Craps Books and guides for advanced players and beginners


Although craps books are not complex, many people find themselves overwhelmed by the jargon and wide range of betting options. This article will focus on the best craps books available, inexperienced books, techniques books for becoming a better gambler.

1 – John Patrick’s Advanced Craps

John Patrick’s Advanced Craps book, written by John Patrick, was published in 1995. This book is for players who already know the basics of craps.

It introduces players to the Patrick system, where you can bet on both the pass or the not. This will give you the best odds. Patrick makes it easy for both casual players and high rollers to understand the information in the book.

He provides information to players about:

  • Money Management
  • Success keys
  • Discipline
  • Bankroll

Patrick’s book is about winnings over time. It is not a one-time win. You’ll be able to win smaller, more consistent wins with his strategies. It’s one of the best crap books.

2 – Casino Craps

Casino Craps books was created by Frank Scoblete and published in 2010.

Let me show you a look at a few topics of this book.

  • What a joke!
  • Golden Touch
  • Develop your golden touch throw
  • Place bets
  • 5-Count
  • The best bets
  • Worst Bets
  • Gaining an edge
  • Controlling the dice
  • More

Scoblete’s book is designed to make the novice a pro. Scoblete starts by explaining the basics of the game, then moves on to betting strategies. Finally, he discusses how to get the best from the casino. The majority of the book focuses on controlling the dice with a gold touch.  For entertainment and knowledge, he also shares stories and anecdotes.

3 – Craps Run and Take the Money

Henry J. Tamburin wrote Craps Take The Money and Run in 1995. This book teaches you how to win money and leave the table with cash.

Tamburin has more than 25 years of experience in gambling. He has also taught many people how to improve their craps game through his schools and seminars. To help players win at craps, he has put all of his knowledge into this book.and this one of the greatest craps books of all time.

Let me show you a look at a few topics of this book.

  • Basics
  • The game is played in the United States.
  • Game etiquette
  • How to place bets
  • What happens when you lose or win a bet?
  • These are the best bets
  • Casino edge
  • Increased chances of winning
  • Casinos are introducing new crap games
  • Money Management

4 – Golden Touch Dice Control Revolution!

Golden Touch Dice Control Revolution! Frank Scoblete & Dominator wrote this book, and it was published in 2005. This book is a prequel to Casino Craps and focuses on only dice control and how it can win craps. Golden Touch Dice Control Revolution is the best choice if you are only interested in dice control and not betting basics.

These are the topics they cover.

  • Take a look at the scan
  • Dice sets
  • Stance
  • Grip
  • Grap
  • Pickup
  • Backspin
  • Throw
  • Bounce
  • How to place the dice
  • How to place the dice exactly where you want them
  • Hit the back wall
  • Based on the table, which arc should you use?
  • You can bet to win
  • You can bet against random rollers
  • Spreading techniques
  • 5-Count
  • Camouflaging your dice control
  • Bankroll
  • Plan for educated risk-takers P.O.W.E.R
  • Common issues that can affect your shooting
  • Teams for dice control

Craps instructors can also offer advice and tips.

  • Howard “Rock ‘n Roller”
  • Jerry “Stickman”
  • Billy, the Kid
  • Street Dog
  • Wordslayer
  • Finesse
  • Bill Burton
  • No Field Five
  • Chip
  • Tenor and Satch
  • Pit Boss

5 – Winning Casino Craps

Edwin Silberstang published Winning Casino Craps in 1979. Silberstang wrote this book to help players learn as much as possible about craps. His information will help you reach the same level of casino managers, dealers, and pit bosses as other players. This book is also the first to publish strategies previously only known by word of mouth.

Silberstang created this book in an accessible and fun format. It teaches you everything you need about craps. From the basics of gambling to winning strategies, you’ll find out. This is the best crap book in this list.

6 – Beat the Craps Out of the Casinos

Frank Scoblete published Beat the Craps Out of the Casinos in 1991. This book is perfect for beginners, as well as those with little or no knowledge of craps. This book isn’t a guidebook. It is a narrative book that is both easy to understand and read. Scoblete discusses his super system, three-point rule, and bankroll. He also explains the 5-count.

7 – The Dice Doctor

Sam Grafstein wrote The Dice Doctor, and it was published in 1981. Grafstein has over 60 years of experience at the craps table, and this book reflects his vast knowledge.One of the best craps books of all time.

He covers:

  • Qualified shooters
  • Locking up wins
  • Converted come bets
  • How to find the best steaks, and how to make them legally
  • Protect your bankroll with control and protection
  • Hot rolls are 5-10 times more expensive
  • 21 Strategies
  • Professionals
  • There are also 30 tables and charts

8 – Cutting Edge Craps

Frank Scoblete, Dominator, and Dominator wrote Cutting Edge Craps. It was published in 2010. This book is easy to read and contains pictures that will aid readers in understanding. Perfect craps books to read.

Here are some topics that this book covers:

  • Betting styles
  • Methods of playing based on the player’s edges
  • Select numbers can be hit with dice sets
  • Evaluation of dice shooting
  • Pyramids
  • V-Spread
  • Single Point Pop
  • Dice Correspondence
  • Super-bouncy tables
  • Group play
  • Play in a team
  • Throws
  • Setting of dice
  • Non-dice-set casinos
  • Meditation
  • Visualization
  • The railbirds and the thieves
  • 5-Count
  • Roll of 147 numbers

9 – I Am a Dice Controller

Frank Scoblete wrote I Am a Dice Controller, and it was published in 2015. It’s one of the most famous craps books of all time.

Here are some examples of the topics that this book covers:

  • Sets
  • Stance
  • Throw
  • Grip
  • Backspin
  • Proper betting
  • Arc
  • Landing
  • The 5-Count

He includes stories about his 25-year history of playing with dice control professionals and the betrayals he experienced during that time.

Information can also be found at:

  • Chris “Sharpshooter”
  • Jerry “Stickman”
  • Pawlicki
  • Bill “Ace-10” Burton
  • Howard “Rock ‘n Roller”
  • John “Skinny”
  • Bob “Mr. Bob “Mr.
  • Nick@Night
  • Daryl “No Field Five!”
  • Arman “Pit Boss”
  • Randy “Sandman”
  • Billy “the Kid”
  • Mark “Dice Pilot”
  • Tim “Timmer”

Also, you’ll find information about dice control groups:

  • The Lee Brothers
  • Marilyn “the Goddess,” Charlie “Sandtrap,”
  • The Five Horsemen
  • The Captain’s crew
  • Pat “Dr. Janis “Alligator Rose,” and Pat “Dr.
  • And Heavenly Kittens and Star Shine

10 – The Smarter Bets Guide to Craps

Basil Nestor wrote the Smarter Bet Guide to Craps in 2003. Nestor also has several Smarter Bet guides.

This book comprises the following:

  • Table layout
  • Analysis of craps bets
  • Mathematical strategies
  • Techniques for dice-shooting
  • Advantage shots
  • Most common gambling mistakes
  • Combinations possible
  • How to place smarter bets
  • Wagers
  • Gaining an edge

The book is small enough to be carried around with you and to refer to again and again. The charts and strategies can be used on the go to improve your game. This is one of the best crap books you can go with.

11- Wong on Dice

Stanford Wong wrote Wong on Dice, and it was published in 2005. You will learn how to play, what to do, and when to stop losing your money. To help you control your dice, Wong will teach you the science of dice control. He will teach you how to control the dice and give you the skills to win at the casino.


So, we have just seen 11 best crap books that are definitely a must read. So, do give them a read!

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