You get a greater probability of succeeding if you choose slots with a high RTP regularly.  On the other hand, not all slot payout statistics are what they appear to be. Slot machines with progressive jackpots are an ideal representation of this.  When playing a progressive slot, it's essential to know the difference between the theoretical and fundamental RTP. Details regarding progressive slot games are mentioned in the subsequent... Read More

    Posted On: 19/08/2021

    Author: Alex Karidis

    How to Get The Most Out of Casino Comps

      Comps at casinos can take your casino experience to the next level. Casino comps is short for complementary, which means that players get free products and services on their visits in the casino world. These freebies can be given by the house and may vary from one player to another. These freebies could be in the form of drinks, concert tickets, or fine dining. They also include flight discounts, hotel stays, room upgrades, and limo use. 1. Join the Players Club Free drinks are available at most casinos, even if you're not part of the players' club. However, this is the only casino comp that you can get if you're not. It is simple to join. Ask anyone at... Read More

    Posted On: 12/08/2021

    Author: Alex Karidis

    Do I have to Claim No Deposit Casino Bonuses?

      Online gambling is a trendy place to get no deposit casino bonuses. These bonuses offer a chance for free money, so it's easy to understand and many online gamblers are open to no deposit offers.  These offers come with harsh terms and conditions, so most people don't get anything. Is it worth looking for no deposit casino bonuses? This question will be answered later in this post. We will first cover the no deposit bonus and how to get them. How no deposit casino bonuses work Sign up to receive a no deposit bonus at most online casinos. The casino will credit your account automatically with the bonus after you sign up. Some casinos may require that you enter... Read More

    Posted On: 05/08/2021

    Author: Alex Karidis

    Craps Books and guides for advanced players and beginners

      Although craps books are not complex, many people find themselves overwhelmed by the jargon and wide range of betting options. This article will focus on the best craps books available, inexperienced books, techniques books for becoming a better gambler. 1 - John Patrick's Advanced Craps John Patrick's Advanced Craps book, written by John Patrick, was published in 1995. This book is for players who already know the basics of craps. It introduces players to the Patrick system, where you can bet on both the pass or the not. This will give you the best odds. Patrick makes it easy for both casual players and high rollers to understand the information in the book. He provides information to players about:... Read More

    Posted On: 28/07/2021

    Author: Alex Karidis

    The Future Growth of Online Casinos By 2025

    Although most economic sectors were struggling after the coronavirus outbreak last year, online casinos have seen explosive growth. The question arises, what has stimulated the massive growth of the online casino industry? Economic experts also predict that the online casino industry will grow by 17% every year. That means that by 2025, the value of the sector will exceed $67 billion. From an economic point of view, many factors have contributed to the strong growth of online casinos. Experts predict that the growth curve will continue to rise, at least for the next ten years. This article delves into the reasons for the rise of online casinos. In addition, explore future industry forecasts. As the world is still struggling to... Read More

    Posted On: 21/07/2021

    Author: Alex Karidis

    All You Need to Know About Video Poker Strategy

    In the casino business, Video Poker is one of the most popular games. Since its inception in the mid-1970s, it has been popular on the casino floor, based on five-card draw poker. Video Poker Strategy is one of those casino games that mainly boasts some of the industry’s best odds and allows you to affect the game's outcome. We feel that Video Poker Strategy provides much-desired anonymity in the sense that you may play alone and without the psychological strain of a live poker game. In other words, you won't have to deal with vice masters, dealers, or other players who critique and, at times, irritate your play. While these are only a few of the many benefits that Video... Read More

    Posted On: 14/07/2021

    Author: Alex Karidis

    Why Blackjack Is A Favorite Among High Rollers

    Blackjack is a favorite game for all kinds of gamblers. In many cases, it combines strategic play and a high return to player (RTP). Blackjack is a favorite of many high-rollers. Some whales will not choose another game. What is the secret to blackjack's popularity among big-bettors? The following article will discuss all the reasons. High RTP with the proper rules Real money Blackjack is one of the best casino games. Blackjack can be one of the most lucrative games in the casino, depending on the rules. Many rules can be applied to different tables. One table may have 99.5% RTP, while another might only offer 98.0% payback. High rollers won't accept lower prices. They seek out games with the highest... Read More

    Posted On: 07/07/2021

    Author: Alex Karidis

    Common Gambling Mistakes To Avoid

    Beginners in any industry are prone to making blunders. This is understandable; as such, blunders provide us with vital experience. Gambling entertainment, on the other hand, is doubly harmful because it promises not only a waste of time but also a big money loss. All of these unpleasant situations are quite straightforward to avoid in practice. It is sufficient to just not haste and to do so with the utmost care. Let’s analyze where these gambling mistakes occur. While the selection of gambling sites At first look, all gambling websites appear to be the same, except for their names and color schemes. This is a misunderstanding. Each of these resources has its own set of characteristics: Game regulations;  unusual game... Read More

    Posted On: 30/06/2021

    Author: Alex Karidis

    What is a Blackjack Party? Is it good to play?

    Evolution gaming's Blackjack Party can be described as Live Blackjack with a party-themed twist. The game is the same as Live Blackjack and offers the same betting options. The game's presentation is a bit different because the dealers are determined to entertain the players. The game takes place at a standard 7-seat table. It is open to everyone. This is great because the game has so many players. There are many things to do. Blackjack Party: How to Play Blackjack Party streamed live from disco-themed. This studio is different from anything you've ever seen and is filled with disco-type elements. Blackjack Party works on all types of devices. You can also enjoy the Blackjack experience on any device by enabling... Read More

    Posted On: 23/06/2021

    Author: Alex Karidis

    Why Do Social Casinos Gain More Popularity?

      Social casinos are one of the most popular pastimes. Traditionally these games are the most appealing to all categories. But in some countries, the majority of social slot players are young. In some places, women are also fans of these games. Social casino games are all evolving, and their popularity is expanding, especially among mobile device users. This may come as a surprise to some, especially because the objective of these games is not to gamble or make real money. The demographics of casino players, on the other hand, are diverse, and they are projected to continue to grow. Why is the popularity of social casinos increasing? Most players comment that their social gaming experience is very attractive and... Read More

    Posted On: 16/06/2021

    Author: Alex Karidis

    How to Get and Use Casino Credit

      Many gamblers utilize casino credit whenever they gamble. Though credit is a lot harder to get now than it was five years back, there are many casinos offering markers to be used from the pit or table games section where a participant has only to request chips. As a result, they're attracted to their table in addition to the mark, a kind of test. How Casinos Provide Casino Credit Each casino has its platform for permitting players to obtain money to gamble with. Some casinos provide ATMs and nothing more. The following step up comprises casinos offering a no-pin amount ATM or even Global Cash service, which sets a commission (as large as 17 percent) on a participant's own... Read More

    Posted On: 09/06/2021

    Author: Alex Karidis

    The Best Casino Scenes in Movies of All Time

    Casino scenes are a crucial element of countless top Hollywood movies up to now. If you're interested in finding the five-star collection of the greatest movies with gaming scenes, then you have come to the ideal location! Below you'll discover the top movies which may be considered iconic images with the expansive casino halls minutes you're able to correct in mind for ages. The glowing lights and unique soundtrack of this casino bring millions of individuals to the excitement and hit the jackpot. Maybe for some, seeing the hottest gaming halls in Las Vegas has been a turning point in their lifetimes. One way or another, tens of thousands of gamblers daily attempt to test their luck at casino slots,... Read More

    Posted On: 27/05/2021

    Author: Alex Karidis

    Progressive Roulette: How to Play, Discover Strategy, and Much More

    Roulette features specific bets that provide hefty payouts, such as single numbers (35:1) and divide (17:1). But, it is not thought to be a lotto game. Slot machines, Caribbean Stud, and Let It Ride tend to be more representative of games. They could provide six or perhaps seven-figure payouts. Progressive roulette is an exception to this standard, however, as it may also boost massive jackpots. It is a unique variation that lets you chase enormous prizes for a bit of side bet. The following guide discusses progressive roulette functions, its triumph, plan, and much more. Fundamentals of Progressive Roulette If you are used to playing roulette for real cash, you may feel that the innovative version sounds intimidating. As you'll... Read More

    Posted On: 20/05/2021

    Author: Alex Karidis

    Top 8 Points To Keep In Mind On How To Choose A Crypto Casino

    Many online gambling sites have sprung up as a result of the success of cryptocurrencies. As a result, finding a decent crypto casino that supports cryptocurrencies can be difficult for new players. However, several reputable casinos support cryptocurrency transactions. One of the most appealing aspects of online casinos is that you can play on your smartphone or tablet. When looking for the best crypto casino sites, there are a few things to keep in mind. We've outlined those aspects and included additional detail to assist you in selecting a suitable crypto casino platform. Top-rated crypto casino sites are safe, and they have excellent value and high-quality items. Any of them accept more than Bitcoin, so you can gamble for real... Read More

    Posted On: 13/05/2021

    Author: Alex Karidis

    Top 5 Gambling Skills A Gambler Must Have

    Importance of gambling skills Any gambler does not see gambling as a hobby but as a way to make more money. However, most gamblers want to work with their skills and strategies and constantly improve. With these gambling skills, the chances of success increase. Regardless of the reasons they play at the casino, they need certain skills on how to improve their gaming strategy. It would be good to think about how the skills in certain games can help them in their game life. Just as they need certain skills to become a successful entrepreneur in a business environment, they need as many skills as they need to succeed in the game chart. The qualities that an online gambler player... Read More

    Posted On: 06/05/2021

    Author: Alex Karidis

    4 Gambling Trends To Consider In 2021

    Since 2021 rolls, online gaming is a place to make many leaps in various sectors. To begin with, the business is set to be worth over 60 billion dollars and is expected to reach $94 billion in 2024. It follows that many players in the business will compete to get a piece of this cake. For application developers, this means making more innovative and attractive games. For casinos, this also means integrating new ideas, including advanced technologies, to increase customer experience. What are these technologies? How can they change the internet gambling landscape? We have a comprehensive look at four gambling trends to keep an eye out for in gaming this 2021. 1. Gambling Trends - Improved Live Dealer Games... Read More

    Posted On: 29/04/2021

    Author: Alex Karidis

    The Real Way to Invest in Casino Stocks

      It would not be sensible to sit down at a desk in Las Vegas without knowing the principles of the game you will perform with. Likewise, it is vital to comprehend the principles that regulate the gaming industry before you opt to purchase betting or casino stocks. We have laid out a couple of steps that you keep in mind while investing in casino stocks. 1. Know what portion of the casino you are betting on. The providers Let us begin with the matches themselves. Casino operators do not create the slot machines or table games which are in their casinos; they abandon that to firms such as Scientific Games (NASDAQ: SGMS) and International Game Technology (NYSE: IGT). After... Read More

    Posted On: 22/04/2021

    Author: Alex Karidis

    Understanding The Difference Between High And Low Limit Slots

    When it comes to choosing the slots games to play, it's only natural to want to play the ones that will give you the best results. There are several different kinds of slots available online, and you can play for as little as pennies or as much as you like. Many people ask that high limit slots are more profitable than low-limit slots. What is the best way to determine which games are high limit slots and which are low limit slots? Playing the slot machine is the simplest but most costly way to calculate the variance. It's a high limit slot if you're barely scoring minor wins but sometimes hitting major ones. If you don't mind looking at the... Read More

    Posted On: 15/04/2021

    Author: Alex Karidis

    Why Online Baccarat Does Not Always Qualify For Bonuses?

    Baccarat is precisely one of the most popular table games in internet casinos. It gives a mix of simplicity and higher return to a participant (RTP). In case you choose to play online baccarat, however, you must bear in mind that this game does not necessarily qualify for bonuses. Some gambling websites exclude online baccarat play from hitting bonus prices. If you love playing online baccarat, then you may wonder why it does not always qualify for bargains. This guide explains the motives behind this issue and how you can make sure to become baccarat bonuses at which you are playing. Simple Baccarat Strategy Baccarat and online blackjack equally comprise high RTP. Only the latter, however, takes one to master... Read More

    Posted On: 08/04/2021

    Author: Alex Karidis

    What are the Hot hand fallacy and the gambler’s fallacy?

    When we talk about fallacies, there is one thing that comes to our mind randomly: luck. From ancient times to the 21st century, people also strongly believed that the only way to win a game or fallacy is that good luck. Luck of understanding is the only fact behind the reason for this myth. To understand the proper meaning of hot hand fallacy and gambler's fallacy, you must know what fallacies? How does it actually work?  Hot hand fallacy and gambler's fallacy are two opposite things. Hot hand fallacy describes the thing that we believe, and that is if you continuously win two or three parts of the game, there is a huge chance to win in the future also,... Read More

    Posted On: 25/03/2021

    Author: Alex Karidis

    Real Reasons Why Are casino card tables Green?

