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    Offering an exclusive blackjack experience with high stakes the Grand VIP Live is an addition by Evolution Gaming for the most posh gamblers. Bringing a flawless gaming experience on mobile phones and tablet the game comes with its magnanimous outlay and elite blackjack the game is an addition to the Diamond, Platinum and Fortune VIP.

    Theme and Display of Grand VIP Live

    Grand VIP Live blackjack is set in a casino with a wooden décor, home-like décor and a beautifully laid table with a dealer ready to start the game. The whole set-up lights like an elite casino experience coming to life.

    The players are free to select between low-limit and high-limit tables to set their betting standards. There are only 7 seats per table.

    Features and rules

    Blackjack Grand VIP Live from Evolution Gaming isn’t very much different from the regular blackjack games. The player still needs to beat the dealer with a card value of 21. But unlike other versions here the players don’t have the option of bet behind and can only play when occupying a seat.

    The face cards have a value of 10 and the Ace values 1 or 11 depending on the game you choose.

    Split: Players can receive additional 2 cards when they get the same value on their first two initial cards. This accounts to making the players play double hands at once.

    Double: Players can double their bets between play.

    Stand: Players can limit the cards they draw in addition to the initial two.

    Perfect Pairs: These include certain pairs which players can bet on differently. These are mostly when there are face cards of the matching colour and value.

    Hit: Hitting a card implies requesting for another card.

    21+3: This includes side bet. The player’s two cards plus dealer’s face-up card!

    Betting and winnings

    Players who love gambling on high-amount bets can find a thrill with the game starts with an initial betting of £500. The highest betting amount goes to £5000. The Grand VIP Live offers VIP Tables with more experienced dealers providing smooth gaming experience.

    There are side betting options to get increased winnings too.


    Blackjack Grand VIP Live is an exceptional online table game by Evolution Gaming. Its exceptional on-screen mobile experience and use of graphics makes it a delight to play online. There are increased bets, exclusive players and a posh playing experience.

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    Game Summary

    Name: Grand VIP Live

    Author: Alex Karidis