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    Blackjack Professional Series High Limit is a blackjack table game developed by none other than Netent. It is played online with 3 hands and some superb animations are featured in here. An interesting side bet feature is also included to add to the players’ delight.

    Blackjack Professional Series High Limit: Not a deal for low rollers

    As the name implies, you might have known by now that Blackjack Professional Series High Limit is especially suited for those people who aim to play at higher stakes. The betting range varies from £25 up to £500 per round. 4 standard decks are used in playing this game excluding the jokers. Few blackjack games have even up to six decks. The cards will get re-shuffled before the game starts. As usual, the dealer will be seen standing on 17s. Two cards will be given to you having their faces upwards. Without going bust, your aim should be to grab a hand with 21 in it or any value close to it.

    You can choose 1-3 cards against dealer and you can also choose a side bet before dealing with those cards. The additional feature of Double Jack sidebet will be used on first two cards present in the Blackjack hand. Well, the maximum win can go up to 100 times the stake. Just pick up a chip value and there is a rectangle on the green table which you need to hit.

    After you have your hand, there will be some options before you which will perform their respective functions and will help you in beating the dealer up to 21. You can receive one more card if you choose ‘Hit’ and if you select ‘Stand’, you can stick to what you have. If you are contented with your hand, you can double up the bet using ‘Double’ option. Two cards will be split into two different hands if you select the ‘Split’ feature. If you choose ‘Insurance’ feature to get Insurance against dealer, just pay half the bet you placed initially. The moment the dealer lands a blackjack having two cards, you win.

    Closing Thoughts

    Well, you can control the sounds, gameplay and speed too according to your requirement. If you love Blackjack games, you will love Blackjack Professional Series High Limit version too. Make sure you don't miss checking out this Blackjack Professional Series High Limit.

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    Game Summary

    Name: Blacjkack Professional Series High Limit

    Author: Alex Karidis