    Blackjack regulars and experienced casino goers are often vaguely knowledgeable about the business's tips to squeeze players to get every last penny. It is why you will never find a window onto a casino floor, and it is the purpose for its conspicuous lack of clocks. When you are within the casino, then figuring out that the time of day is near impossible, and that's the reason why you'll frequently see zombified mobile slots players that seem as though they have not to take a rest in fourteen days. The primary casino layout essentially includes features that make you want to dismiss your internal clock and maintain the dance marathon together with all the one and only Lady Luck. Once... Read More

    Posted On: 18/03/2021

    Author: Alex Karidis

    Everything You Need To Know About This Fun Game: Slingo

    Slingo combines the most common bingo format, 75 ball bingo, with one of the most popular online casino games, slots. This game is available in a variety of online casinos and is very simple to play. A 5x5 grid is used, and there is also a reel for you to use. This is where you can see how it combines slots and bingo, with the reels resembling slots and the 5x5 grid resembling a bingo board. It was not designed to be a money-making game at first, but as time has passed and the game's success has grown, this has changed. It didn't take long for the game's creators to discover that online players wanted to play a more financially... Read More

    Posted On: 11/03/2021

    Author: Alex Karidis

    Importance & Strategies of Free Online Craps Simulator

    The most entertaining, loud, and active casino table game is the Craps simulator. It is famous among players and spectators because it immerses them in the game's thrilling atmosphere. This addictive game is now available online, allowing you to get a shot of adrenaline without having to leave your house. Craps simulator is essentially a dice game with a score component. The player with the most points wins. Because the game is heavily based on luck, you'll need well-calculated betting strategies to have the best chance of winning. Craps simulator software, which is based on RNG algorithms, can help you simulate a craps game and test your strategy over millions of randomly generated dice rolls. Craps simulators have the following... Read More

    Posted On: 04/03/2021

    Author: Alex Karidis

    The Evolution of Cashless Casinos in the 21st Century

    Cashless gambling was utilized on slot machines across the casino industry for two years, though clients did not initially accept it. Once the first approaches, dubbed ticket-in/ticket-out, were released, they perplexed elderly slot players, who did not know why winnings came out in the kind of a ticket voucher, instead of money, which they'd initially loaded to the machine. Everi Holdings CEO Mike Rumbolz recalls those days. He had been vice-chairman of Casino Data Systems if the firm deployed among the first ticket-in/ticket-out devices. Twenty years later, Rumbolz is top Las Vegas-based Everi's attempts to produce products from the inaugural gaming area, among dozens of gambling equipment suppliers and tech companies looking for a foothold at the now-expanding section. "The... Read More

    Posted On: 25/02/2021

    Author: Alex Karidis

    Take a look at different types of Spins in Slot Games & Casinos

    Casinos and Slot Games are becoming more and more popular these days. When you think there’s no possibility of any new changes to introduce, something new comes up.  Online casino bonuses work best to attract new players, and Free Spins are the most common form of online casino bonuses. A number of free spins are offered on a specific amount of deposit made by the player on any game.  While we are all aware of the free spins in the online casino bonuses, now mega spins and super spins have also been introduced.  This article will let you know all about Free Spins, Mega Spins, and Super Spins, as well as the difference between them.  What are Free Spins &... Read More

    Posted On: 18/02/2021

    Author: Alex Karidis

    Casino Game Development Software: Everything You Need To Know About

    The word ‘casino’ gives you an idea of well-dressed people with lots of money and a strong will to win among the bright lights and large casino tables with lots of people to cheer you up and enjoy the game. For a second, you feel as if you are in Vegas and on a winning streak. But, this is not how the casino is enjoyed today. Times have changed, and people love to play their favorite online casino games on their mobile in the comfort of their homes. All of this has been made possible by casino game development software. Are you a businessman who is looking to invest in this ever-growing industry or a developer who loves to build... Read More

    Posted On: 11/02/2021

    Author: Alex Karidis

    High limit blackjack Tips And Winning Strategies

    High limit Blackjack is a phrase used when players sit and play with Blackjack tables, which have considerably higher betting limits than they would ordinarily find. When picking between low or higher limit Blackjack gaming, you need to contemplate what these conditions imply.  Some gamers might believe a very low limitation is $1-a-hand and a higher limit is $20-a-hand, though some might believe $100-a-hand low limitation and $50,000-a-hand as large limit Blackjack. The Good, the Bad, and also a Few Tips High limitation usually means a different number to various players. Some gamers feel as though they're playing their mind for $25 per hand, and many others do not get the adrenaline pumping unless $500 a hand is in danger.... Read More

    Posted On: 04/02/2021

    Author: Alex Karidis

    Everything About Free Spins Bonus

    Free spins bonuses are considered most preferred and important when we talk about online gambling. Free spins bonus aren't fundamental when it comes to investing in casino practices or searching them to sign up the encouraging fundamental criteria. Also, the free spin pins need a little more clarification. It helps you to enjoy the website experience while playing casinos and promoting certain casinos to welcome and encourage the online players to play casino games.  The free spins bonus is the best way to enjoy the thrill with the most efficient playing experience while playing online casino games. The free spins are just a virtual reward for making sure certain online games should check terms and conditions. The free spins bonus... Read More

    Posted On: 27/01/2021

    Author: Alex Karidis

    How To Deal With Tilt In Poker

    Tilt in Poker is something that refers to an agile state of mind when a player is facing different issues like bad beats, failed bluffs, losing to a player who was considered as a less potent one, or cards being dead since along and many other adverse factors. These and many other factors not even related to Poker pull the player in distress and start losing control of their emotion. It is of utmost importance to have proper control over this tilt as Poker is a decision and logic game. Anything that stops a player from being logical and making a proper decision will stop the player from playing his or her best game. Given that the Poker market is... Read More

    Posted On: 20/01/2021

    Author: Alex Karidis

    Everything about Ethereum gambling and the best Ethereum casinos

    The domain of Ethereum gambling looks to increase its broadness over the entire globe. This industry isn't only for bringing tables for the purpose but also focuses on the digital currencies and the face of the economy. This article will give detailed information about the detailing purpose of ethereum gambling and the best ethereum casino. The basic blockchain goes in the round with the volatile evolution at the best speed over the last period. Something goes everywhere with the bated feeling in the field.  Ethereum gambling is considered as one of the best things holding the parts of the economy throughout the end. If the guide doesn't hold the capacity, then the function doesn't go clear along with the casino... Read More

    Posted On: 13/01/2021

    Author: Alex Karidis

    Bitcoin Casinos, A New Trend Which Needs A Clear Understanding

    Since the very inception of bitcoin back in 2008, it has never seen any drop in its popularity. Bitcoins, along with all other cryptocurrencies, developed a world of parallel economy. Initially, when it was thought that these cryptocurrencies are just another additional asset class for the investors or speculators, that perception was overridden by the popularity and wide acceptance of these cryptocurrencies. This new form of digital currency also made its way through the online arena of gambling, gaming, and lotteries, which is also known as bitcoin casinos. What is a bitcoin casino? Bitcoins are a very popular digital currency that operates based on something called Blockchain Technology. There are very few online casinos that accept only bitcoins as a... Read More

    Posted On: 06/01/2021

    Author: Alex Karidis

    Card Counting: Win a Blackjack With These Seven Steps

    For most people, card counting is nothing but memorization of sequences. People with good photographic memory always have the upper hand in the art of card counting. But, people with terrible memories are also making a huge amount of money. For them, memorizing the number of Queens or three doesn't matter in winning a Blackjack. Seven Steps To Win a Blackjack Step 1: Learning the Basics of Card Counting The first step begins by learning the basic Online Blackjack strategy. It is probably the most important step you need to learn the rules of the game. However, card counting is futile without knowing the basic strategy. Moreover, it involves memorizing different types of gameplay for different probabilities. Your principal objective... Read More

    Posted On: 30/12/2020

    Author: Alex Karidis

    Jackpot Slots and Winning Streaks to take away the million dollars in the Casino

    Jackpot Slots are not always fixed, and it keeps on changing as the game progresses. If the game is assigned between two players, the jackpot size is fixed and processed. If the winning player wishes to increase the Jackpot Slot and its size in the succeeding games, he can do that by betting an increased amount of money. In almost all the slot machines in the Casino, jackpot Slots are fixed. If the player wishes to proceed with more coins Jackpot tends to rise, and he can twirl the wheel. Constantly, Jackpot Slots are fed by the placement of coins, and it is applicable for both side players. Also, it is possible to win randomly at the slots easily. Best... Read More

    Posted On: 23/12/2020

    Author: Alex Karidis

    What is Martingale System and How Does It Work

    The Martingale system was first introduced by a French Mathematician Paul Levy with betting strategies premised to turn the tables on to the positive way. It is believed to have a betting option taken into account in every trading account to eliminate losses. If the process is good and certain in the specific line, the profit will get doubled every single time for sure. That is the basic advantage of the Martingale system. In case of losses are occurring, specialized methodologies are picked and used to overcome the possible occurrence of losses. If certain principles are adopted, you can reduce the existence of losses. Indulging into the Methodical Way Martingale System Martingale System is the technique that is completely employed... Read More

    Posted On: 16/12/2020

    Author: Alex Karidis

    The Baccarat Rules: Ultimate Game of Cards

    The game of Baccarat basically consists of winning the casino or the player who manages to collect 9 points with the combination of the cards obtained or who achieves numbers close to 9. All this through distribution by the dealer of a minimum of 2 cards and up to a maximum of 3. Now, at the Baccarat table, according to Baccarat rules, the player of his choice can place one of 3 types of bets. These can be to the point, to the bench or to the tie. It is important to note that in Baccarat the cards 10, J, Q and K are equal to 0, the Aces have a value of 1, and the rest of the cards... Read More

    Posted On: 09/12/2020

    Author: Alex Karidis

    What’s the secret about Casino Security?

    We have all seen in the Hollywood movies how our favourite stars break into the casinos. But the question thus arises whether it’s so easy to break into the casinos like that depicted in the movies. It seems like the picture is a bit different in real life with tight casino security to protect the millions of money games inside. So all the scenes of Geroge Clooney and your other favourite actors are nothing but lies. The casinos know how to protect their wealth from the various thugs and the white-collar robberies.  So if you are curious to know about casino security, you have come to the right place, as this article will provide you with all the details that... Read More

    Posted On: 27/11/2020

    Author: Alex Karidis

    4 Online Major Casino Jackpots you need to avoid

    We all get carried away by online casino jackpots and long to win those big amounts of money. Sometimes players forget to check the odds of the game and try to chase after the eight or seven-figure jackpot. But in most of the situations, the chances of winning the online casino jackpot stands pretty less. In some other cases, there happen to be several conditions influencing your jackpot. This article will describe four such jackpots that you must avoid because of specific reasons. So have a good read of the entire piece and try to remember these four cases, the next time you go for a jackpot.  The Casino Jackpot List Here is the entire list of the major 4... Read More

    Posted On: 20/11/2020

    Author: Alex Karidis

    Full Updates about the Emerging 7 Trends of Mobile Casinos

    It may be hard to believe for you, but the online casino has been in the scene for a long time. With the advent of the internet in the late 90s, a whole new segment of the casino world came into existence. The rise of the internet and the growing market and adaption of the desktop computers slowly gave rise to the online casino. The smartphone revolution added another dimension to the already existing online world of casinos and helped it to grow even more all across the world. Today when the whole world is going digital, and each and every business is trying to make an online presence, the mobile casino has made the game more flexible with players... Read More

    Posted On: 13/11/2020

    Author: Alex Karidis

    What is the Significance of Green Zero in Roulette?

    The highest odds (35 to 1) are based on the 36 number wheel. There are no fewer than 37 slots on the Roulette wheel. People enjoy playing Roulette because winning a tough game is very fun. Roulette is known for occupying a gentle casino edge between 2.70% and 5.26%. Not as big as Baccarat or Blackjack, but not as big as the edge of most slot machines or Sic Bo games. What makes Roulette a difficult game is that you have to take the greatest risk to get the biggest wins. On the same table, you can find people who safely play with external bets and others who bet on single numbers. What is the green zero in Roulette? In... Read More

    Posted On: 06/11/2020

    Author: Alex Karidis

    7 Challenges Every Casino Owner Faces While Applying for Casino licence!

    Casino licence is important when an individual wants to keep it in the law books. The majority of start-up casinos always face a considerable amount of complicated challenges while establishing themselves in the business. Thousands of fake casinos are out there that operate the underground without any casino licence, but still, they are making a significant amount of money. It can be a little bit of a risky strategy. It can be dangerous to function as an online casino without a licence in a few countries. Getting the casino licence can be a challenging task because you need to fulfil lots of requirements. The following are some toughest challenges faced by online casinos while acquiring the casino's licence. Important Paperwork... Read More

    Posted On: 28/10/2020

    Author: Alex Karidis

    How to Win at Online Roulette: 8 Tips to Keep You Going

    Online Roulette is not the best casino game to make money, but due to its popularity and easy strategies, gamblers still prefer it rather than any other casino games. The thing is, Roulette is easy to understand and is the most exciting casino game of times. However, not everyone knows how to win at online Roulette by keeping all the rules and dignity of the game. Roulette needs a little bit of your luck for sure, but it also needs an honest strategy that can help you win. Follow this guide to learn how to win online Roulette games with ease.  Don’t Rely on the Betting Systems but Modify them Frequently You may find some well-known players have won in... Read More

    Posted On: 21/10/2020

    Author: Alex Karidis

    Manipulative gambling in Slot Machine: How to manipulate a slot machine

    A slot machine is a gambling device also known as a fruit machine used for the purpose of creating a game of chance. It was developed in 1891 and became popular quickly all over in the gambling world. This machine is operated by inserting one or more coins into a slot and pulling a handle in order to activate one to three or even more spinning symbols marked into horizontal reels. The payoff is determined by the final horizontal alignment and released into a receptacle at the bottom. The number of payoff coins depends on how many of the symbols lined up after the spinning reels come to rest. Traditionally the slot machine symbols include stars, bars, various fruits, suits,... Read More

    Posted On: 20/10/2020

    Author: Alex Karidis

    The Best Live Casino Android App That You Ought to Have in 2020

    With an amazing interface and a perfect streaming speed, live casino android apps are broadening the casino world. Android has got a lot of upgrades when it comes to casino games, making it easier for different users to play the games and make their virtual entries in the world of casino. Read this article to find out more about the best apps and be ready for virtual play with some real money.  Live casino android apps and their noticeable presence Android provides a platform for different kinds of apps, and its features ensure the smooth functioning of the apps that the users download. Most of them are always available on the play store, and therefore complications aren’t faced for most... Read More

    Posted On: 14/10/2020

    Author: Alex Karidis

    How to play Blackjack and What are the Blackjack card game rules?

