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    The rules for this Evolution Gaming Blackjack game known as Blackjack F Live is quite similar to other blackjack versions. Players have a variety of side bets available in this game such as the 21+3 and Perfect Pairs side bets. For more details on these side bets you can read through this game's review.

    8 Decks Of Cards In Blackjack F Live

    There are 8 decks of standard playing cards in play in Blackjack F Live. Each of the card decks consist of 52 regular playing cards. Like other typical blackjack games, the cards have values.

    Some of the cards are worth their face values while others have definite values. Playing cards numbered from 2 to 10 are worth their face values. The Face Cards of Kings, Queens and Jacks each have a value of “10”.

    Aces Rule

    For the Ace card you have two values which are “1” and “11”. The Ace card value that is used will depend on the gameplay circumstance. As a reminder, the aim of blackjack is to have a hand (comprising of two cards) that is better than that of the house or dealer.

    In other words, your hand needs to be less than “21”, but greater than the house or dealer's hand in order to win. So with an Ace and another card, say a card with a face value of “10”, the Ace can be valued at “11”. With the Ace valued at “11”, you will have a total value of “21” and you will emerge as the winner of the round.

    Blackjack F Live Side Bets

    Apart from the crisp graphics and nice sound what makes Blackjack F Live such a good game are the side bets available. Some of these side bets include the following;

    1. A Perfect Pair: With the Perfect Pair the object is to have two similar cards from the same suit of cards. One typical example is when you have two Kings of Clubs or two Jacks of Diamonds.
    2. A Coloured Pair: Here players need to have a hand comprising of two-of-a-kind cards from different suits but with the same colours. A typical example is having a hand comprising of Queen of Hearts and Queen of Diamonds.
    3. A Mixed Pair: With a mixed pair side bet, players need to have two-of-a-kind cards which are from different suits. An example of this is having a hand consisting of Queen of Hearts and Queen of Spades.

    To Sum Up

    The Blackjack F Live is played from Evolution Gaming live studios in the UK and Riga. Players can derive a lot of joy from placing side bets which are not affected by the main bet even when the main bet is unsuccessful.

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    Game Summary

    Name: Blackjack F Live

    Author: Alex Karidis