Complete Blackjack Strategy Guide

Complete Blackjack Strategy Guide

If you want to play blackjack better, you should use the following Best Blackjack Strategy we are about to share with you. These strategies can be used in any game. These strategies assume that you are a recreational player and not a card counter.

Blackjack Strategy #1: Always Split a Pair 8s And Aces

No matter what the dealer’s up card, you should always split a pair with 8s or Aces. Many players will not split with a pair of 8s if the dealer’s up card has a 9, 10, or Ace. Splitting is a better option than splitting because they are the underdog in this situation. 

They don’t realize that playing two hands (each starting with an eight) is less risky than playing one hand (16 and hitting). If you split 8s against an Ace, 9, 10, or Ace over the long term, you will lose less money than if you hit hard 16. 

Splitting 8s and Aces is the best strategy. In Aces cases, it can result in substantial gains for the player. For 8s, it can help you cut down your losses or get you more money based on your dealer’s upcard.

Blackjack Strategy #2: The Right Approach

There is a commonality between land-based and online blackjack players: they fail to follow the basic strategy. It is essential to use a blackjack strategy if you choose to play for real cash. Blackjack is considered to be one of the most difficult casino games

However, it can still be very challenging without certain strategies and protocols. You may already know that the purpose of a blackjack strategy guide is to reduce the house edge. It will also help you identify the moves that have higher odds.

The card values of cards are very limited, and so are the number of possible combinations. You can learn more about blackjack strategies like surrender, pair splitting, and doubling down.

Blackjack Strategy #3: Always Hit a Hard 12 Against Dealer 2 or 3 Upcard

Most players will choose to stand and hold their 12 in this situation, fearing they might bust. The bottom line is that you lose money against the dealer’s 2 or 3-upcard. However, hitting will result in less money (even if you do bust occasionally).

Blackjack Strategy #4: Always Help Ace-7 (Soft 18) When The Dealer’s Upcard is 9,10 or Ace

A hand totaling 18 is an inevitable gain. This is why players stand on Soft 18 (A-7), particularly when the dealer has a strong upcard (e.g., 9, 10, or Ace). These are the facts. The facts are these: If you have an A-7 against the dealer’s 9, 10, Ace, or Ace, you are an underdog. 

However, if you hit A-7, you will be less of an underdog. Because if you draw a smaller card (e.g., Ace, 2, or 3), you will end with a hand that is higher than 18. 

You don’t have to lose the hand if you draw one of the four ten-valued cards. The bottom line: Always hit A-7 when the dealer has a 9, 10, Ace. This will allow you to reach either a soft 19-21 or a hard 17 through 21, which is your best strategy.

One exception to the above strategy is If you’re playing a single-deck S17 game, it is better to stand on A-7 if the dealer’s up card shows an Ace.

Blackjack Strategy #5: Blackjack Insurance and Even Money Strategy

These are the rules for insurance and money strategies:

Insurance Strategy: The dealer will ask the player if they wish to place an insurance bet if he shows an upcard. This optional bet lets the player bet that the dealer’s hole cards are either a 10 (or picture) card.

Even Money Strategy: This strategy is used when a dealer shows an ace face-up card, and you have a hand of blackjack. If you agree to take even money, the dealer will pay you “Even Money” for your bet.

Blackjack Strategy #6: Do not make The Insurance Bet

Insurance is a scam bet. This is why it is best to avoid taking insurance if the dealer’s up card shows an Ace. Don’t place an insurance bet, such as a 19 or 20. This is because the payout for an insurance bet (2-1/1) is lower than the dealer’s chances of having blackjacks, making it a scam bet.

Blackjack Strategy #7: Stand Up 16 Against 10 Upcards From The Dealer’s Deal If Your 16 is Multi Card

The basic strategy does not take into account the player’s total hand and the dealer’s up card. The strategy says to hit with a strong 16 against the dealer’s 10 upcards. This strategy is accurate, but you can improve your accuracy when considering whether your 16 card is a multi-card 16. If this is the case (e.g., 7-5-4), you can improve your playing accuracy by considering whether your 16 is a multi-card 16.

Blackjack Strategy #8: Do not Play 6 to 5 Blackjack Games

Blackjack hands have been traditionally paid at three to two odds. If you wager $10 and have an (united blackjack), you will receive $15. Many casinos now pay blackjack players  at 6 to 5 odds. A $10 wager would earn you $12 in a 6-to-5 game. The house advantage rises by approximately 1.45% in single-deck games with 6 to 5, and more so if 6 or 5 are offered in a double-deck or multi-deck gaming environment, where the house edge is greater than 2%. Playing Blackjack games with a 3 to 2- blackjack payout is the best strategy.


While blackjack strategy can be proven mathematically, it is important to remember that rules for playing will vary depending on how many players are involved, which decks are being played, and other factors. We recommend that you understand any strategy before using it to play online blackjack for real money.

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Name: Complete Blackjack Strategy Guide

Posted On: 22/09/2021

Author: Alex Karidis