    There are many misconceptions about the objective of the game of Blackjack, but the goal is to beat the dealer. It’s also important to know that unlike Poker, the other player’s playing the Blackjack has nothing to do with the winning of the game. In a word, it’s all against the dealer. In this article, we’ll discuss the game Blackjack and all the Blackjack card game rules. It’s believed that that game of Blackjack was invented in France. Previously it was known as 21. The main goal of the game is to beat the dealer by scoring 21 or as close as 21. If the dealer scores 21 before you, you’re done. Although Poker was more popular than Blackjack, still... Read More

    Posted On: 07/10/2020

    Author: Alex Karidis

    Online Poker Tips: How to Win Poker Online

    These days, probably you aren’t going out to play Poker with your friends anymore. Because of this overwhelming pandemic, we are staying inside our houses and playing Poker online. This technology has made it easier to play Poker from anywhere. But just so that you know, no matter where you play Poker, the techniques should be the same. Still, there are few new things added in the mobile Poker casino games that were not available in a physical Poker match at a speakeasy. That’s why I have written this post to educate you on the pro tips of playing Poker on the internet.  Tip1: Expect a Long Online Poker Game If you are playing micro stakes Poker tournaments or a... Read More

    Posted On: 15/09/2020

    Author: Alex Karidis

    Everything you need to know about a Deck of Playing Cards

    Remember the old days of learning probability in the mathematics class? That branch of maths finds its roots in the deck of 52 cards. We all have grown up watching so many different card games, magic tricks, and a lot more. Yet, people find it confusing with all the numbers, signs, and cards. They also keep confusing the ranks of the Jack, the Queen, and the King. The game of cards has evolved and transformed over many centuries and so has the rules of playing cards.  More often than not, new players take time to introduce and accustom themselves with so many different signs, numbers, values, as well as the mind-boggling, brain-teasing games. So, our piece of advice for you... Read More

    Posted On: 14/09/2020

    Author: Alex Karidis

    Splitting in Blackjack – What is it and When to do it?

    Online Blackjack is one of the most popular casino games. The point of Blackjack is to beat the dealer to 21 or the highest value hand that does not surpass 21. Blackjack is a game with some special nuances. Every Blackjack player has their way of playing the game and they could all give you their unique strategy to play Blackjack online. While everyone has their personal preference, there are some key strategy tips to keep in mind while playing Blackjack online. You can tighten up your Blackjack strategy by understanding the game’s most risky, yet rewarding moves like the Blackjack double down and Blackjack split. With the right strategy, you can reduce the house edge and keep up. Although... Read More

    Posted On: 07/09/2020

    Author: Alex Karidis

    All You Need to Know About Casino Development and Security

    Casinos (both online and offline)have risen significantly over the last few years. Whereas there were only a few locations around the globe where one could go and take part in legal gambling activities at one time, today, casinos are relatively common enterprises. And with the advent of online casinos, people from any nook and corner around the world can have access to them. In the past two decades, casinos have been a major industry in many first world countries and around the world. In recent years, development in the casino industry has made significant contributions to the tourism sector as well. So casino development in these regions has become a highly lucrative and profitable part of the economy. Many countries... Read More

    Posted On: 29/08/2020

    Author: Alex Karidis

    Why betting 12 numbers is the best online Roulette strategy

    It is a well-known fact that Roulette is a game that includes top-notch strategies to win. However, it is easier said than done. If you have been playing Roulette for some time then you must be aware of the most common Roulette strategies; betting on 18 numbers and betting on 12 numbers. Today our focus is on the latter Roulette strategy of betting on 12 numbers. We will provide you with all the basic steps to use this Roulette strategy in an online Roulette game. Now, without any further ado, let’s begin. Random bettor vs Pro bettor Before moving forward with our Roulette strategy you must know the difference between a random bettor and a pro bettor. In simple terms,... Read More

    Posted On: 22/08/2020

    Author: Alex Karidis

    Mobile Casinos : The Future of Gambling Industry ?

    In the last decade or so, the development in the tech industry has revolutionized everything around us. The casino industry is no different. There was a time when you had to go to casinos in-person to enjoy gambling. However, those days are long gone and now mobile casino apps allow you to enjoy gambling at anyplace and anytime. That said, we are sure you might be wondering what the future holds for mobile casinos? Well, today we will be answering that question. So, without any further delay let’s begin: Before moving forward, we must know what the current mobile casino apps have in store for us. So, let’s shed some light on what types of casino apps are out there... Read More

    Posted On: 15/08/2020

    Author: Alex Karidis

    A Brief Guide on Taxation on Slot Machine Winnings

    When the slot machine locks up and, in most cases, you hear the music and see the flashing lights on top of the machine, it is an indication then that the lady luck has smiled upon you and you have clicked the all-elusive jackpot.  But one of the first questions every player asks is whether they have to pay taxes on casino winnings? Gambling tax regulations vary vastly from place to place. In some countries, it is 100% illegal. In countries where it is legal, there are rules and regulations. Sometimes casinos, gaming and betting establishments are legally obliged to pay tax on their profits. In some cases, the individual must pay tax on their winnings. Other times these taxes... Read More

    Posted On: 08/08/2020

    Author: Alex Karidis

    4 Strategies Of Land-Based Casinos Not Applicable On Casino Online

    The technological advancements have restructured and enhanced the world of gambling over the years. Millions of people are fond of casino games all over the globe. Thus, the gambling industry and land-based casinos are adopting this digitised platform to gain the attention of new generation players. Casino online games have gradually transformed the traditional interests into more advanced gameplay. As it's one of the best worldwide profitable businesses over the internet. In comparison to land-based casinos, casino online is more cost-effective. And players can enjoy a wide range of new games and endless bonuses. Trends Going Useless In Casino online There are some major factors that you need to consider in every casino's gameplay. Land-based casinos mostly consist of a... Read More

    Posted On: 01/08/2020

    Author: Alex Karidis

    Domestic Online Casinos – Are they the better Option?

    If you are setting out to find some online casino fun and action, then you should be prepared to be well and truly spoilt for choice! Which is all well and good, but knowing where to start can be quite tricky. When you go online and type in a search term, you will be presented with (literally) thousands of different options to choose from. Every one of them claims to be the biggest and best casino out there, which does not exactly make things easier. The criteria for selecting a quality casino is pretty constant. Above all else, you should be prioritising the following for your safety and enjoyment: Responsibility and reputation Variety of games available Feedback and recommendations Welcome... Read More

    Posted On: 25/07/2020

    Author: Alex Karidis

    A Brief interpretation of online Slots with Multipliers

    Slot games are incredibly popular with players, mostly because they require close to no knowledge to understand and they are fun to watch spin. And multipliers are a common feature you will find when playing online slots. Players love multipliers in online slots because they have the potential to increase winnings many times over. While most multipliers range from x2 to x10, some can go as high as x1,000 or more. This means that multipliers are a big draw for players who want to play online slots that provide the largest win potential, as well as delivering plenty of anticipation and excitement along the way. In addition to the different sizes of multipliers, different types of multipliers trigger during different... Read More

    Posted On: 18/07/2020

    Author: Alex Karidis

    The Life Skills That You Can Learn By Playing Poker

    Poker is a game of excitement, amazement, thrill, marvel and tremor. Poker may seem to be just a game of cards in its essence, but it can give you much more than that. Becoming a successful Poker player requires more than being able to count outs and calculate pot odds. The real value of this fascinating casino game comes in the invaluable life lessons it teaches people to win in life too. With so many potential skills to learn and grow, Poker serves as a useful form of training for a wide variety of people wanting to improve these capabilities. There are lessons you can learn from the game which you can practice and apply in real life. Here are... Read More

    Posted On: 11/07/2020

    Author: Alex Karidis

    4 Effective Hacks For Money Management on a Casino Slot Online

    Playing on a casino slot online is quite entertaining and convenient for the slot lovers. If you're one of them, you're definitely seeking better ways to enhance your gameplay experience and earn more money. However, in order to generalize your earnings, you have to first ensure to set up your bankroll efficiently.  Money management is the most important factor for every gambler to become a pro in gambling. This way, you can eradicate the odds of your winnings to increase unnecessarily. Additionally, efficient bankroll management helps you capture your wins and losses to help you evaluate your actions. Thus your gaming experience gets elevated, and you gain sufficient knowledge to become a smart gambler.  Money Management Tricks for Casino Slot... Read More

    Posted On: 04/07/2020

    Author: Alex Karidis

    Learn & Earn More Comp Points In Casino Online

    Everyone likes a shortcut, whether it's related to your work or on the table of gambling. Easy to learn and earn is the latest trend that has changed the historical thought process, systematic lifestyles, and our entire schedules. For many people, gambling, casino online & betting are the sources of entertainment and fun. But back of the mind, we all love to get something in return, don't you? Thus, online gambling sites and land-based casinos offer comp points to encourage players to visit there more frequently. In the gambling industry, comp is nothing but the abbreviation of complementary points, a way of rewards for which you basically play at a casino. The number of points depends on the status of... Read More

    Posted On: 27/06/2020

    Author: Alex Karidis

    Find the Out the Amazing Guide to a Career As Croupier At Casino

    The Gambling Industry is one of the very old and very popular means of entertainment for various classes of people around the world, but nowadays, gambling is taken very seriously and some of the people out there are making it their profession. So, it is now emerging as one of the largest employment generation industries. Have you ever thought of how the casinos can be very exciting and glamorous to work at? Although casinos are known for the bettor winning side, the house side is also fascinating. One can start their career by working as a Croupier at a casino, or also known as the dealers, who represent the “House” or the Casino. It can be considered one of the... Read More

    Posted On: 20/06/2020

    Author: Alex Karidis

    A Newbie in Online Casino? Explore the Variety of Questions in Advance

    There is an end number of online casinos popping up everyone with different attractions and a lucrative array of games. As per data research, the worldwide online gambling industry earns around $45 billion a year. As a matter of fact, it's not like fast food or clothing, where everyone has a clear perspective.  The most common aspect of every casino holder is showcasing their power to stand out of the rest. Some of them work on offering more advanced, modern, and sleek bundles of games to the players. Whereas, the rest of them provide their players with lucrative casino promotions and bonus prizes.  Common Queries Regarding Online Casinos In case you're a newbie diving into the online casino industry, there... Read More

    Posted On: 13/06/2020

    Author: Alex Karidis

    Know your Casino Opponents Well Before Setting Your Slot

    Being the steady observer in gambling, you easily emphasize your strengths and eradicate your weaknesses. However, in Brightstar Casino, focussing on the opponents and understanding their actions or playing strategy are the keys to win the game. Besides, it also helps you understand the slot types with fewer problem-gamblers.  Male Vs Female Gender discrimination isn't good unless its a casino and you're playing against you opposite gender. As per the University of Salford, female players are mostly underestimated. In fact, some of the male players believe the claims of the females as bluffs and end up making higher bets.  Excluding Poker, there is an end number of female casino online players in their late 40s. They come to casinos for... Read More

    Posted On: 06/06/2020

    Author: Alex Karidis

    The Anti -Strategy Tips for Online Slots: How Not to Play

    Well, when it comes to Online Slots, there are no such things as “Strategies” or “Tricks” that can surely increase the rate of hitting the jackpot. But, before going into all those technical things, we should know what Online Slots are! Well, they are very basic and hugely popular casino games in which the bettor or gambler gambles on the “outcome” of the spin at the comfort of their homes or in land-based casinos. The slots use algorithms to generate various possible outcomes depending on the spinning reels and the Online Slot simulator. Now, it is a matter of the fact that slots are hugely popular because it doesn’t require any unique skill set, and there is no such possible... Read More

    Posted On: 30/05/2020

    Author: Alex Karidis

    Advantages of Casino Customer Support Service and Queries

    There is a vast ocean of online casinos available to play on PCs and other devices like casinos on mobile, with new ones popping up every other day. What they all have in common is the fact they will do everything in their power to lure the players from the crowd. Some casinos attract players by being sleek and modern, whereas others provide a wide array of games, or offer numerous exciting bonuses and promotions. But what you need to consider the most when looking for a new online casino on mobile or any other device is a knowledgeable and friendly casino customer support that can answer your questions and concerns. While playing at an online casino has its numerous... Read More

    Posted On: 23/05/2020

    Author: Alex Karidis

    Which Free Online Casino Games Are Best to Play for Fun?

    If you are among the newcomers in the segment of online casino games, this might be the best suggestion for you to find out those games which require zero investments. If you want to know the gambling well, the smartest process of getting expertise in casino games is to experiment with the games which are free and most exciting to play, here in this article. We have accumulated and burnished a few free online casino games by which you may get adequate expertise so that you may get the qualities of expert gambling without risking your hard-earned money. Free Online Poker If you have the ability of strategic thinking and want to beat your opponent with the tricks or skills,... Read More

    Posted On: 16/05/2020

    Author: Alex Karidis

    Tips for Dealing with Live Dealers on Mobile Casino

    Thanks to advanced technologies, it is now possible to stream a wide range of mobile casino games in high quality. Due to this, we also have more players, especially newbies, who are joining in on the live dealer table games. However, such players may not have the required industry experience. You don't need to be an expert. All you need is to be aware of the basics. So, here's a list of things that will help you increase your knowledge about live dealer casino games. Get A Reliable Internet Connection The first thing to do if you are serious about playing live dealer casino games is to get a super-reliable internet connection. Unlike the olden days, the live dealer games... Read More

    Posted On: 09/05/2020

    Author: Alex Karidis

    Difference Between Single Line Slot & Multi-Line Slot – Which One is Better?

