Difference Between Single Line Slot & Multi-Line Slot – Which One is Better?

Difference Between Single Line Slot & Multi-Line Slot - Which One is Better?

Online slot games can be pretty confusing, especially during your initial days as a slot player. These days, there are a handful of different variants of slots available in the online gaming portals. These wide varieties of choices sometimes make experienced players confused. 

Today, we’re going to discuss two of the most common varieties of slots, i.e. One Line Slot & Multi-Line Slot. We’re going to give a brief overview of both versions and then tell the differences between them. By the end of this article, we are confident you won’t have any doubts about which slots are which. 

How Slot Making Technology Progressed?

Before jumping into a detailed classification, we would like to discuss a little history of slots. As you can already guess, these multiple varieties of slots are the creation of technological progress. Back in the 50s & 60s, there were only single-line slots available in casinos. These machines were extreme money-making tools when you consider the little footprint they had on the casino floor. Thus, soon after their arrival, demand for more advanced slot machines grew.

The initial success of single line slots and leaps and bounds progress in technology gave birth to multi-line slots almost one and a half-decade after the first-ever slot machine started operation. These newer and feature-rich slots became an instant success. After that, there was no looking back for multi-line slots. 

What are Single Line Slots?

As the name suggests, a Single Line Slot is one where there is a single pay line. These slots present the game in a more traditional way. Single line slot machines may be a thing of the past, but that doesn’t mean they are non-existent in the present day.

Every industry-leading slot producer has single pay line slots in their offering. That’s because some older generation players still look for the retro experience provided by these types of slots. One of the 21st century’s best creations of one line slot is Play’n Go’s ‘Queens Day Tilt Slot’. It has a single pay line, but unlike the older generation machines, it actually has some exciting features including free spins. 

What are the Multi-Line Slots?

Now, these types of slots are massively different and more complicated than their previous generation. Multi-line slots were created in the late ’70s when the craze for slots was at an all-time high. As a result of that, these things became an instant success. People, mostly of young age, loved the concept and the complexity of the game.

Today almost 95% of slots are multi-line slots. They come in every possible shape and size. These things are bundles with interesting features and lucrative pay tables. Yggdrasil’s ‘Champion of Rome Slot’ is one such slot that offers interesting advantages with every spin. Another famous Multi line slot with progressive jackpot is Playtech Gaming’s ‘Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice’. 

Prime Difference Between the Two Types

  • The main difference is the pay line. While a single line provides only one pay line, a multi-line slot can have up to 5 pay lines. Hence multi liners pose more symbols and thus getting a winning combination becomes higher when you’re playing it. 
  • Multi-line slots are technologically advanced. That enables them to offer many added features, including bonus spins. These extra features are the reason why we see so few single line slots these days. 

Are Multi-Line Slots Better at Paying?

Well, there’s no secret, multi-line slots are more exciting than it’s a compatriot- people who once played a multi-line slot almost never get back to a single liner. More pay lines mean more features and excitement, but that doesn’t mean multi liners pay significantly better than a single line one.

Multi liners give you more opportunities to get a winning combo. But if you compare the total payout of two slots, you’ll hardly find any differences. Winning and losing all depends on your luck. If you’re having your lucky day, you can fetch a handsome amount of money from a single liner also.

In Conclusion: Which One Should You Choose?

That completely depends on your personal taste. Though most Gen Y gamers choose multi liners to be their choice of the slot, we have seen people in their mid-twenties playing conventional single liners. To choose one out of the two, you should play multiple slots from both the variants first and choose for yourself depending on your style of play.  

Hope this article has been beneficial to you in learning about slot classification. Happy spinning!

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Name: Difference Between Single Line Slot & Multi-Line Slot – Which One is Better?

Posted On: 02/05/2020

Author: Alex Karidis