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    Smashing Biscuit is a new slot that has been developed by Pear Fiction in collaboration with Quickfire. If you are aware of the musical scene, you may know that there is a band by the same name that had made ripples in the punk rock scene. Well, you are quite right! This slot has also been influenced by that rock band and comes up with similar graphics to imitate the history of the band. It is possible to play this innovative slot on your personal computer and also on your mobile devices like tablets and smartphones. Try this game if you are a fan of rock music!

    Smashing Biscuit imitates the rock culture of the 1990s

    Smashing Biscuit is spread over five reels and three rows and consists of 20 paylines. That means that the player has over 20 ways to win the slot. Graphically, the interface is quite bright to imitate the rock studios and sets of the 90s. The standard symbols that you come across are different musical instruments related to rock music, such as mediators, electric guitars, drums and so on. You also have pictures of the members of the band. In a flash, you are taken back to one of those musical albums of the band and you feel quite nostalgic.

    You can win a plethora of bonus rounds in Smashing Biscuit

    Players can place a bet starting from £0.2 to £100 for each spin in Smashing Biscuit. If you play well, it is possible to win more than 500 times your original bet. There are different bonus rounds as well that you utilise and create winning combinations. The Random Dad Bonus can be activated if you land the three scatter symbols on the first, third and fourth reels. This will trigger a multiplier or will lead to the Battle of the Bands bonus feature. If the win involves a band member picture, the particular member will act as a wild symbol. Some other lower value symbols that you will get to see are plectrum, t-shirt and a contract.

    The multiplier feature is quite exciting in this slot. It can go up to 11 times the stake. If you are playing a full spin, it is possible to win a whopping 5,500x over your bet. However, if you land a wrong symbol, the multiplier reduces by 1x. In addition to the multipliers, there are Achievements features that help you keep track of the rewards you have won or the bonus symbols that you have landed.

    Fans of the band Smashing Biscuit will definitely like this one. It is a mixture of musical theme with a touch of good rewards.

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    Game Summary

    Name: Smashing Biscuit

    Posted On: 25/06/2019

    Author: Alex Karidis

    Smashing Biscuit | Get £200 Bonus | Brightstar Casino