    Online slot games can be pretty confusing, especially during your initial days as a slot player. These days, there are a handful of different variants of slots available in the online gaming portals. These wide varieties of choices sometimes make experienced players confused.  Today, we’re going to discuss two of the most common varieties of slots, i.e. One Line Slot & Multi-Line Slot. We’re going to give a brief overview of both versions and then tell the differences between them. By the end of this article, we are confident you won’t have any doubts about which slots are which.  How Slot Making Technology Progressed? Before jumping into a detailed classification, we would like to discuss a little history of slots.... Read More

    Posted On: 02/05/2020

    Author: Alex Karidis

    Know About the Cash-Out Limits and its importance for the Casino Players!

    Being a player or a gambler at the casino, for obvious reasons, you can gain some legitimate interest in the casino games. With your interest, a few more things have to be considered as the essential stuff being the maximum cash out limits and withdrawal limits as a whole. Without these two factors taken into consideration, you cannot get the fun at the end of any casino game that you are playing.  The below-mentioned points are some of the crucial reasons for which you should keep in mind that withdrawal limits and cash out limits play a vital role while playing casino games. Protection Against Fraud for Cash Out Limits The withdrawal and the maximum cash out limit will surely... Read More

    Posted On: 24/04/2020

    Author: Alex Karidis

    Importance of VPNs in Online Gambling

    Since August 1996, when online casinos started gaining global recognition for the first time, gambling has become a common leisure-activity for millions of people worldwide. And, its popularity is only increasing with every passing day.  However, while online gambling is legal in most European and American states, needless to say, every country is not as permissive. But you wouldn't like to give up on your recreational hobby just because you are on a travelling spree and the gambling website is restricted in the countries you have planned to visit, would you?  This is where Virtual Private Network (or, in short, VPN) comes into play. In simple terms, they function as a deft relay system that spells it's magic to trick... Read More

    Posted On: 17/04/2020

    Author: Alex Karidis

    Testing Your Roulette System Before Diving Into the Game

    Playing professional Roulette is like any calculated investment. You can still make losses, although the correct application can produce long term steady results. And just like any other business venture, it always helps to do proper research before risking your money. Of course, it is common sense to test your system thoroughly, but for most players, testing involves lots of real play and risking money. And when they have eventually lost a fortune, they conclude their system does not work. It is much smarter to test without real money. That way you risk nothing but lost time. The existing methods can be developed further to make them even better, and easier to use. You can save a lot of time... Read More

    Posted On: 10/04/2020

    Author: Alex Karidis

    The History of Poker Game and Cowboys in Movies

    Poker had a very important role to play in the wild old west played by ruthless cowboys in movies long before James Bond even started playing it in a sophisticated casino. It was dominated by tricky card games, expensive whisky, lonesome and cool riders, pretty heroines and the barren deserts of wild-wild West. In a time of gold fever, live poker was an inseparable attribute of all saloons and nobody was afraid to get in trouble. Oh, what an era! These movies with Live Poker scenes are great films for any poker fan. Some of these movies are not about Poker as much as about other things but all feature at least one Poker scene and are simply wonderful to... Read More

    Posted On: 01/04/2020

    Author: Alex Karidis

    Roulette Drinking Game: A Perfect Shot Drinking Game for House Party

    The one thing you will always see upon your visit to the casino is a Roulette table. Along with Blackjack and Poker, Roulette is among the big three casino games. Over the years, this game gained such popularity that nowadays most of the American citizens either play Roulette at least once or know the rules and regulations of the game.  Now shot drinking games are particularly popular among the US youth. This challenge can be bundled with any game like truth or dare. But, when you play Roulette with your buddies while the stakes are based on drinking shots, it gets better. So next time when you’re hanging with your friends, arrange a Roulette table and make your hangouts fun-filled. ... Read More

    Posted On: 24/03/2020

    Author: Alex Karidis

    Gambling horoscope – Is the day lucky to Gamble?

    One of the general human traits is to seek various ways on how to get in front of every situation. In the world of gambling, anything that is believed to give you more chances of gaining becomes highly important. As with all things in life, sometimes luck may be in our favour. While there are plenty of online casino gamblers who take things as they come and hope that lady luck will be on their side whenever they play, there are countless others players who ask the question before they play. What Are Gambling Horoscopes? The gambling horoscope has appeared in the context of getting an advantage before playing games where luck plays an important role. Everyone has had a... Read More

    Posted On: 16/03/2020

    Author: Alex Karidis

    Is Gambling Research That Useful?

    Gaming at a casino is one of the emerging things which has formed its roots quite firmly in society. The casino industry has risen across the world quite rapidly. The gambling industry can be considered as a boon even to the economic growth of a country. There were many types of research conducted, to find out the usefulness of the gambling industry; let us have a look at this matter. Compromised Gambling Research The individuals who want good quality evidence regarding the consequences of the gambling industry firstly need to understand the knowledge of this industry thoroughly before conducting any gambling research.  Amidst other so-called tabooed industries, gambling is such an industry that involves knowledge of the researcher, regular debates,... Read More

    Posted On: 07/03/2020

    Author: Alex Karidis

    A Comparative Guide between Video Poker Game and Slot Machines

    There is very little difference between video poker and slot machines. After all, both of them require video screens, are operated by coins and single-player games that start by the push of a button. If you look at the games overall, both may seem to have much in the common outside. You have to take a seat in front of a screen, add your coins, press the buttons and hope for a positive result. That said, things start to look quite different once you take a look behind the scenes. Here we will take a detailed look at the resemblances and differences between video poker and slot machines to give you a better idea of exactly what you are getting... Read More

    Posted On: 29/02/2020

    Author: Alex Karidis

    How to Improve Your Odds of Winning at Blackjack?

      Blackjack, also known as twenty-one, is by far the most popular casino game in existence. Its popularity stems from the fact that it’s easy to learn, available at almost all casinos, and offers players the opportunity to optimize their payouts. What’s more, there are certain tips and tricks that players can use to improve their odds of winning at online Blackjack. Read on to know more about them. Master the Basic Strategy The first thing to become a skilful player is to learn the basic blackjack playing strategy. When using the basic strategy, you have some information to work with every time you have a decision to make at the table. You know the cards you have, and you... Read More

    Posted On: 15/02/2020

    Author: Alex Karidis

    Best Baccarat Strategies You Must Know!

    You may know about several games played or gambled at a casino. One such famous or commonly played game in casinos is being called Baccarat. Baccarat is played on the basis of some specific strategies or tricks. There are a number of strategies that you can select for the player, but the top three strategies which are highly recommended to use are: Logical thinking Quick understanding Having the best chances of the house edge reduction Thus, these three strategies that are being mentioned can help you to play the game flawlessly and can give you a fantastic experience of playing Baccarat. One-Sided Baccarat For taking one particular side, either the banker or the player might be too simple. However, this... Read More

    Posted On: 07/02/2020

    Author: Alex Karidis

    Wagering requirements of Online Casino Games

    What Is Casino Wagering? Casino bonuses and free spins, unless otherwise stated, come with wagering requirements. These wagering requirements are the conditions you must fulfil to be able to withdraw any earnings which are associated with a bonus deal. All bonuses have terms and conditions and it is these that specify what a player must wager to be able to withdraw any bonus cash or winnings associated with that bonus. You must meet these terms or requirements to benefit from any promotion. Casino wagering talks about two different sides of your online casino game experience. Firstly, there are the wagering requirements that come with your casino bonuses and free spins. And secondly, each game has a minimum and maximum “wager... Read More

    Posted On: 29/01/2020

    Author: Alex Karidis

    Interesting Facts You Should Know About the Playing Cards

    Everyone comes into contact with a deck of cards from time to time. Nothing else can be so small and simple and yet so versatile at the same time. From quite serious and complicated casino classics like Poker and Blackjack to magic tricks to wow the kids, a deck of cards can do it all. Playing cards have been around for many centuries and it can be understood that many myths and facts about the deck or particular cards would have accumulated. And while everyone has held a deck of cards in their hands at one time or another, probably not everyone is aware of the interesting facts about them. There is more to card games that meets the eye.... Read More

    Posted On: 20/01/2020

    Author: Alex Karidis

    Top Things to Keep in Mind While Playing Roulette Game

    The excitement of spinning a Roulette wheel and wondering where it will land is truly enthralling. It is no surprise that Roulette is one of the most popular table games, both in land-based as well as online casinos. Check out these tips on playing Roulette before you begin playing the game for real money. Try to Understand the Odds Before You Place Your Bet The thing about Roulette is you may either gain huge from betting on one number, or you may gain little by betting on lots of numbers. But the more numbers you are betting on, the higher are your chances of winning. Always Bet on the European Wheel If you get an opportunity to choose between a... Read More

    Posted On: 13/01/2020

    Author: Alex Karidis

    Find out why one should play scratch card games online?

    Scratch card games are totally based on the element of luck – buy a ticket, scratch off the surface and see if you’ve won or not. If you’ve ever brought a scratch card, you can relate yourself to the moment when your heart beats a bit faster at the thought of revealing a huge jackpot. Now thanks to the online scratch card games you can experience the thrill anywhere, anytime. Also, playing online scratch cards can prove beneficial for you in both short and long-term. Here are some reasons why you should play scratch cards online. Cost of Online Scratch Cards Unlike cards sold in shops that don’t come with a static price, you can choose how much you pay... Read More

    Posted On: 05/01/2020

    Author: Alex Karidis

    What to Consider When Choosing an Online Roulette Game

    Most players don’t get the chance to visit a brick and mortar casino too often. When it comes to visiting gambling cities like Vegas or Macau, it may be a once in a lifetime trip for many gamblers and some may not get there at all. The point is that gamblers mostly play Roulette in online casinos, and thus your focus should shift a little when choosing which Roulette games to play. As online casinos don’t have space restrictions, they feature a variety of Roulette games as compared to land-based casinos. You can choose a Roulette variant that offers a huge jackpot or the one that has a better RTP percentage. The point is that you’ll surely find a Roulette... Read More

    Posted On: 29/12/2019

    Author: Alex Karidis

    Everything You Need to Know About Gamification Casinos

    Gamification is nothing but an effective business strategy to attract gamers’ attention towards the mobile casino and confirm their frequent visit over a long period of time. The casino industry offers various attractive loyalty points for the newcomers and existing players. Players are also offered a variety of medals, seeds, and badges as the reward of their achievements so that they can boost up their energy in playing the casino games again and again. Sometimes, big and random rewards are also given to the players for the same business motive. The future of mobile casino is undoubtedly gamification casinos. Even the casinos which do not have the system of gamification are going to implement gamification soon behind. The day is... Read More

    Posted On: 22/12/2019

    Author: Alex Karidis

    Mobile Casino Gaming- A Solid Investment for Online Casinos

    The online casino industry is an evolving market and has become a hugely competitive space. It has demanded constant innovation, research and development to stay afloat. Finding what the consumers are liking is one of the necessities for online casinos. This quest for being the best has led to the development of mobile casino websites and applications.  Mobile casinos are the next revolutionising agenda in the field of online casino, offering easy access to gambling with a different headspace and astounding comfort zone. Very few people would deny that the internet changed the way we gamble. The same is true for mobile phones, and it is becoming an increasingly popular medium for gamblers by the day. This is proven by... Read More

    Posted On: 15/12/2019

    Author: Alex Karidis

    Sticky Casino Bonus Everything You Would Like to Know

    Online casinos are used to offering bonuses just to gain a competitive edge. These bonuses are effective ways of enticing or luring new customers to the online casinos and also, to keep maintaining loyal customers. However, some of these casino bonuses include sticky bonuses. A sticky casino bonus definitely comes with certain strings attached. Casinos enjoyed far more Title | Brightstar Casinoliberty in terms of bonus offers in the past as compared to the present times. Casino bonus hunting seems to be the basic practice of finding or identifying the best or the most attractive casino bonuses so that you can maximize your winnings just from these casino bonuses alone.  Once casino bonus hunting began to gain traction, online casinos... Read More

    Posted On: 08/12/2019

    Author: Alex Karidis

    Are Scratch Card an Innocent Pastime or a Compulsion to Ruin You?

    An investigation by the respected British newspaper, The Guardian, has revealed that it may be impossible to win some of the jackpots on National Lottery simply because the organizer does not mention at its distribution outlets, the number of jackpots that have been already won by people even as it continues to advertise the total number of jackpots existing. In their defence, the Lottery claims that it does publish the number of prizes left on each of its games online and that it updates the list regularly. The problem is that customers are not told of this when they are purchasing a National Lottery scratch card at a store. Co-op Launching Scratch Cards to Compete with the National Lottery With the launch of... Read More

    Posted On: 01/12/2019

    Author: Alex Karidis

    Key Thinks About the Law of Large Numbers in Gambling

    The application of the law of large numbers in gambling is associated with a series of random independent events with probable chances of the possible outcomes. For instance, tossing of coins, spinning at Roulette, and rolling of dice. However, any event with unusual or unknown outcomes is termed as random events. Hence, the law of larger number signifies that the trails of numbers increase their result at an average level, which gets closer to the expected value.  Weak and Strong Ends at Gambling Gambling is all about numbers and betting at the correct time with the correct amount of funds using one’s own discretion. Now without Mathematics, there is no gambling. Thus, there are two theoretical forms attached to it.... Read More

    Posted On: 15/11/2019

    Author: Alex Karidis

    10 Important Slot Machine Facts You Need to Know

    Slot machines have become the bread and butter for most of the casinos. But, the scene was different a couple of decades ago. Slot machines were mainly targeted at older women. Casino owners didn't take these games seriously. Back in the '60s, casinos had merely one or two of these machines installed. But everything changed in the '80s when slot machine technology saw a revolution. In the present day, slot machines are dominating the gambling industry. If you love playing on slot machines, you would like to know these 10 amazing facts about them. Fact #1 In the early gambling days, slot machines were considered a waste of gambling space, so were placed in spare places like beside the elevator.... Read More

    Posted On: 07/11/2019

    Author: Alex Karidis

    Play Your Favourite Casino Games Now on Bright Star Casino App

    Want to play your favourite casino games from the comfort of your home? Switch to the Bright Star Android Casino app. Our casino app has a huge list of casino games that can be played anytime and suits all types of players. Whether you are a newbie or a high-roller, there’s always something in store for you. Wide Variety of Casino Games to Choose From You will find a huge collection of casino and slot games on our app. The casino games range from good old fruit slots to the latest ones to hit the market. We offer games from NetEnt, Microgaming, Lightning Box, IGT and more. Whether you are looking for classic Blackjack games or the latest themed games,... Read More

    Posted On: 18/10/2019

    Author: Alex Karidis

    Group Bet: What it is?

