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    Blackjack D or twenty one is one of the most exciting table games from casinos world over. It is an online version of this table game for the online gamblers to unleash the beauty of the game.

    The aim of playing Blackjack D is for the players to obtain a higher card count than that of a dealer. And with the help of brilliant technology, powerful outlay and exceptional experience the online version lets you enjoy it much like in a real casino.

    Blackjack D Online Theme!

    Set out on a green coloured casino table Blackjack D opens up as an exciting game for the gamblers. The black background paired with a real-casino outlay sets the mood just right.

    The players can select from an array of high limit and low limit tables to choose a game of their risk level.

    Rules of Playing Blackjack D Online

    The dealer deals 8 decks of cards for a table of 7 players. There are standard decks of cards used containing 52 cards each. The dealer deals 16 and stands on 17.

    The players are allowed to split or double down on their initial cards. After which the dealer deals an extra card and closes the deal. The aim is for the players to get a higher card count than that of the dealer. And if the players get a hard 21 count on their cards – it’s a blackjack!

    Insurance to the card is offered when the dealer shows an ace. It pays 2 to 1. The players have option to deal, split, hit, stand and double down.

    The cards are valued as per their face value for the numbers 2 to 10. The face cards are worth a 10 each. And the ace holds a value of 1 or 11 depending on the hand.

    The players have side-bet options like Bet-Behind, 21+3, Perfect pairs etc.

    The rules of winning vary from table to table.


    Blackjack D is an exceptionally well crafted version of blackjack game by Evolution Gaming which keeps all the general rules of the classic blackjack game alive. Here the focus is more on the basic rules with the right weight-age given to the winnings of blackjack, double down, coloured pairs etc.

    The smooth flow of the online game and side-bet options allows the players to unleash the gamblers to win big!

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    Name: Blackjack D Live

    Author: Alex Karidis