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    Baccarat is a crazy contest between two hands of “player” and “banker”. The win in the game rest on the prediction power of the player. The main objective of Speed Baccarat A Live is to predict the winning hand between the player and banker. The winning hand must be closest to 9.  There are three outcomes probably that are banker, player or tie. ,

    Rule Book of Speed Baccarat A Live

    Speed Baccarat A Live providers have appointed a dealer who is the host. It requires eight 52 cards decks to play. Each card has its specific card value, card 2 to 9 worth equal to their face value while aces value 1 and face cards and 10s worth zero.,

    The game begins with two cards to both the contestants. If both of them holds solar values at the end of the round then the round ends tie.,

    The player cards work on some predefined instructions. If player’s hand lands between zero to five then definitely a third card will be drawn. The hand will stand if the hand end up getting six or seven in total. Lastly, if it's eight or nine it is named as natural or stand. ,

    On the other hand, the banker hand will draw the third card if the hand end up landing from zero to two. For further play, the banker's hand follows some predefined instructions that help it to stand or draw. ,

    Side Bets in Speed Baccarat A Live

    These banker's hands are combined with side bets for better payouts. The player pair is one of the side bet which will award you if first two cards that dealt with the player were a pair. Banker Pair works same for banker's hand. Perfect pair will pay 200:1 only if both the card dealt are similar for both banker and player. Player bonus and banker bonus works when either player or banker wins the round with 8 and 9. Either feature pays if one of the banker or player has a pair.,

    The payouts of your bets depend on the type of bet you want to place in the game.,

    Summing Up

    Speed Baccarat A Live has amazing gameplay and ambience. It comes with two magic hands that are further joined by other side bets that help them in creating best winning combinations. Overall, this game provides enough Baccarat fun you got to be craving over.,

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    Game Summary

    Name: Speed Baccarat A Live

    Author: Alex Karidis