All You Need to Know About The UK Gambling Commission

All You Need to Know About The UK Gambling Commission

The mission of the UK Gambling Commission is to safeguard British gamers from becoming victimized or being targeted by greedy gambling firms, and the best interests of the player are the main focus of the organization. It is a non-profit organization. UKGC is a non-profit entity and works in its best interest for British gamblers. 

The UK Gambling Commission is indeed responsible for issuing gambling licenses only for companies that operate responsibly. 

The UKGC concentrates on three areas that include the public, gambling enterprises as well as licensing agencies. The licenses are legally required for any company that wishes to make money with the possibility of getting the prize. That means that any games such as those of the National Lottery also fall under the jurisdiction of the UKGC.

The Story of the UK Gambling Commission

The UK Gambling Commission was set in 2005 as part of the Gambling Act 2005, which was designed to regulate gambling in commercial casinos across Britain and the licensing authority. 

The UKGC was given full power in 2007 and is in charge of regulating gambling, arcades, casinos, bingo, slot machines, and lotteries that are played within the UK. 

One of the most important aspects they are accountable for – and among principal reasons the commission was established was the regulation of remote gaming, i.e., online gambling. The main goals of the UKGC were to keep criminals out of gambling, safeguard vulnerable individuals, and ensure that gambling is carried out honestly and transparently.

How does it work?

In the end, no company or organization can legally offer any gambling service for British gamblers without permission from the UKGC. If a business wishes to provide betting services to players in Britain, it must apply for a gambling license through the UKGC. 

However, obtaining an official gambling license issued by the UK Gambling Commission is no straightforward task. It’s a long and difficult procedure that examines the background of a business before approving any license.

The commission is very serious about this obligation. It will only allow an entity for a gambling license if they demonstrate their ownership structure, show adequate financials and the capacity to pay for prizes, are honest and are competent enough to deliver the services they offer, and don’t have a criminal background. 

Furthermore, suppose businesses violate the rules laid by the UKGC and are found to be in violation. In that case, they could have their license to gamble revoked, and they will be unable to offer gambling services throughout Great Britain legally.

The advantages of playing in a UKGC Regulated


It is of utmost importance to ensure that players opt to play in UKGC licensed casinos to safeguard their best security and personal interests. There are many reasons to adhere to the commission’s guidelines, including protection for players’ fair gaming, fund protection, and accountability for operators.

Fair Gaming

Another area of concern that the UKGC oversees is whether casinos on the internet provide a safe gaming experience.

There are a variety of ways that the commission ensures an enjoyable gaming experience. One of the most significant is that online casinos employ RNGs (random numbers generators) to create the outcome of any online game.

The goal of RNGs is to make sure that the game’s result is, in fact, random and isn’t determined by an online casino or the software provider. Casino Games like roulette, blackjack, and online slots require RNGs to generate the results of the game.

Casinos online must also disclose to players the RTP (return towards the player) rate for all virtual games. The RTP is an amount that indicates how much money that player invests in games that are subsequently returned to the players.

For example, a game with an RTP of 95% implies that for each PS100 put into the slot, PS95 will be returned to the players (although it is not always those same gamers). The percentage difference is the house edge of the game (in this instance, 5 percent (or PS5), which is how casinos earn profits.

Player Protection

One of the main reasons to only play at UKGC authorized casinos and gaming establishments is to guard your personal information and financial details. The UKGC is a strict regulator in line with the Data Protection Act for gambling establishments to ensure that gamblers are protected if their personal information is kept and not misused.

In fact, in reality, the UKGC isn’t just worried about online casinos taking your personal information. They also check that the casino in question can defend against cyber-attacks that could threaten the disclosure of gamblers’ data. 

If a gambling establishment does not have adequate security measures against cyberattacks, it will not be given a gambling license.

Funds of the Player Separated

When the UK gambling commission examines the company’s structure and financials, one of the primary factors they consider is whether or not the business keeps player funds in a separate account as operating cash.

It is vital if a casino should go through administration or become bankrupt. The UK gambling commission monitoring player funds are separated from operating costs, which gives players confidence when they use the casino, knowing that their money won’t be lost without being aware. It will ensure that the players’ funds are secure and won’t be lost when the business ceases to exist.


In this article, we’ve discussed how the UK Gambling Commission was founded in 2005 to oversee all forms of betting in the UK to ensure that gamblers enjoy a fair, secure. 

Responsible Gaming experience when they gamble, regardless of the location they play, regardless of whether it’s in a casino that is located on land or in a betting store, or on the internet. All companies that offer gambling services – even casinos online – to British players are required to be licensed to gamble obtained from the UK gambling commission.

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Name: All You Need to Know About The UK Gambling Commission

Posted On: 24/11/2021

Author: Alex Karidis