    As the name says group bet is the bet which is made by several people for the single outcome. The lottery syndicates are great example of group bets where multiple players put their stake in the pool which is used to buy more lines and therefore increase the chance of winning. As the chances of winning increase the winning amount is equally distributed between the players who chose to bet on the lottery. Since years people have been betting with friends and colleagues for decades often forming syndicates to enter lotteries.  Another definition of group bet is the pool bet where players put a personal stake into a shared point and select an outcome. Again their winning amount is paid... Read More

    Posted On: 26/07/2019

    Author: Alex Karidis

    Double Inside Straight Flush: Briefed

    Poker is the most played game in the casino since it is very easy to understand and play as well. Poker is a card game, poker is also a game of strategy, and you'll need to constantly read the other players to decide when to fold, when to bluff, and when to call someone else’s bluff. Double inside straight flush is a set of three cards in a poker hand which, if the draw falls right, will make a straight flush for the player. But before knowing the double inside straight flush let us first know about the basic hands in poker. When the player draws the cards there are various types of hands depending on the cards which the player tends to have.... Read More

    Posted On: 19/07/2019

    Author: Alex Karidis

    Max Bet In Casinos: Explained

    This might sound like a nightmare but it is not. The max bet is the rule which is often found in terms and conditions of the casinos. But players find this as a nightmare because they don’t happen to read these terms and conditions keenly. The maximum bet is just that the casino limits the maximum bet that the player can choose. If you do over go over the amount, you’ll be in breach of the casinos rules and will be risking forfeiting any winnings along with your bonus. It might sound unfair but practically it is not.  How does the maximum bet work? Before you decide to play make sure you check the terms and conditions of the casino where the... Read More

    Posted On: 05/07/2019

    Author: Alex Karidis

    What Is A VR Casino?

    Virtual reality is a true game-changer in this era. It is replacing many outdoor activities and different modes of entertainment quickly and the gambling industry is not an exception. There is a newly emerging concept in the gambling world. Virtual gaming is known to many, however, VR casinos are new to the world.  To be better at VR Casino it is important to know what is it about and what exactly happens in VR casino. Let us know it better:  A VR casino is online stimulation of a land-based casino. It is a substitute to the land-based casino where those who have never played in land-based casino can play and get the feel of an actual casino and those who... Read More

    Posted On: 05/07/2019

    Author: Alex Karidis

    Multi Line Vs One Line Slots: Explained

    Playing games online is overwhelming and exciting, but it is true for seasoned players. Many new entrants may face issues in understanding online games and may end up losing some money. Slots are the basic games and thus they are mostly attempted by new players. However, it may look very easy, but there is a huge variety of slot games to be played online. Typically there are single line and multi-line slots to choose from while playing in a online casino. Earlier, it was difficult to incorporate multi-line slots and thus online gambling was restricted to single line slots. However, with technology driving the online gaming industry, many multi-line slots were introduced and now they are played widely. As a... Read More

    Posted On: 01/07/2019

    Author: Alex Karidis

    Interesting Online Casino Facts You Never Knew

    Online casinos have an inevitable space in the gambling world. There are various stakeholders who can be credited for the penetration of online casinos so widely. It is interesting to see the journey of the online casinos over the years to see what it has come to be. Here are some facts that will stun you: Fact 1: Microgaming is a company that was the first mover in the online casino space. The first ever online casino gaming site was called as the Gaming club. The site had limited games but was appreciated and liked by many and paved way for thousands of online casinos today. Fact 2: It is observed that men participate more in online gambling than women.... Read More

    Posted On: 26/05/2019

    Author: Alex Karidis

    Money Management In Slot Machines

    A person enters in the casino with the will of making some money and playing some tough games. The slot machine is the most preferred game in any casino because it is the easiest and the most money making game which gamblers love to play. It is very simple you just spin and win the jackpot, but the player while playing should be keen on spending the money on the slot machine because since it is easy to play it is also easy to spend a lot of money on. There are few things which you should consider to make the money management on the slot machines. ● Set your bankroll before you play: If you enter the casino with... Read More

    Posted On: 23/05/2019

    Author: Alex Karidis

    What Is A Goliath Bet?

    Similar to its name Goliath bet is a huge combination of permutations combining a total of eight selections. Goliath bet is the bet which contains 247 various bets which includes 28 doubles 56 trebles 70 four-folds 56 five-folds 28 six-folds 8 seven-folds eight-fold accumulator It is the hugest bet available for punters. In this bet, your stake per line is multiplied by 247 to cover all possible outcomes (excluding singles). There is a quite good possibility of players getting huge returns from this bet. There is a possibility of players to earn huge from the goliath bet. In this bet, two or more selections must be successful to have a return. Since Goliath bet is the high stake bet here... Read More

    Posted On: 20/05/2019

    Author: Alex Karidis

    What Are Cascading Reels?

    Cascading reels are the video slot machines in the casino. It is one of the most dynamic features in the slot machines which players are very excited to play. They are very common in almost all the casinos, it is just that it has different names used by different game inventors for example, Micro-gaming calls them “rolling reels”. NetEnt sometimes calls a similar game mechanic the “avalanche feature”. IGT and Play's GO each call this feature “tumbling reels”. It is a quite widespread game so let us see in detail about cascading reels. The cascading reels are equal to retro games like Tetris. What is cascading reels? If you love the slot machines but you are wretched due to the fewer... Read More

    Posted On: 18/05/2019

    Author: Alex Karidis

    What Is A Cold Streak? – Explained

    If you are a regular player at Casino, you'll know how the turn of events in a single game can change one's fortune or if you've played a slot, you'll know how the right timing at a slot can change a person's life. Surely gambling is about knowing the game, judging the odds and then taking a calculated risk but it is not just that. Gambling and betting are also about the state of mind. A positive state of mind will lead to confidence and good decision making while discomfort and low confidence may lead to hassled decisions and thus affect the player's performance. While playing in a casino, you might come across a rather famous term 'cold streak's. This... Read More

    Posted On: 14/05/2019

    Author: Alex Karidis

    What Is A Slot Hall?

    The small gaming zones in public spaces always mesmerise everyone. From kids to adults, everyone enjoys being in the game zones and experience the thrill and the enthusiasm there. The games are interesting and give everyone instant relief from stress. For the casino lovers, there are slot halls which are equivalent to such gaming zones. What are slot halls? Slot halls are rooms built in a public building like a hotel or a community centre. This room is equipped with various slots where people can come and play slot games. A slot game has multiple slots inside it. Some of the slot halls might also have other games like video poker or arcade games. An individual player can come and... Read More

    Posted On: 11/05/2019

    Author: Alex Karidis

    Term Explained: Cool-Off

    While gambling it is possible that some players can fall into a pattern of problem gambling or compulsive gambling and spend more than they can afford, wasting too much time at the tables, or chasing losses with ever-increasing bets that eventually cripple the player financially. So sometimes taking a break to cool off from gaming becomes very important. Players can choose to 'cool off' when they start getting too involved in their play. A Cool Off in the casino is a Responsible Gaming tool adapted by casinos to keep the gambling environment safe and secure. It allows you to take a break from playing, as it prevents you from logging in to your account. The online casinos prioritise their commitment... Read More

    Posted On: 10/05/2019

    Author: Alex Karidis

    Resplit: Casino Word Explained

    Being one of the most attractive game in the casino, Blackjack is the most thrilling game. Blackjack is a game played worldwide, in both land-based as well as online casinos. There are different strategies that the players use to make sure that they win. Blackjack is the game where you have an opportunity for strategies in your mind. In this game, the deck of 52 cards is generally used but in some casinos, several packs of cards are shuffled in order to play this game. The basic objective of blackjack is to beat the dealer. And while beating the dealer there are some moves that the player needs to make and resplit is one of the rules of blackjack that... Read More

    Posted On: 25/04/2019

    Author: Alex Karidis

    What Is Red 7 Count?

    Blackjack is a globally popular banking game. It is also known as twenty-one. Blackjack can be summarised as a card comparing game between several players and each of these players competes with the dealer but none of the players offends the other one. It is played with one or more deck of 52 cards. And in this blackjack game when it comes to card counting the Red 7 count comes in play. The red 7 count system back in 1983 was invented by Arnold Snyder. He wrote a book called a black belt in blackjack which familiarised red 7 count in it. What is card counting? Meanwhile what is card counting can be a question for many who are amateurs... Read More

    Posted On: 23/04/2019

    Author: Alex Karidis

    Blackjack Split – Explained In Detail

    Whether it is land-based or online casinos blackjack is the most played game anywhere. There are different strategies that the players use to make sure that they win. Several packs of cards are shuffled to play this game. The basic objective of blackjack is to beat the dealer. And for beating the dealer there are some moves that the player needs to make, blackjack split and re-split are some of the rules of blackjack that might help the player to bust the dealer. So let’s see what blackjack split means: When you have two cards with similar value, you can split them and place an additional bet. This will create two other hands which will further be played separately. If the... Read More

    Posted On: 20/04/2019

    Author: Alex Karidis

    Best Mobile Casino Games You Should Be This Week

    The bright star casino has various mobile casino games to spoil you with a number of choices. In your service, they have games for various systems which you choose to play on. Here are the best mobile casino games for you to look at which will give you a really pleasing week. 1. The filmy Jumanji week: If this week you feel like travelling back to the days of Jumanji here is a nice chance by choosing this game in mobile casinos. Jumanji is a game which is completely themed on the movie that was released a year back. While you play this game it will completely relive your memories from this movie. This game is developed by Netent with... Read More

    Posted On: 16/04/2019

    Author: Alex Karidis

    How do Long Odds Work?

    Long odds refers to the bets which have very less chance of winning but pays too high. An outcome is referred to as ‘long odds’ for denoting the actual odds of an event in gaming like betting on an outsider. Opting for long odds can be risky but it does give a higher payout. Well, let us get into details as to what exactly casino odds stand for before we look into long odds. What are Casino Odds? Becoming a professional gambler requires involvement, regular practice and being well-versed in the game odds and edges. Every casino game is unique and has its own set of rules and gameplay advantages. However, it is important for the players to find out... Read More

    Posted On: 05/04/2019

    Author: Alex Karidis

    The Basic Casino Table Etiquette

    Casinos follow a certain decorum of behaviour when the players are at the table. Irrespective of whether you are a professional player and a regular at the casino or a beginner at gambling or going to casinos only to kill your curiosity, there are certain table manners that you should follow. Here are some of the table manners and etiquettes that are generally followed in all casinos. General Table etiquettes: Politeness is appreciated: The casino is a carnival of people and when one is in this carnival, it goes without saying that general etiquette of speaking and behaving needs to be followed. A courteous hello, a polite please and a generous thank you while talking to the fellow player or... Read More

    Posted On: 04/04/2019

    Author: Alex Karidis

    The Significance of Non-negotiable Chips in Casinos

    Also known as ‘promotional chips’ or ‘non-neg chips’, non-negotiable chips are different from the regular chips which are offered in a casino as these chips cannot be redeemed for cash or prize. Although non-negotiable chips can be used to play the games just like the other chips, as a single piece, they hold no value as they cannot be used outside the game. What are Non-negotiable (NN) Chips? To elaborate more, non-negotiable chips act as a promotional tool which is used by the casinos to reward consistent players or to keep the existing players engaged in the games offered by the casino. As the name suggests, the value of the chip is non-negotiable. Also, the chip is worth a hand... Read More

    Posted On: 01/04/2019

    Author: Alex Karidis

    What Are Proposition Bets?

    Proposition bets can be placed on outcomes such as the number of strikeouts a pitcher will gather in the baseball game, whether a non-offensive player will score an American football game, or which team will score the first points of the game, what will be the discipline record of teams in a match, what will be the timings of certain events, and the number of specific events per team or in the entire match, realistically any statistically discrete event contained in a match or game could be bet on.  In short, these bets do not depend on the final outcomes or events. They are nothing but those sub bets which the player can bet on the probable insights of any event,... Read More

    Posted On: 28/03/2019

    Author: Alex Karidis

    Blackjack Betting Strategies for Multi-Deck Games

    Gamblers use different strategies to win at blackjack and earn good money in every game. There are different strategies to win this game which many people know. However, the strategies used might be different in different situations. When it comes to playing blackjack where multiple decks are used, the game becomes trickier and so do the strategies. It is important to have a strategy while going into a game. Following a strategy in blackjack might seem difficult but is a great way to enter. Having a strategy in games eliminated the panic that the players are vulnerable to work through. Without a strategy, the player becomes clueless and might lose his moral while losing or become overwhelmed on winning and... Read More

    Posted On: 22/03/2019

    Author: Alex Karidis

    What Is Pari-Mutuel Betting?

