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    A flagship product from the crowned studios of Evolution Gaming, Live Blackjack is available in a series of versions offered via different tables at top online casinos. Blackjack H Live is one such immersive live-dealer game that recreates the thrill of playing Blackjack at real casinos. Streamed in high-definition from exotic casino locations, this Blackjack variant has been accessible live since December 3, 2018, at most casinos.

    Features of Blackjack H Live game

    Players can stake anywhere between 100 coins to 2000 coins in this Blackjack game. The Blackjack H includes optional side bets. These are the Perfect Pairs and 21+3 with which players can place side bets along with your main Blackjack stake.  Here, the perfect pairs side bet will offer you the opportunity to win in case your first 2 cards have a pair such as two Queens, two Aces or two 3s. Each pair gets you a different payout. You can have a perfect pair, a coloured or a mixed pair.

    The other side bet: 21+3 in Blackjack H Live gives the players a chance to win when the first two cards along with the dealer’s up-card have any of these winning combos:

    1. Suited trips
    2. Straight flush
    3. 3 of a kind
    4. Straight
    5. Flush

    For each of the above, the payout is again different.

    The Payout ratio Blackjack H live

    1. For Blackjack: 3:2
    2. Winning hand: 1:1
    3. The insurance pay: 2:1 i.e. if the dealer has the Blackjack
    4. Perfect Pair: 25:1
    5. Coloured pair: 12: 1
    6. Mixed Pair: 6:1

    The 21+3 side bet pays:

    1. 100:1 for Suited Trips
    2. 40:1 for Straight Flush
    3. 30: 1 for Three of a kind
    4. 10: 1 for a Straight
    5. 5:1 for a Flush

    The Bet Behind Feature: Blackjack H Live

    This feature allows players to stake on a hand that is dealt with a different player at the table. When the hand wins or loses, the player shares the outcome of that hand. In this game, the bet behind payouts is same as the normal bets.

    When the game begins, you can first place your main bet. Then, you can use the option of betting behind. However, if you have placed a bet behind a player who decides not to participate in that particular round, by rule the bet will be refunded to you instantly.

    Summing Up

    With a trained professional Blackjack dealer shuffling your cards and impeccable graphics and HD video streaming, the Blackjack H Live from Evolution Gaming is more rewarding than you can imagine. Playable on the go, you can use your smartphones or tablets to instantly enjoy real-time casino gaming.

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    Game Summary

    Name: Blackjack H Live

    Author: Alex Karidis