Understanding The Difference Between High And Low Limit Slots


When it comes to choosing the slots games to play, it’s only natural to want to play the ones that will give you the best results. There are several different kinds of slots available online, and you can play for as little as pennies or as much as you like. Many people ask that high limit slots are more profitable than low-limit slots.

What is the best way to determine which games are high limit slots and which are low limit slots?

Playing the slot machine is the simplest but most costly way to calculate the variance. It’s a high limit slot if you’re barely scoring minor wins but sometimes hitting major ones. If you don’t mind looking at the paytable, you can find some hints here; what you’re looking for is the disparity in payouts for winning combinations of three or four symbols and winning combinations of five symbols. This is normally a high limit slot if the award for five symbols is considerably greater than the other symbols. It’s more obvious that this is a low/medium variance machine if the prize numbers are smaller and closer together.

Playing high limit slots tips

You already know that your wins will be important, but they will only come once in a while. When you’ve just had a major victory, the sensible next thing is to avoid playing the game, and you know another one won’t come around for a while.

Keep your bet amount down to last as long as possible, and make sure you have a big enough bankroll to ride out the dry spells.

Playing low limit slots Tip

Players on low-paying machines are often doing so for the sake of entertainment; while any wins are cool, we’d like to come out even and maybe cause a bonus feature or two. If the features are caused by scatter symbols, you don’t even need to bet on many pay lines to have a chance of winning.

If the computer has a gamble option, resist the temptation to use it because it will easily deplete your bankroll and end your session.

Percentages in payouts

A higher denomination machine would have a higher payout percentage than one with a lower cap. Keep in mind that a single session can go anyway; short-term luck can still sway matters. You’ll have done a lot more than the norm if you want a handy! You’ll be under if you do a lot of dead flips. However, if you play it long enough, it will eventually average out. And (pardon the pun) playing on high limit slots is almost always a better bet.


Because of the higher progressives, I’ve had players question me whether it’s worth it to play high cap. On Lightning Link, a $5 bet on high limit slots with a $100,000 starting grand is not the same as a $5 bet on a low limit with a $10,000 starting grand. It’s much more important for smaller leftists, but let’s start with the big one.

If you bet $5 on a low-limit Lightning Connection, you’re betting ten times more than the minimum bet. That means you have a higher chance of winning the Major and Grand than you will with a 50 cent bet, for example. In a typical case, the minor starts at 100x your bet and caps at 200x your bet, but it’s not out of control with enough games.

As compared to a $5 bet on high limit slots, the difference is important. On the unit, you are now betting the minimum bet. Depending on where you are in the climb to the highest level, your major is 1,000-2,000x your bet. That would be difficult to do. But it’ll be a huge handpay when you do!

Remember the case of Dancing Drums. On pennies, the maximum bet is $8.80 per spin. For a maximum stake, you’ll be able to close the pot more often and have a higher chance of hitting a casino jackpots. Play the same bet on Dancing Drums on dimes for a high limit, and you’ll bet the minimum (presuming all 5 gold symbols are active). So, on dimes, you’ll close the pot less often, so when you do, you’ll have access to leftists who are approximately ten times larger.

At the end of the day, uncertainty is a personal preference. When you play high limit slots, you won’t find the progressives too much, but when you do, they’ll be bigger. For a comparable gamble, you’ll get progressives more often on the lower cap, but each progressive will be worthless. In the long run, they can level out to be close, with the higher cap being slightly higher due to the payback percentage.

Line hits

Line hits are the one area where certain games have no variation. Playing $8.80 a spin on high limit slots on Dancing Drums can result in the same payoff on the same line as an $8.80 bet on pennies on a low limit. It’s awash in those situations.

Check the lines in a game like Lightning Connection, though. If you play $5 a spin on dimes on a low-limit card, you’ll almost certainly get 25 lines. As a result, each line costs higher, but there are fewer lines to hit. Once again, you’re faced with a greater risk of uncertainty.

When you place a $5 bet on a dime denomination in the high limit slots, you’ll almost certainly get 50 lines – twice as many lines – and payouts that are half as good as the low-limit dime denomination. And you’ll touch anything more frequently if you have more rows; they’re less unpredictable. As a result, not only will the high limit slot version offer you a better net payback, but you will also have less uncertainty. On a game as difficult as Lightning Link, that can be extremely useful.

So, which game do you choose?

Even if the odds of a radical move, I still prefer higher payback games over lower limit games. So, using the Lightning Link example given in this post, here are my suggestions, in order of best to worst:

  1. Lightning Connection, high limit, dimes, $5 per spin (minimum bet)
  2. Lightning Connection, low limit, dimes, $5 a spin (minimum bet at that denomination)
  3. Lightning Connection, low stakes, $5 per spin (max bet at that denomination)

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Name: Understanding The Difference Between High And Low Limit Slots

Posted On: 15/04/2021

Author: Alex Karidis