    Pari-mutuel is one of the many different forms of betting. In Pari-mutuel betting, the uniqueness is that the wager is not placed on the events of the game, but the bet is placed on other bettors in the game. In Pari-mutuel betting, the player selects the events of the game and places the bet on the players who have bet on the same event in the game. In this kind of betting, all the wagers go in a pool. This pool is shared equally between those who make the winning selection. The pool is owned by the “house” or what is typically a company or a state-run organisation. The house reserves some percentage of the amount in the pool. Since... Read More

    Posted On: 16/03/2019

    Author: Alex Karidis

    How 5G Will Change Mobile Gaming In UK

    We live in the times where technology evolves every-day. Every other second there is something new to look and understand.  The internet is one of that technology which is rapidly evolving, from 2G to 3G then 4G and now it is 5G in the UK. Some companies are coming up with 5G in the UK very soon. 5G is the fifth generation of mobile network’s internet, to better describe it is the next generation of technology. With the data speed, 5G is also going to improve your call quality texts. Since 5G is going to use higher as well as lower radio frequencies it is going to be able to give a quicker service than the rest of the networks.... Read More

    Posted On: 13/03/2019

    Author: Alex Karidis

    What Is Pass The Trash?

    If you are a poker player, you might know what ‘pass the trash’ is. It is one of the variants of poker. As the name suggests, pass the trash is one game where the player passes on the card that is trash to him. Meaning the player passes on the card that is the least value for the player's cards at hand.   What is pass the trash? Pass the trash is the high-low variant of poker which is used to describe the 7 card stud. There are several other names for pass the trash like “Anaconda”, "Screw your neighbour", and "3,2,1 left". How to play pass the trash? In pass the trash each player is dealt 7 cards which... Read More

    Posted On: 07/03/2019

    Author: Alex Karidis

    What Is A Void Bet?

    The void bet is that bet which can be cancelled without any loss or profit as such. It is moreover like the bet that was never placed.  When the bet becomes void your amount is reversed to your account. Possibilities of the bet being void: There are a lot of if’s and but’s when it comes to a void bet such an event that is outlined will decrease the possibility of void bets. The possibilities differ according to the game. For example, in tennis, betting sites have different rules regarding player injury, sometimes with some sites make a bet live as soon as a ball is served while on the contrary, some bets only go live if the match is... Read More

    Posted On: 03/03/2019

    Author: Alex Karidis

    What Is Meant By Hold Percentage?

    Hold percentage is the termed which derives the final amount a casino gains from a game being played by players. It can usually be used to record the average earnings from a table over a specific period of time or used to report the status about how much money the table has earned for the house in a particular session, day/night. The table usually holds 10% from each table. If a blackjack table gains £500 in winnings from £5000 gambled by players, it has earned 10% from a particular table. In the long term, the blackjack table may have a higher hold percentage- statistics are often kept over the long run so that casinos can judge their expected profits more... Read More

    Posted On: 25/02/2019

    Author: Alex Karidis

    What is a Cinch Hand?

    A ‘cinch hand’ is a term used in Poker to describe that the hand that a player has. The term stands for the combination of cards in hand that has a good potential to win the round. The ‘cinch hand’ might not be the hand that is unbeatable, but it is the closest to the win. It can be put in the way, that a ‘cinch hand’ is not a card that is the highest hand possible, but in the game, this hand is a good hand and has a potential of winning. The player having a cinch hand might not clearly be the winner, but hold a good chance of winning the hand. A ‘cinch hand’ can be the... Read More

    Posted On: 08/02/2019

    Author: Alex Karidis

    Immortal Nuts: Casino Term

    Poker and other casino games have a very interesting slag. This slag is universal. By universal it means that the word or the phrases used in any casino would mean the same, there is no ambiguity in these terms and they are recognised all over the word in all the casinos. Some terms refer to the wager like the ‘nickel’, while some refer to the combination of cards like ‘five of a kind’ or a ‘royal flush’, or some refer to a situation that has just occurred like a ‘missed blind’.    One such term is ‘immortal nuts’. This is a term used in poker which means an unbeatable hand. This represents the combination of cards in a game that... Read More

    Posted On: 03/02/2019

    Author: Alex Karidis

    Who Is A Flagged Player And Reasons For Getting Flagged

    In the casino and even in the gambling world every game whether it is an online casino or live casino or the land-based casino there are rules and regulation on every corner. These sets of rules are bounded to everyone playing in the casino or even betting. But there is always one in thousands who tend to break these rules. And this one person is termed as the flagged player. He is just that player in a casino who is caught performing prohibited activities. But now there might be a question rising that what are the sort of activities that might be prohibited in a casino or while gambling. One can imagine ill practices in card counting, conspiracy with other... Read More

    Posted On: 02/02/2019

    Author: Alex Karidis

    Five Of A Kind: What It Is?

    Playing cards is a very fascinating game for people of all ages. There are different card tricks that keep people engaged for hours. The variation of 4 suits, 13 cards making a deck of 52 makes card games both, simple yet complex. Simple because the cards are a deck of 13 numbers and 4 suits. There is no other element to it and complex because there are numerous ways the games can be played. There are unlimited possibilities of drawing a set of cards. If you draw one card, the probability of drawing any card is 1/52. The most popular game played to leverage on this low probability of cards is Poker. Poker is a very interesting game basically because... Read More

    Posted On: 01/02/2019

    Author: Alex Karidis

    Most Popular Deposit Methods in Mobile Casino

    Depositing money at a mobile casino is the most common yet first step to count on before gambling. The one usually look for a payment method to gamble and try new games as a Mobile Casino. However, when it comes to playing a real casino using real money, players are bit cautious about security and frauds. Previously most of the casino can only afford to accept the deposit by debit/credit card, but today as it has become a vast digital it has brought a wide scope of deposit method. Debit/Credit Card Depositing through debit/credit card is the easiest and convenient way in which people deposit money at an online casino. Almost everyone owns a debit/credit card, and there is no... Read More

    Posted On: 13/01/2019

    Author: Alex Karidis

    What Is Skinning The Hand?

    The ever-increasing popularity of casino games since the 20th century has led to increased traffic at gambling venues across the world. However, such levels of populated casinos are also becoming niches of smart tactics and manoeuvres adopted by players to earn more. While most of these tactics are legal and are acceptable at casino venues, there are some illicit moves that are not entertained anywhere – for e.g. Skinning the hand. Many professional gamblers and players have resorted to using of tactics and strategies that will help increase their chances of winning decent payouts. However, such tactic of skinning is considered as ‘cheating’ and is illegitimate. Skinning the hand – its meaning and usage: In Poker, the word ‘Skinning’ refers... Read More

    Posted On: 11/01/2019

    Author: Alex Karidis

    What Is Shuffle Tracking?

    With the advent in the rising popularity of online casino market, players and gamblers have understood and identified its limitless potential to help them gain decent payouts from the virtual platforms. And the increase in demands of games means that there has been a rising number of players who have stepped into this field. All players use certain tactics which will allow them to receive a better payout incentive. Shuffle Tracking is one such tactic which allows players to increase their chances of earning better payouts through diligent observing. It has been practised by many, as many also claim that it's potentially one of the greatest moves that professional gamblers can teach themselves. It is important for viewers to understand... Read More

    Posted On: 08/01/2019

    Author: Alex Karidis

    What Is A Flashed Card?

    In this industry of casino gaming, the competition gets tougher each day where casinos are trying to showcase their potential and trying to attract as many customers as they can. The cut-throat competition doesn’t allow any sorts of mistakes that may eventually lead to a bad repute, and thus eventual loss of customers and players. One such evidently marked mistake is the scenario of ‘Flashed Card’. The mistake can be on the behest of the dealer or even by the player. While many casinos deem that a flashed card should be replaced or placed on a ‘discard pile’, many other casinos don’t offer this same route and blame the player on the advent of them flashing the cards as a... Read More

    Posted On: 04/01/2019

    Author: Alex Karidis

    Reverse Implied Odds: Casino Definition

    In this casino gaming industry, the Internet boom has led to the rise in the popularity of the online casino gaming because of its easy accessibility and availability to all people around the world. The most evident reality as a repercussion would mean that there would be an increase in competition as well; where not only markets but also players would be competing in a cut-throat manner. In such scenarios, tactics like assessing ‘Reverse Implied Odds’ come into play. Such strategies help the players to assess their position and are like a reality check for them to understand their scope of winning a round as well. These strategies allow players to gain the much-needed edge over their opponents in gameplay.... Read More

    Posted On: 02/01/2019

    Author: Alex Karidis

    Mobile Roulette Games & It’s History

    The gambling industry has evolved into an experience of technology and entertainment. With mobile roulette casino being a handy feature for the gamblers to come together and enjoy the classic casino games on their mobile devices, the level of convenience and excitement has been raging.   People prefer to access the online world of gambling with the variety of games being offered online. With smart features, brilliant technology and state-of-the-art display, the modern games are undoubtedly little packages of bombarding experiences to maximize entertainment. And one of the brightest games in this regard is the Roulette! What started off as a French casino game in land-based casinos is today regarded as a major hit with several online versions to try.... Read More

    Posted On: 29/12/2018

    Author: Alex Karidis

    Blackjack True Count Drills

    Keeping eye on the deck of cards and true count drills seriously affect your level of winnings in a game of blackjack. After all it is the insights of the players that make them win big. And when you are playing with a single deck of cards, the blackjack true count drills can be used to predict what your fate is going to be like. The simplest way to go about it is to practice dividing the deck of cards into fractions i.e. half, a quarter, half quarter, three quarter etc. Single deck counting drill Running count Fraction of deck on the table True count 1 3 quarter 1.3 1 Half 2 1 Quarter 4 2 3 quarter 2.6 2... Read More

    Posted On: 24/12/2018

    Author: Alex Karidis

    What Is An Exotic Wager: Casino Definition

    Exotic Wager is a term generally associated with horse racing. However, in any type of gambling sport, an exotic wager or an exotic bet is an unusual betting. Unlike straight bet where the players bet on a winning “team”, an exotic bet is more complicated. In Bingo, exotic refers to an unusual combination of numbers that records a win. In Casino and online casino games, this term is rarely used but holds significant importance. How does an Exotic Wager works Wager or Betting go hand-in-hand with casino games. There are different types of wagers with different winning probability, risk factor, and payout. Any kind of wager work more or less in a similar manner. With every bet that a player... Read More

    Posted On: 20/12/2018

    Author: Alex Karidis

    Early Vs Late Surrender

    Early and Late Surrender in Blackjack is two common playing strategies in the game. Based on your playing techniques and conditions, you would need to apply the right gaming strategies. As a player, it is important that you get a good idea of the two terms and the difference between them. This will help you to choose the right strategy accordingly.   In simple terms, a late Surrender is an option where a player can surrender the cards and forfeit half of the bet after a dealer looks at the cards. On the other hand, Early surrender refers to the situation where you can surrender your hand right after dealing your cards even before the dealer looks into them. Late... Read More

    Posted On: 18/12/2018

    Author: Alex Karidis

    Rule of Six in Casino

    Table game lovers have a great variety of games offered at both traditional and online casinos. While most games have some basic rules that players and dealers need to adhere to, here’s a term commonly used in the game of blackjack. Rule of six is used in blackjack games where it refers to the number of times the cards are shuffled. Are you wondering what that means? To make it simpler, the rule of six connotes that the number of players playing the game and the number of rounds played before the shuffle should sum up to ‘six’. So, this applies to games and Blackjack variants where the number of players is five or lesser. You’ll find several blackjack tables... Read More

    Posted On: 13/12/2018

    Author: Alex Karidis

    What Is Outside Straight?

    If you are a Poker fan, familiarization with the terms used in the game becomes essential to play comfortably and not look straight-faced when co-players use them at the table. While there are various Poker variants accessible at top casino online lobbies, it’s best to learn the basic rules and also understand each poker hand. An outside straight refers to a poker hand of cards which has four consecutive cards but does not have the first and the last one. In this case, players miss the chance of completing a set of five cards because of the missing element. Let’s take an example if you have a hand which looks like this: 4, 5, 6, 7, Q, then it’s an... Read More

    Posted On: 11/12/2018

    Author: Alex Karidis

    Hold Percentage In Online Casino Explained

    There are lots of gaming elements and terms that you need to know in order to become a good player. If you are not aware of these terms, you may tend to get confused while playing. In simple terms, a hold percentage is referred to as the amount that a particular casino may gain from a game that is being played. The percentage is determined according to the game that is being played. While the hold percentage may include the average earnings over a significant period of time, it may as well include the money earned in a table over a single gaming session. Hold Percentage is different from house edge To explain in proper terms, if the average table... Read More

    Posted On: 06/12/2018

    Author: Alex Karidis

    What Is A Non Sticky Bonus?

    If you were to enjoy a bonus winning, wouldn’t you want to withdraw it? Non-sticky bonuses refer to the category of bonus which can be cashed out upon fulfilling all bonus requirements. Most casinos give away bonuses to new players upon signing up and making the first deposit. Commonly, non-sticky bonuses vary between 50% and 100% of the initial deposit made by a player. As opposed to this are the sticky bonuses which cannot be withdrawn by players as cash money but can be used to place bets. How do you know which is a non sticky bonus? Prior to joining a casino, it’s important to find out the type of bonus which you will be availing of. Online casinos... Read More

    Posted On: 02/12/2018

    Author: Alex Karidis

    What Is King Crab?

