5 Gambling Documentaries That You Must Watch Right Now

5 Gambling Documentaries That You Must Watch Right Now

No matter if you engage in online casino games or go to the tables at a brick and mortar casino, or wager on your team’s favorite sports team, there’s no doubt about the fact that gambling spawned many of the fascinating stories from all over the globe.

Join us as we look at these amazing stories in these five short and long gambling documentaries, which cover different forms of games in casinos, betting on sports events, as well as the numerous players who put their lives in danger.

1. Now, Place Your Bet

Now Place Your Bets was a documentary from 2017 created by James Bernardo. The film, featuring famous characters like Pete Rose, Joe D’Amico, and Professor Richard Davies, takes a more detailed analysis of Las Vegas’s importance in the growth of sports betting as a legitimate industry.

This is possibly one of the best gambling documentaries on the world of betting on sports. 

With the help of photographs and video footage from archival archives and face-to-face interviews with those at the forefront of the boom in betting on sports, The filmmaker does an amazing job of revealing the truth about an industry worth over $100 billion.

The documentary also reveals how Vegas played a major role in the long journey that preceded the craze of sports betting. It will also provide insight into the exact process by which Las Vegas became the mecca for bettors on sports across America. 

The time has come to place your Bets exploring how betting on sports is a part of the culture of America, and it is now an integral part of the gambling world and the very fabric of American society.

2. Inside: Underground Poker

This 2012 film Inside Underground Poker features many colorful characters. We were immediately drawn to intriguing names such as Mikey Tats, Brad The Conductor, and John the Banker.

The film is about a man, Brad, known as the conductor, who’s turned the organization of these illegal games into a profession. He’s always striving to keep an inch ahead of the state and federal authorities that would prefer to take him down.

Poker’s underground scene has been an obstacle for those who want to stop the games.

Bulette does a masterful job in providing a glimpse inside the lives of people who participate in New York’s underground poker tournaments and how the games affected their lives.

3. Bet Raise Fold The story of Online Poker

Online poker has burst into the world of gambling like nothing else we have ever witnessed. This 2013 film Bet Raise Fold: The Story of Online Poker revolves around the beginnings of online poker with real money and its growth and the reaction of government officials from the United States.

The director Ryan Firpo launches the film with actors from across the country, shining the light on the long-lasting effects of the decisions taken by federal authorities. The government’s actions led to a shocking number of people without funds.

In reality, the United States government has clamped on the sum of $500 million of players around the globe because of the poker room. The Bet Raise Fold has interviewed three players directly affected by these seizures.

Firpo is also a thorough look at how legal issues affect gambling online within the United States — specifically what the DoJ (Department of Justice) continues to enforce its laws against gambling sites that operate online.

4. Gambling Addiction and Me The Truth About Hustler

In the film Gambling Addiction & Me – The real Hustler, We travel across the ocean into the UK. The 2012 film of Alexis Conran gives a personal insight into a largely private issue.

Conran is determined to find answers about how his gambling addiction put his father in prison. 

Conran tries to locate evidence that suggests he might be on the same path. Gambling Addiction and us is an examination of the devastation caused by addiction. Alex Conran provides a seldom heard or talked about perspective on this nefarious disease.

You’ll follow Alex as he seeks an understanding of his father’s actions. The film follows a man’s search for the answer to a single question:

What causes people to cross the line between gaming for fun and addiction to gambling?

Many addicts who gamble are invited to join Conran to talk with him during his interviews. These are heartbreaking stories of everyday people like you, and we lost everything.

In all honesty, we are not talking about their bank accounts, and we believe that most gamblers have been through it. We’re talking about the loss of everything, including spouses, houses, families, career, All of it. 

Alex also draws a significant connection between online casinos and the massive rise in individuals suffering from gambling addiction. He eventually finds himself working with organizations to educate the public about the issue and offer assistance to those suffering.

5. FRONTLINE Fantasy Sports Gamble

Frontline Fantasy Sports Gamble is a collaboration in 2016 created by PBS and The New York Times. Many people consider fantasy Sports Gamble in our circle to be one of the most forward-thinking gambling documentaries within the world of gambling.

The documentary’s targets are two specific websites: DraftKings and FanDuel. Both firms offer to bet on fantasy sports here within the United States. You’ve likely heard of each firm. Do you understand how these people earn their income?

Frontline Fantasy Sports Gamble gives you an uninvolved look at what they do. Legal as gamblers were not betting on actual competitions and daily fantasy sports rapidly became a massively popular sport across the nation.


We are amazed by how much interest the gambling industry and the people who work to increase gamblers have received. The thought of spending an hour or two studying about the lives and experiences of other gamblers or any other aspect of our favorite hobby is always simple to sell.

We hope to get amazing content thrown to us in the future. While you wait, enjoy your time off and watch one of these gambling documentaries. 

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Name: 5 Gambling Documentaries That You Must Watch Right Now

Posted On: 29/12/2021

Author: Alex Karidis