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    Live Casino games offered by Evolution Gaming have made its way to the reputed casinos in the world of online gambling. You can relish classics such as Baccarat with several twists and an incredible gaming atmosphere while trying your luck at the Baccarat Lobby at Bright Star Casino. You can experience these classic offerings from the comfort of your home. Baccarat is one of the fast paced table games offered by casinos. It is even more fun to indulge in online. This is where high rollers invest their maximum time in. Even a newcomer can have an incredible time learning the nuances of the game.

    Incredible live gaming experience at Baccarat Lobby

    If you are looking for a fully live experience where you can interact with the dealers and other players, then you must try out the exclusive Baccarat experience at Baccarat Lobby. This lobby offers you access to exciting games and you can keep a track of your statistics during the course of the game. You can try out different features of the game while indulging in Baccarat Lobby.

    Features offered in Baccarat Lobby

    Bright Star Casino offers you a chance to try out latest features that any variant of baccarat can ever offer. This exciting game offers several features for you to try out. Unique added features and variants of the game such as pair side bets, live baccarat squeeze, live speed baccarat and others enrich the gaming experience of players trying out Baccarat Lobby.

    Live Baccarat Squeeze

    This ultimate multi-camera live game is for those who love the ritual of squeeze. Over 15 cameras in this game capture the nuances of the game while the squeeze is being performed by the dealer. This game takes the game of baccarat to an entirely new dimension.

    Live Speed Baccarat

    This variant is ideal for players looking for pure excitement and maximum betting opportunities. This version is the super-fast alternative to the standard live baccarat game. Whereas the standard version lasts for about 48 seconds, this variant is quite quick paced and may last for up to 27 seconds.

    Pair Side Bets

    These default side bets offer two additional betting options to the players: the banker pair and the player pair. These extra side bets permit a player to bet on either the banker’s or the player’s first two cards being a pair.

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    Name: Baccarat Lobby

    Author: Alex Karidis