    What is King Crab? Well, there is nothing to be surprised! Just like some other colloquial online casino terms, this is also one term that is used across gambling circles. It is also popularly referred to as pocket cards. In simple terms, this refers to the king cards and three cards that the player deals but is not displayed to the opponents. The King Crab is a common gaming attribute in Texas Holdem Poker. In this game, each player has five types of community cards and also the two hole cards. The winner is adjusted based on the total number of points related to cards. This is why the pocket cards play a big role here. King Crab cards are... Read More

    Posted On: 29/11/2018

    Author: Alex Karidis

    Gambling themed movies you ought to watch

    If you like to visit casinos or playing online casino games then you are certainly drawn to the idea of gambling. Gambling themed movies give a peek into how casinos operate and through them, you might as well pick up some gambling tricks and enjoy a live-casino experience while watching your favourite actors. From George Clooney to Kevin Spacey – a lot of celebrities have been a part of the gambling themed movies. Here are some you ought to watch! Casino Royale This James Bond classic highlights the decorum, beauty and stakes that unfold in a casino. Daniel Crag has performed exceptionally well in bringing a thrilling match between the Agent 007 and casino world in this brilliant movie. It... Read More

    Posted On: 27/11/2018

    Author: Alex Karidis

    Online Slots Bonus Round Explained

    One of the reasons why online slots are so incredibly popular has to do with the positively chunky bonus round (s) that they usually come with. These special features are triggered once the reels are spun up and can easily enhance wins. Online slots bonuses are incredibly varied and are a way for players to access fame and fortune in equal measure. These online slot bonuses differ from one slot to the other, with some being more rewarding, engaging and bountiful than others. Usually, the bonuses featured in an online slot are theme-related, just like the icons. They, therefore, enhance the story being told, flesh it out better than words ever could and reward players who take out time to... Read More

    Posted On: 24/11/2018

    Author: Alex Karidis

    Dozens Bet In Roulette

    This article goes into detail on dozens bet, which happens to be an outside bet among many others in the game of roulette.  Now, roulette, as we all know, is one of the sweetest games around, with the variety of bets on offer helping keep players hooked on the incredibly fast-paced action and nerve-shattering suspense. Making use of the dozens bet lets players wager on a dozen numbers featured on the roulette table. The aforesaid table is usually divided into a trio of groups, with the numbers ranging from 1-12, 13-24 and 25-36, and each group having a dozen numbers. When players use the dozens bet, they are effectively betting on any of the above groups of numbers, rather than... Read More

    Posted On: 19/11/2018

    Author: Alex Karidis

    What Does Four Card Straight Mean?

    Poker has gained widespread attention of the casino players ever since its proclaimed inception in France in the 17th century. With such a rich history, it is bound to have pulled many combination and strategies to pull off well in the game. One such combination is Four Card Straight. The term four cards straight is used in reference to a quartet of cards that are arranged consecutively. It is possible for these cards to come from any suit, but when they are all from a single suit, the hand is then referred to as a four card straight flush. In the game of poker, a final fifth card that’s consecutively linked to the others is required in order to make... Read More

    Posted On: 17/11/2018

    Author: Alex Karidis

    What Is A Negative Deck?

    The term “Negative Deck” is used in reference to a deck of cards that have been analyzed via card counting methods and found to possess a negative rather than a positive value. With a negative deck, the advantage swings to either the house or the dealer, instead of the player. During gameplay in an online casino when savvy players notice that the presence of a negative deck, they react by lowering the size of their wagers and playing tight. This lasts till the deck count has changed and the odds have once more swung in the favour of players. All About The Negative Deck In essentially all casinos, the games on the show come with a house edge that enables... Read More

    Posted On: 14/11/2018

    Author: Alex Karidis

    Bad Beat Jackpot Explained

    A bad beat jackpot is used in reference to a side pot, or occasionally a progressive pot that in the game of Poker is awarded to a player with a hand of great value, who is however beaten by another player with a much better hand. In some cardrooms, these are consolation prizes, which are divided among the winner, the second-placed player and the other players. Players at Poker are free to pay into the bad beat jackpot during every round of play, and this is effectively operated like it’s a progressive jackpot. Alternatively, the jackpot can be funded from the cut of the Poker room and this is then paid out like a bonus of sorts. All About Bad... Read More

    Posted On: 09/11/2018

    Author: Alex Karidis

    Fruit Machine: The British Name Used In Casinos

    The fruit machine happens to be a term used in Britain to refer to slot machines. By fruit machine, land-based machines are being referred to, although video slots are descended from them. Usually found in amusement arcades, pubs and casinos across Britain, a fruit machine is also known as “fruities”, have been popular for a long while and will likely remain so for the foreseeable future. In the US where they originated, a fruit machine is the Slot Machines. Australians, however, refer to them as “Pokies.” Fruit Machine: A Detailed Explanation A Fruit machine is easily found in amusement arcades, pubs and casinos across the length and breadth of Britain. These slot machines were invented in the US at some... Read More

    Posted On: 06/11/2018

    Author: Alex Karidis

    Understand Minimum Wagering Requirement?

    A common term used in the online casino realm, minimum wagering requirement refers to the minimum amount a player is required to gamble at a casino. This limit is pre-fixed by the casino where the terms are set according to its policies. At online casinos, you can spot table games where tables have a minimum bet set for the respective tables. The minimum amount could vary across games. Often, smaller gambling sites have higher “minimum wagering requirements” while high-end casinos might have a minimum bet amount set as £5 to attract high-rollers. Online casinos know that players with a larger bankroll can afford to wager more and they do not wish to let go this opportunity. You may also come... Read More

    Posted On: 02/11/2018

    Author: Alex Karidis

    What Are Expanding Wilds and Other Popular Symbols: Explained

    Playing slot games online can be the easiest and most entertaining with plenty of rewarding features, multitude themes and almost no specific strategy required. While there are several prominent symbols used in slot games to enhance player’s winning opportunities and keep them engaged for long, here what the expanding wilds are and how they work. Grab more with the expanding wilds A feature prevalent since the inception of the first 3 reel slot design, Wild symbols add a lucrative dimension to online slots. These typically substitute for other symbols and create a winning combo by replacing a losing one. While they can increase your overall winning chances, there are certain rules that you may need to know when playing slot... Read More

    Posted On: 30/10/2018

    Author: Alex Karidis

    Online Blackjack Myths You Will Hear Often

    Blackjack is of course insanely popular. It is a rather simple game that has been around for a few centuries and will no doubt outlive you! Over the years, like a rolling stone that goes against convention and gathers moss, it has acquired some myths and legends. Most of these do not bear investigating and are silly in the extreme. Others though will be properly examined for plausibility, so read on and keep alert. 21 Needed To Defeat The Dealer- This is one of the most enduring online blackjack myths. In fact, 21 points are not needed to defeat the dealer, though getting that amount of points can be useful. Instead, the dealer can be defeated with a hand of... Read More

    Posted On: 26/10/2018

    Author: Alex Karidis

    What Is Chasing Losses and Should You Do It

    If you are a gambler, then you will no doubt be aware that both wins and losses are a standard part of life. Wins can happen regardless of the quality or otherwise of the hand. While wins are of course welcomed by bettors everywhere, losses can quickly make any gambler feel angry and frustrated. They can also lose control of their emotions and embark on fruitless pursuits, all in a bid to recover the money lost. This is called chasing losses. Chasing Losses- Why It Happens? About every gambler at any online casino, of course, wants their bet to be a winner, the bigger the better. However, a prolonged winning streak can make even the most skilled, experienced and realistic... Read More

    Posted On: 25/10/2018

    Author: Alex Karidis

    More Fluffy Favorites Variants To Be Launched Soon

    A while back, game maker Eyecon let lose the Fluffy Favourites slot on the poor players. Oh Lordy, it sure was to die for! This slots online came with high volatility, boasted 5 reels and 25 paylines, as well as a couple of really delish bonuses that tasted better than what most celebrity chefs could conjure up! The highlight of this slots online was, however, its icons. These comprised stuffed animals that were so cute you felt an irresistible urge to take them out of the screen of your device and give them a bone-crushing hug! Overall, the Fluffy Favorites was all shades of amazing! Seeing how well it was liked by bettors everywhere, Eyecon wasted no time in launching... Read More

    Posted On: 20/10/2018

    Author: Alex Karidis

    The Role of Scatter Symbol in Online Slots

    Scatter symbol is a symbol usually encountered in a slot game which can appear anywhere on the reels in order to reward the player with a winning combination. The player wins a return on the bet placed upon landing enough scatter symbols on the reels. Scatter symbols can as well trigger bonus rounds especially in slot games or offer additional multiplier benefits. Although not all slot games feature scatter symbols, these are usually a common feature in online slots. Purpose of a scatter symbol in online slots One of the most important things one must be aware of while gambling is the role of every symbol in the game. Scatter symbols can be considered to be your best mate that... Read More

    Posted On: 18/10/2018

    Author: Alex Karidis

    What Is A Wild Royal Flush?

    The term Wild Royal Flush points to a word often heard in the world of Poker. It refers to a Poker hand - a non-standard one by the way- during a game that has been expressly chosen as wild card games. These wildcard poker games usually have one or multiple cards- the joker usually- that are selected as wild after all the players in the game have agreed to this. In Poker, there are usually two versions of the wild card. The first is the Fully Wild Card that is so designated after a player in either an online casino or a traditional one has picked any card that appeals to him/her. The second type of wild card is known... Read More

    Posted On: 12/10/2018

    Author: Alex Karidis

    The Expanding Symbols In Online Slots

    Online slots are one of the most incredible invention known to man. These glitzy pieces of Eden usually sport the lushest eye-candy your eyes will ever get treated to, creative icons that sometimes come in a 3D format, potentially massive wins and more themes than there are stars in the heavens! Online slots have been around for some decades and are easily one of the most popular and profitable means of gambling on the globe, both for bettors and the slot operators. And this state of affairs does not look about to change anytime soon. Now, slots might vary in the features offered and the theme, but usually come with some standard icons like wilds and scatter. The scatter usually... Read More

    Posted On: 09/10/2018

    Author: Alex Karidis

    Understand Online Slot Payline

    Making for the majority of games at online casinos, slot games are highly popular, entertaining and rewarding. Online slot games come in various forms including ones with paylines and those without. Slot machines have a few common features including a display box, paytable, and a number of paylines, maximum bet amount, bets per line and the spin button. The brief here discusses what paylines are and how they work. What’s an online slot payline? Also referred to as a betting line or winning line, the payline is a combination of symbols that can bring you a win on a slot machine. Originally, slot machines were designed with a single pay line where you could win upon matching symbols on a... Read More

    Posted On: 06/10/2018

    Author: Alex Karidis

    Classifications Of Mobile Casino

    During the time of your parents, the only casinos in existence were the traditional brick-and-mortar ones, where players had to dress up in their Sunday best and seek admittance. The experience and fun featured therein were amazing for its time and there were lots of casino games for patrons to choose from. Technological innovations and the changing tastes of consumers have however long since upset the proverbial apple cart and nothing is the same as it once was. Thus, casinos are currently divided between those that are based in an actual physical location and others that merely exist in the cyberspace. The latter are known as mobile casino, and are immensely popular, as they permit anyone anywhere to play at... Read More

    Posted On: 28/09/2018

    Author: Alex Karidis

    A Jackpot From The Sky

    Did you know? It was raining gold and silver bars in Russia recently. Yes, you heard that right. This incident took place in the Siberian city of Yakutsk, 5000 miles from Moscow a couple of month. As per the reports, one of the doors in a cargo plane burst open after the take-off where 3.4 tons of alloy made up of gold and silver came crashing down. Approximately more than 9 tons remained intact worth US$156 million. The investigation committee also proclaimed that 172 bars were recovered from the runway. The Source of the Gold Bars The gold bars which fell from the Russian plane came from Kupol gold mine located in the Chukotka region. This mine is operated by... Read More

    Posted On: 24/09/2018

    Author: Alex Karidis

    Important Terms A Online Casino Player Should Be Knowing

    If you are new to the world of online casino, you must be wondering about the terminologies that you might come across while playing table games or video slots. If you are a beginner then you must be aware of these terms for a seamless gaming experience. Casino lingo covers the language generally spoken by the players worldwide while indulging in table games or video slots. This is the reason why we have compiled a list of unique terms, phrases as well as words used by the players. If you go through this, then you would not feel alienated the next time you enter a casino or play live games in an online casino. Online casino terminology you must know... Read More

    Posted On: 23/09/2018

    Author: Alex Karidis

    Understand Early Surrender In Online Blackjack

    By all accounts, online blackjack is one of the most popular casino games around and one of the easiest table games to get the hang of. It is classy, packs in the suspense and drama by the bucketful and can be quite rewarding. It is also an old game with lots of terms that might not be immediately familiar to players, especially new ones eager to get in on the action. One of the more obscure online blackjack terms is Early Surrender. Now, while such a term has a faintly military connotation in online blackjack, it describes a fairly ordinary option available to blackjack players. Read on and get a detailed explanation. Early Surrender: An Explanation The Early Surrender is... Read More

    Posted On: 22/09/2018

    Author: Alex Karidis

    Are Online Scratch Cards Legit

    When it comes to gambling, gamblers always want the assurance that whichever game they play is legit. It doesn’t matter whether you play online scratch cards or other casino games at a land-based casino or online casino, you will be interested to know that the establishment conforms to fair play guidelines. As much as the house always has the edge, players need to feel some sense of trustworthiness when playing at any of the two platforms. This means that even if the player loses, they’ll know that they lost in a fair way. So, let’s take a look at whether scratch cards are legit. Authorities and Regulator Audits Publicly traded casinos undergo thorough scrutiny to ensure that they adhere to... Read More

