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    French Roulette Live is game featured by Evolution Gaming. It has one of the best graphic content in the online casino game market and has a very steady steaming feature – probably something that gamblers would preferentially expect from a high-end game. This game is not really that different from its contemporary roulette game styles. However, its intricate gameplay and exemplary quality make it a perfect destination that gamblers would keenly look forward to!

    Key features offered in French Roulette Live:

    French Roulette Live has slightly a different layout than what is considered as standard layout for European roulette. The table arrangement is overall the same as that what is observed in the European roulette. The only key difference is the inclusion of French symbols on the section that is arranged for outside bets along with their English equivalents. The bet limit ranges from £2- £50,000. There is a live chat option that is available in the gameplay. The dealer is fluent in languages such as English, Italian, German, French, Russian, Dutch, Swedish, Spanish and Turkish. The video is streamed under a high-definition resolution, although users also have the liberty to opt for a low-resolution stream as well (for better and faster streaming). Gamblers have the opportunity to view the dealer and the table at different angles.

    House advantage offered in French Roulette Live:

    A house advantage of 5.26% is issued in the classic double zero gameplay. It gets reduced to almost half the value in a single zero roulette play. In terms of winning odds, the La Partage rule issued by this version of roulette cuts the house edge by another 1.35% which makes it even more beneficial. Unlike its American and European counterpart, French Roulette Live offers players to take back half of their bets placed as even numbers, in case the ball lands on a zero pocket.

    Final thoughts about the game:

    Overall, French Roulette Live is a unique game in itself. The user-specific features allowed in the gameplay allows players to customize their settings in accordance to their own comfortability and likings. The only criticism would be about the live chat system – sometimes on the advent of hundreds of players playing online, there might be a chance that the dealer might not be able to respond to all specific comments being poured in the chat. The developer also provides detailed insight into game stats- something that might prove to be useful for gamblers, at the start of the game.

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    Game Summary

    Name: French Roulette Live

    Author: Alex Karidis