Gambling themed movies you ought to watch

If you like to visit casinos or playing online casino games then you are certainly drawn to the idea of gambling. Gambling themed movies give a peek into how casinos operate and through them, you might as well pick up some gambling tricks and enjoy a live-casino experience while watching your favourite actors.
From George Clooney to Kevin Spacey – a lot of celebrities have been a part of the gambling themed movies. Here are some you ought to watch!

Gambling themed movies you ought to watch

Casino Royale

This James Bond classic highlights the decorum, beauty and stakes that unfold in a casino. Daniel Crag has performed exceptionally well in bringing a thrilling match between the Agent 007 and casino world in this brilliant movie. It brings a very realistic picture of a casino on reels.

21 – The (in)accurate portrayal of MIT blackjack team

21 is an excellent movie based on the phenomenon of an MIT blackjack team. The terror that an organized card counting team cast on the casinos of Las Vegas has been brought out brilliantly in this movie. With an actor like Kevin Spacey and a serious adaptation displaying thrills of the casino world – it’s a must watch!

The Sting

Bringing on screen the twisted tale of a casino and its mischievous moves – this classic movie is an absolute favourite to many! Sports betting, online casino, and the tactics of the field are mixed brilliantly with cunning people and excellent actors on board. The Sting was made in 1973 so it’s not too old to hold relevance too although the feel of the movie is retro.

Ocean’s Eleven

With a whopping budget, a good star cast and one of the most popular gambling themed movies – Ocean’s Eleven created waves in cinema with its launch. A gang of people target the owners of three casinos in this classic movie. The set-up of the movie and the direction made it one movie to not miss out on!

Runner Runner

Featuring the online poker industry and scandals that took over it during the 2000s is the movie Runner Runner which brings the never seen ever duo together – Justin Timberlake and Ben Affleck together. It’s an adaptation on the life of a former accountant of a casino – Nat Arem. His strategy to prove online cheats brought about a revolution.

The House – How to run a casino in your basement

The launch of an underground casino brings about a change in a couple’s life. Starring Will Ferrell, this gambling themed movie is a roller coaster ride bringing the joys of operating a casino, betting scenes and how a casino works. Needless to say, it does bring out a lot of raw details.

Watching gambling themed movies are much like entering into the gambling world from a new perspective. You will come across realities and stories which you never knew existed. And the thrills to watch the mystery of something you really love unfold – its sheer entertainment!

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Name: Gambling themed movies you ought to watch

Posted On: 27/11/2018

Author: Alex Karidis