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    Stepping into the world of blackjack games can thrill your moment; especially accessing the Blackjack Lobby at Bright Star from the developers from Evolution Gaming! You can play these games round the clock on the internet. Are you worried that these Blackjack games are different from the others and has new set of rules? You don't need to worry about it since most of these games comprehend rules from regular Blackjack with small variations in side bets and limits. The games have seven seats which can be filled by the players and the game starts once chips are placed. A live dealer hosts the game and the videos are all streamed real time.

    Available betting options in Blackjack Lobby

    When it comes to the classic games, the expectation of betting options for a player goes beyond limits. So there are different betting limits offered. Also, do check out what Blackjack Lobby offers its players in terms of features!

    1. “Bet behind" - Bet behind is an option that is available for the players who cannot find a seat at the table. They can also place the bets for the players who are seated around you or your fellow players. In that way you get to place your stake on not just for your seat but also on another player(s) seat too.
    2. Now let's move on to "Perfect Pairs" and "21+3 Side Bets" - As the word Perfect Pairs says it all that a player has to have two identical cards at the start of the deal. For example, a pair of two's Kings, Aces and so on. So what's 21+3 Side Bets? The player has to place the blackjack bet which is mandatory. After placing that mandatory bet, the player can place their bet on 21+3. The player will get two cards. Combining the values of those two cards and dealer's 3 sub-cards see that you have the winning combination.
    3. Last but not the least is the Pre-Decision - The wait can be cut off by making an initial decision whether to hit, stand, split, or double down.

    Starting with 3D Blackjack, Blackjack Professional Series Low Limit, Blackjack Professional Series High Limit, Blackjack Pro Monte Carlo Single Hand, Premier Blackjack Multi Hand, Premier Hi Lo 13 Blackjack, Spanish Blackjack Gold Series, Blackjack Pro Monte Carlo Multi Hand, Blackjack Lobby at Bright Star Casino will never keep you starving with your Blackjack appetite.

    To Sum Up

    Blackjack Lobby at Bright Star Casino offers a full set of live blackjack games with the richest features to help players enjoy the classic games in full flow with their respective set of preferences.

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    Name: Blackjack Lobby

    Author: Alex Karidis