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    For anyone familiar with the game of blackjack also known as “21”. You will notice that there are quite a number of versions of this casino game in the market today. One software developer that has quite a few is Evolution Gaming and their Blackjack G Live now adds to growing the list of online blackjack games available. Learn the rules of this game in the casino gaming review provided below.

    Quick Overview Of Blackjack G Live Rules

    The rules in play in Blackjack G Live is similar to standard blackjack games. Some of these rules are highlighted below;

    1. There are 7 blackjack players allowed per table.
    2. Each session is played with a standard 8 deck of cards. With 52 cards in each of the deck of cards.
    3. The house draws on 16 but stands when it has a hand of 17.
    4. Players can Double Down on their first two cards.
    5. Players can Split their first two cards if they have the same value.
    6. Players are allowed just a single Split for each hand.
    7. Only one card can be added to an Ace that is Split.
    8. There can be no Double Down once a Split has taken place.
    9. When a dealer displays an Ace an Insurance is offered.
    10. With a blackjack, players will earn a payout of 3 to 2.
    11. With Insurance the expected payout is 2 to 1.
    12. If there is a tie the game will be pushed.

    Cards, Split And Hit

    The cards in a standard deck all have values. For the Face Cards of Queen, King and Jack they have a value of “10”. However, Aces have two values and these include “1” and “11”. Other cards are valued at face value, so cards of 2, 3 and 10 numerical values are worth their face value in Blackjack G Live.

    Where the first two cards you are dealt with are of the same value, you may Split the two cards in order to have a couple of independent hands. Each of the hands will have an independent bet as well, but the same as your primary bet. Once both hands are dealt with second cards, you may decide to boost the value of both hands with a “Hit”.

    However, if you are content with the value of both hands, you may Stand. As mentioned above under the rules, if you Split a couple of Aces, you can only add a single card for each hand and you will not be able to “Hit”.

    Blackjack G Live Blackjack

    Earn a blackjack today by having an initial couple of card with a value of “21”. However, in Blackjack G Live if you have a hand with the value of two cards greater than “21”, it is a bust and you would lose the bet on that particular hand. The dealer will “Hit” on “16” (in a hand) and stand on “17” (in a hand). The payout for blackjack is 3 to 2.

    To Sum Up

    Blackjack G Live is a fun playing blackjack variant with a simple rule to follow. The live stream of this game is from Evolution Gaming studios situated in the UK and also in Riga the capital of Latvia.

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    Game Summary

    Name: Blackjack G Live

    Author: Alex Karidis