    Posted On: 14/09/2018

    Author: Alex Karidis

    Different Types of Progressive Jackpots

    Most casino players often dream about getting your hands on a progressive jackpot that’s worth tens of thousands or even millions. The immense fortunes that progressive jackpots often contain is the prime reason why slots that have it are more popular than those that do not. Progressive jackpots are not static, but each time players play it and lose, a little more is added to bulk it up, till it is near enough to buy a luxury yacht! There are also different types of progressive jackpots on the market and depending on the progressive jackpot, it might be wise to play each differently. Read on and learn all you can of these online jackpots. What Are Progressive online Jackpots? Progressive... Read More

    Posted On: 12/09/2018

    Author: Alex Karidis

    Mobile Casino Games to Start Playing Today

    When online gambling first hit the scene, players were restricted to their computers. However, with the evolution of technology, players can now access their favourite online casino games from the comfort of their smartphones. In addition, these mobile casinos UK are now taking over thanks to the convenience they offer gamblers. With that in mind, take a look at some of the mobile casino UK games you can start playing today. Napoleon Rise of an Empire - An interesting mobile casino UK This NYX production features 5 reels and 20 paylines and is based by the great French Ruler Napoleon who led a powerful force across Europe and into Russia in 1804. The game is available on mobile devices for... Read More

    Posted On: 10/09/2018

    Author: Alex Karidis

    Top Slots To Play At Brightstar Casino

    As you might know, game makers are in fierce competition with each other and strive to regularly release slots with all the bells and whistles that will prove irresistible to players around the globe. To make it to the top of the rankings, a slot must be well made and laden with enough bonuses and onscreen action to get a Queen drooling at the possibilities on offer! Finding a slot with these attributes is seldom easy, but luckily, slots of such calibre have a home at Brightstar Casino. Brightstar Casino is one of the top online casinos out there with a collection of the most acclaimed slots ever made. These cover all genres you can think of, as well as... Read More

    Posted On: 01/09/2018

    Author: Alex Karidis

    What is Online Slots RTP

    Online slots cover a very diverse array of themes and features and can be played by anyone anywhere as no skill is involved. To keep gameplay fun and players entertained, it is usually advisable to play for the purpose of having fun, rather than with the premise of making enough money to pay off the mortgage. Online slots work via wagers, with players facing the possibility of either losing what has been wagered or getting it back plus a variable extra. Still, most players of online slots want to win and win big and the possibility of this is expressed as a percentage that is known as the RTP- Return To Player. What Does RTP Means? The Return To Player... Read More

    Posted On: 31/08/2018

    Author: Alex Karidis

    Why Are Online Slots Better?

    Have you wondered why most top online casinos have a chunky section of games dedicated to online slot games? Well, not only are the slot games popular, they come with a plethora of advantages for players. While there are various other equally popular online casino games such as the classic table games, poker, scratchcards and more, online slots continue to enjoy a special position in the online gambling market. Here, we look into a few prominent aspects that contribute to the online slots frenzy. No special skills or strategy required for playing online slots While games like Blackjack, Baccarat and Poker may require some strategies to be applied to increase the odds of winning, online slots may not require you... Read More

    Posted On: 25/08/2018

    Author: Alex Karidis

    A Brief History of Video Poker

    Video poker holds a strong position in casino gambling today and with innovations and varieties of poker games available at online casinos, the game's popularity is beyond definition. Video poker originated in the 1800’s, close to the time after Charles Fey invented the Liberty Bell Slot Machine. Ever wondered what might have led to the origins of Video Poker In the year 1901, the inventor of the slot machine added a new feature on his brainchild known as the “draw feature”. With this feature, some of the drums could be held when the slot machine was spun for the second time. This contributed to the machine’s popularity as people counted it as a skill-based gambling machine rather than being recognized... Read More

    Posted On: 24/08/2018

    Author: Alex Karidis

    History of Slot Machines and Online Slots

    Who can deny the popularity and dominance of slot games, especially at the online casinos? As an online slots aficionado if you are wondering how the slot machines were invented, here’s how all action on the reels began. How online slots games evolved? The first slot machine is believed to have been invented by Sittman and Pitt, though their design of the machine was completely different from the ones you play at today. The duo used a machine that used standard playing cards and randomly generated a 5-card sequence upon inserting coins. The rules followed through the game were similar to that of playing poker where players with a better hand would be allowed to continue playing and collecting payouts... Read More

    Posted On: 17/08/2018

    Author: Alex Karidis

    Beginner Mistakes to Avoid In An Online Casino

    Technology has made a lot of stuff easier in this generation. One of them is gaming and online casino to be precise. A lot of gamblers are making the transition to online casino for a lot of reasons. However, as a beginner, you need to stay alert to avoid multiple traps that have seen many of the players go bankrupt or worse. For the beginners, it is critical that you take online gaming education before you dive into this ocean that could get rough without notice. As such, you need to avoid the following common mistakes. Don’t Walk Over the Online Casino Game Rules Online casino consists of numerous games that come with a lot of hype. As such, beginners... Read More

    Posted On: 16/08/2018

    Author: Alex Karidis

    American vs European Blackjack

    The timeless game of Blackjack has equally been cherished by table games lovers across the online platform. With the sustained and rising popularity of the game, several new players wishful of trying a hand of authentic online blackjack may find it challenging to decide on which variant of the game to select from. Today, you may come across a multitude of Blackjack versions playable online. With an understanding of the basic rules, you can approach any form of online blackjack. For players looking for a fulfilling and an advanced experience, here’s a brief on the basic versions of the American and European Blackjack that’ll enable you to make a choice pertaining to your preference. The decks: American Vs. European Online... Read More

    Posted On: 12/08/2018

    Author: Alex Karidis

    Things Blackjack Dealers Won’t Tell You

    Blackjack is the premier game of skill and strategy and has millions of devoted fans who spend endless hours perfecting their gameplay. For most players, getting consistent wins in Blackjack is about as easy as flying to Mars on a helicopter, but this actually shouldn’t be the case. Whether you are a pro or are just starting, you can still make it in the online blackjack world, by taking to heart, these tips that many blackjack dealers do not want you to know. Online Blackjack is All In The Deck! Boosting winning chances in either online blackjack or in a brick-and-mortar casino can be as simple as, being careful of the number of decks in play. In a multi-deck game,... Read More

    Posted On: 10/08/2018

    Author: Alex Karidis

    How RNG Is Used in Online Casinos

    Some of the significant questions that come to our minds when gambling online include the legitimacy of the site and whether the games played are fair. RNG refers to a technology known as the Random Number Generator which is applied by online gambling establishments to ensure fair play to all players. RNG: Types used across online casino There are various kinds of RNGs used on the gambling platform and the notable ones include True RNGs and Pseudo RNGs. Pseudo RGNs work on an algorithm where numbers are generated in a predictable manner using a mathematical formula while the latter type operates without planting any algorithm. Most virtual casinos use the Pseudo RNG method as they ascertain higher objectivity. While several... Read More

    Posted On: 04/08/2018

    Author: Alex Karidis

    How Mobile Casino is Taking Over the Casino Industry

    The advancements in technology have opened up new frontiers. Unbelievable stuff is happening thanks to technology. One of them is the ability to communicate from whichever location all over the world. This later opened up gates to the internet and later the urge to have a handheld device took over. It wasn’t long since then and the mobile phones were born and in the blink of an eye, these devices became even more than the people living on the planet. Due to their ability to penetrate even the most remote areas of this world, mobile is a common phenomenon. Why Mobile Gaming is and will Dominate the Gambling Industry Many online casinos have moved their operation from the web-based applications... Read More

    Posted On: 03/08/2018

    Author: Alex Karidis

    Understanding The Live Casino Dealing

    Live casino games are conducted through a live dealer. This made possible by remorseless advances in technology and has since become quite popular. Live casinos are designed to mimic as realistically as possible the experience that players would get in a brick-and-mortar casino. This they have done so well that casinos without a live dealer are basically regarded as being incomplete. Read on for a better understanding of how live casinos and their dealers came into being. Live Casino Dealers: A History Live casinos with live dealers arose from the increasing popularity of online casinos. These were introduced during the mid 90’s and took off with a bang! These casinos in comparison to their land-based counterparts offer better customer care,... Read More

    Posted On: 28/07/2018

    Author: Alex Karidis

    Important Blackjack Rules You Should be Knowing

    One of the popular casino games to be played over the internet, online blackjack is a game which runs on strategy. There are different types of blackjack games that you can play online. They come with excellent benefits and lucrative returns. Usually, the rules in the online version are a bit different from the conventional versions. If you devise the right gaming techniques and know the rules of the game well, there is always a high chance to win the game. Knowing the rules well will also help you to become confident. Online Blackjack is a game of cards between player and dealer Importantly, you need to have an idea of the basic rules of blackjack. It is a game... Read More

    Posted On: 27/07/2018

    Author: Alex Karidis

    General Misconceptions About Mobile Casino Depositing

    Daily the number of casino players worldwide keep growing. Most choose to have fun on the go with their smartphone, rather than tethering themselves to a PC. However, while the percentage of players engaged in mobile casino gaming has shown an impressive rise, the same is not true for those using mobile payment methods to make deposits. Reasons for this vary, but the more likely explanation is that most players have lots of misconceptions and misinformation on the subject of mobile payments. So, for the public good, it is wise to debunk a few of the more common myths and misconceptions related to mobile payment methods for mobile casino gaming. Read on and get enlightened! Too Complicated: Most people seem... Read More

    Posted On: 19/07/2018

    Author: Alex Karidis

    Beginner’s Guide To Mobile Casino UK Games

    The Mobile Casino scene is totally dynamic but can be often overwhelming for newbies. If you count yourself as one and desire the perfect game for your personality and needs, then you are in the right place for that! This beginner guide has a brief overview of the games to be found in the collection of most mobile casino. Read, imbibe and soon you will be able to call yourself an expert on the mobile casino UK scene! Mobile Casino UK Slots: Things To Know Mobile slots are by far the most popular at any mobile casino UK. Daily, more are released, with the themes, quality and features differing wildly. Most slots have five reels, with each reel boasting a... Read More

    Posted On: 18/07/2018

    Author: Alex Karidis

    Know The Online Roulette Odds and Probabilities

    Numerous Roulette players tend to ignore the mathematical part of the game. When you are familiar with the various wagers in online roulette, you need to look into the mathematical part of the table game. But make sure you are knowledgeable on the odds and probabilities with respect to different kinds of bets. It is a common myth that odds and probabilities are the same things, but it isn’t. There’s a subtle difference between both. This article helps you understand the concept of odds and probabilities and how to relate the same for each bet. What is a Probability? As a rule, the expression "Probability" is characterised by the chance that a particular occasion or result will happen. In online... Read More

    Posted On: 14/07/2018

    Author: Alex Karidis

    Understand Volatility and Variance in Online Slots

    If you are a slot player you’d have heard about variance and volatility at some point. But have you ever thought of the difference between variance and volatility? It's imperative that you learn about them and understand the risks involved. It's time you forget about luck and understand the strategy behind a successful session. Volatility in online slots refers to a number of risks you’d be taking when you play certain slots. Slot Volatility vs Slot Variance Essentially, volatility and variance in a slot are not much different since they both talk about the risk level of slots. Highly volatile means the slots are risky to play while low volatile indicates the opposite. High variance slots mean you will win... Read More

    Posted On: 13/07/2018

    Author: Alex Karidis

    Check Your Luck with Online Scratch Cards

    Bright Star online casino offers online scratchcards and you can play this and other online casino games from the comfort of your sofa. The interface of the casino is spectacular with no clutter to ease your navigation on the website. Also, you will be able to access all the site’s features from any device without worrying about the security of your account. From Monster Wins, Foxin Wins, Doctor Love, to likes of Emperor’s Garden, and Irish Eyes, there are some really exciting scratch cards games on offer. How online scratchcards work? Online scratchcards are also referred to as scratch-and-win card or scratch-off card all dependent on where you grew up, but the mode of play is the same and simple... Read More

    Posted On: 05/07/2018

    Author: Alex Karidis

    How does Live Roulette game works

    Ever since the live casino games were launched at online casino websites, the popularity of live roulette online has shot up. Roulette is one of the most loved casino games at brick and mortar casinos and with the live versions available, people can easily get the feel of the real time casinos from the comfort of their homes. Now there is no need for you to head to a real life casino in Vegas when you can have all the fun sitting right in your living rooms. Live Roulette Online is one of the topmost accessed live games at the casinos. If you are also interested in playing live Roulette, here are some of the information that might help you... Read More

    Posted On: 03/07/2018

    Author: Alex Karidis

    Types of Online Casino Promotions

    One of the best advantages of engaging in online casino games is that the availability of stunning casino bonuses. Players choose and make use of the bonus offers that suits their expectations and requirements. There are bountiful online casinos that offer magnificent bonus offers and some casinos grant unique bonus offers. Welcome offer Welcome offer is probably the most popular bonus offer in the casino industry. The rewards of welcome offers can be a percentage of first deposits or even first three deposits, free spins and many more. Most of the casinos offer welcome offer to entice the players to join them. For example, 100% first deposit up to £250. No deposit offer No deposit offer is the most favourite... Read More

    Posted On: 30/06/2018

    Author: Alex Karidis

    The Best Characters from Online Slot Games

    The theme is one of the indispensable parts of online slot games as it adds plenty of interesting elements to the game. Various subjects are used as the context for the theme of slot games and the character based slot games are quite famous. Slot developers create a character based on references or completely from their imagination. These kinds of slot games revolve around the characters in most cases. The Fox from Foxin’ Wins Slots Game Foxin’ Wins slot game is developed by NextGen Gaming and the reels are set inside a posh mansion. The game has five reels and twenty-five paylines. The animations of the fox are greatly done and it makes the game engaging. The bonus features of... Read More

    Posted On: 26/06/2018

    Author: Alex Karidis