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    Evolution Gaming has quite an array of live blackjack game versions to treat the players. Blackjack C Live comes out to be one of the classic versions for the gamblers who want to delve into the casino game old-school style.

    With the basic rules and game features kept alive, the presentation to the players is made in style. Therefore it appeals to both the new online gamblers and the old casino lovers.

    Theme and display of Blackjack C Live

    The exciting theme of Blackjack C Live takes you to an old Vegas casino with simple tables, classy background, home like ambiance and a ready lush table. There are green and white tables to choose from.

    The outlay of the game is pretty classic and the same is represented via a virtual table style to make the gaming easier online. With good use of colours, graphics and technology, the game appeals in a different way.

    Features and rules

    The basic rules of Blackjack C Live are the same as the classic blackjack. Any beginner would definitely like to start with this one – as the variations are less and helps people learn from ground level.

    The tables can be chosen as per the preference of the players. There are low limit and high limit tables allowing bets from £10 to £2500.

    The Live dealer is available on the screen dealing and shuffling the cards live. The players are therefore at ease to believe that there is no tampering with the cards or strategies. The dealer deals 8 decks of cards and stands at a 17.

    The players are allowed to double down or split at this step. The insurance on Dealer’s ace and the bet behind is available only when the table is full.

    There are additional features like perfect pairs, 21+3, for the side betting of the players. With options to double up wager it is both a swift learning version for the beginners and a high-risk gaming option for the experienced – just like a classic casino table!


    Blackjack C Live delights the gamblers with an old-school format of the blackjack game in the online version. The classic theme and experience makes the game exciting and a perfect choice for the beginners to start their online casino journey.

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    Game Summary

    Name: Blackjack C Live

    Author: Alex Karidis