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    Blackjack VIP G Live is a game created by Evolution Gaming. As it is already a popular game all over the world, it is also one of the hottest games. With a good name in the market, it has the potential to attract a large number of players. Being a VIP version, there is a lot on the offer in Blackjack VIP G Live.

    Blackjack VIP G Live: Playing Rules

    The job of game hosting is done by the dealer and 7 players can sit at a time. There are eight card decks present in here with each deck comprising of 52 cards. You will see the dealer standing on 17. All the initial cards have the possibility of splitting but only those which are same valued. The live game advantage will make you interact with the dealer live which takes the game on a whole new level.

    Each card has a certain value. The cards from 10 to 2 are worth their respective face values and the cards’ value is 10 and the ace card had its value as either 1 or 11. If you opt for a soft hand, the value will turn out to be 11.

    Once the betting time is completed, the dealer will deal with 1 face card for each player. The dealer will begin dealing with 1 face card located on left side and will continue in right to left i.e. clockwise direction. The process will terminate with the dealer. If the value of the initial hand with 2 cards is 21, it will denote the presence of blackjack.

    If the Ace is the upcard with the dealer, you will have to buy insurance. The insurance is bought to counteract the risk. The Double Down will take place in case the initial hand's value isn't 21. The Double Down has the job of doubling up the bet which will, in turn, allow dealing of 1 extra card.

    Closing Thoughts: Blackjack VIP G Live

    With easy to learn rules and regulations, the game is pretty straightforward to play and understand as well. As it is a live game, the players experience a whole new world altogether rather than other table games. Just play Blackjack VIP G Live and enjoy the fun-filled game.

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    Name: Blackjack VIP G Live

    Author: Alex Karidis