Take a look at different types of Spins in Slot Games & Casinos

Take a look at different types of Spins in Slot Games & Casinos

Casinos and Slot Games are becoming more and more popular these days. When you think there’s no possibility of any new changes to introduce, something new comes up. 

Online casino bonuses work best to attract new players, and Free Spins are the most common form of online casino bonuses. A number of free spins are offered on a specific amount of deposit made by the player on any game. 

While we are all aware of the free spins in the online casino bonuses, now mega spins and super spins have also been introduced. 

This article will let you know all about Free Spins, Mega Spins, and Super Spins, as well as the difference between them. 

What are Free Spins & How do they Work?

Earlier, casinos mostly offered percentage cash match bonuses to lure a gambler for paid deposit withdrawals. But once ‘free spins no deposit bonuses’ came into the scene, these became so popular, and almost every online casino offered them at some point of time. 

Once the gambler signs up for a ‘free spins no deposit bonus, they receive a specific number of spins free. They are mostly numbered between 10 and 30; you will be given 24 hours to claim them. Though the spins are free, the winnings they offer mostly get locked in a bonus account. Then you will have to meet the wagering requirements, which are set for any amount between 25 and 75 times before the amount can be withdrawn. 

Know about Free Spins No Wager Bonuses

These types of spins became a huge hit with a large number of slot players. ‘Free spins no wager bonuses’ credit your account to up to 30 free spins, but you don’t have to meet any wagering requirements with these. Therefore, the cash prize you win with these free spins can be withdrawn as regular cash without meeting any wagering requirements. However, these types of bonuses aren’t so easy to find. 

What are Super Spins & Mega Spins

In order to track these spins, the player will have to do a lot of searching. These are quite different forms of casino free spins, adding a fresh dimension to the free allotment of spins every time you opt for a new bonus offer. They also add little excitement to the whole concept of free spins. Mega spins and super spins are very much alike, but when compared to standard free spins, they hold higher values. Their monetary value mostly depends on the slot game they are offered on, as well as on how a specific casino sets their value. 

Difference between Standard Free Spins and Mega Spins & Super Spins

Mega spins and Super spins work like Free spins and hold a higher value than these. A standard spin is mostly rated between 0.01 and 0.50 per spin, whereas mega spin and super spin can differ between 1.00 to 5.00 while greatly improving the size of the gambler’s win. Therefore, these are the spenders of the free spin bonuses. 

How Mega Spins & Super Spins Work?

Undoubtedly, mega spins and super spins come with their own collection of rules to be followed. The gambler mostly has to bet with the highest strength, use these up within a span of 7 days while meeting a higher threshold in order to become eligible to collect the cash prize. To be precise, the player has to thoroughly read the terms and conditions to know how the casino uses these bonus spins. These types of spins are considered quite exclusive and are offered through a special email invitation to regular gamblers who usually gamble for real money. In a lot of cases, the players have to connect to customer support for the acquisition or activation of their new super spins or mega spins. 

New spins for regular players

Many casinos have started offering these new types of spins as a part of recurring monthly or a weekly bonus for permanent members of the casino. For instance, if the player is registered with Rizk Casino, they are running the Rizk Exchange where they ask the customer support to convert or upgrade any of their low-value standard free spins to super spins which have more worth per spin. And to make it more exciting, the player is allowed to swap their super spins with mega spins that have a higher monetary value. 

Here is the Difference

A day will come when the players will be able to find these advanced bonus spins under names like cosmic, ultra, epic, and monster, along with mega spins and super spins. These bonus spins will definitely add variety as well as excitement, along with a bigger cash prize than the standard free spins. This will also modify the whole scene of online casino bonuses.

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Name: Take a look at different types of Spins in Slot Games & Casinos

Posted On: 18/02/2021

Author: Alex Karidis