Your Go-to Guide to Casino Roulette Chips


The game of Roulette consists of several different elements, including a spinning wheel, a small white ball and a betting table. An important but often overlooked element of Roulette games is the chips. Roulette chips, as regular casino players would tell, come in a variety of designs and shapes. But their main function is essentially the same. In this guide, we touch down on several things you need to know about casino Roulette chips. Continue reading!

Basics of casino Roulette chips

When playing Roulette or Blackjack online, players don’t need to give much thought to Roulette chips. This is because in online Roulette games, the handling of chips takes place virtually and there’s a dedicated software to keep track of that. But when choosing to play at a land-based Roulette table, it becomes crucial for players to know the basics of Roulette chips and how they’re used at brick-and-mortar casinos.

Most land-based casino games make use of regular chips. But this isn’t the case with the game of Roulette. In Roulette, special Roulette chips of varying colours are given to each player at the table. This makes it easier for the dealer to keep a track of what chips are wagered by which players. Also, the change in colour prevents any potential disputes that may occur at the table.

Speaking about weight and value, there isn’t any set standard for that. But most land-based Roulette tables have chips that measure 39mm in diameter. As for the chips’ weight, it’s anywhere between 6 and 10 grams at US-based casinos. At several European casinos, you’ll find Roulette chips weighing 17 grams and above.

Now, let’s speak a little about the materials that are used to make the chips. As you’d guess, Roulette chips can be made of several different chips. At low and medium-stake Roulette tables, plastic-made chips are often used. At high-roller Roulette tables, you’ll usually find chips that are made of ceramic and plastic.

A quick look at Roulette chip denominations

As mentioned earlier, most Roulette tables tend to make use of varying chips. Depending on the venue you choose to play at, 5 to 10 different chip types may be used. At some tables, you’ll come across Roulette chips that are worth 50 or even 20 pence. But that’s somewhat rare now. These days, the minimum Roulette chip value is usually £1. As for the higher denominations, Roulette chips can be worth hundreds or even thousands of pounds at high-stake Roulette tables.

Roulette chips facts you need to know

As explained earlier, you don’t have to worry much about Roulette chips when playing Roulette online with top mobile casinos like ours. But Roulette chips are an important element of land-based Roulette tables. Below we’ve listed some interesting facts you need to know about casino Roulette chips:

Difficult to tamper with

In today’s world, almost each and every thing around us can be duplicated. And casino gambling venues know that well. So, casinos have a number of security measures in place to make sure that fake chips aren’t being used at the table.

Each Roulette chip has a certain texture to it. So, if a rogue player tries to make use of a duplicate Roulette chip, the casino staff is able to spot that immediately. Another safety measure that’s taken by gambling venues is the usage of RFID technology. At the top gambling venues, Roulette chips have RFID tags embedded. These tags allow venues to monitor the dealing of the chips and stand in the way of robbers.

Roulette chip denominations often have nicknames.

Yes, you read that right. Based on their colour, casinos often assign nicknames to their Roulette chip denominations. At most UK-based gambling venues, casino chips between 25p and £25 carry any of the following colours – green, yellow, white, red, black and blue. While the lower chip denominations don’t have a specific nickname, live casino online players usually call £25 ponies. The £100 Roulette chips, which are usually coloured bright pink, are referred to as ladies or pinks. As for the £500 and £1,000, they are nicknamed monkeys and biscuits respectively.

Some casinos have exclusive Roulette chips for every table

At some gambling venues, it may be possible for players to play with the same Roulette chips at different tables. And others might strictly restrict that. As such, it’s important for you to check the specific rules of the Roulette table you choose to play at.

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Name: Your Go-to Guide to Casino Roulette Chips

Posted On: 15/12/2022

Author: Alex Karidis