How to Get The Most Out of Casino Comps

How to Get The Most Out of Casino Comps

Comps at casinos can take your casino experience to the next level. Casino comps is short for complementary, which means that players get free products and services on their visits in the casino world.

These freebies can be given by the house and may vary from one player to another. These freebies could be in the form of drinks, concert tickets, or fine dining. They also include flight discounts, hotel stays, room upgrades, and limo use.

1. Join the Players Club

Free drinks are available at most casinos, even if you’re not part of the players’ club. However, this is the only casino comp that you can get if you’re not. It is simple to join. Ask anyone at the casino to show you the location of the club desk. Once you locate it, you will need to present your ID to fill out a membership form.

Las Vegas has many casinos that offer a players club. Be sure to compare the best loyalty programs in Las Vegas to see what your favorite casino offers.

You will be given a card that you can use to play at the slots and other gambling machines. It will keep track of how much you have wagered at the casino. Freebies are usually awarded at 0.2% of your total actions by most casinos.

Here’s how it works:

You’ve spent $1800 an hour playing slots. If you bet $3 per turn and play at 600 spins per minute, you have played 600 hours of slot machines. Based on this, you get $3.60 worth of casino comps.

You should also know that the house edge on most slot machines is at least 5%. This means that your hourly loss will be $90. This makes the slot club extremely profitable. These comp points are based on how you act, not how much you lose. You are entitled to your casino comps even if you lose.

This card can also be presented at the table when you play table games. The pit boss will assess how much you bet on an average and give you comps based on this estimate. It is easy to earn more comps by joining the players club and using the card whenever you gamble. If you lose your card, ask for a replacement.

2. You might consider playing games with a lower house edge

It won’t affect the number of comps you receive. Get those casino comps. Let’s say you instead put the money through a video poker machine. Let’s also say that the house edge for video poker machines is 0.5% rather than 5%.

Instead of a loss of $90 per hour, you can expect a loss of $9 per hour. You’re receiving entertainment at a fair price if you get $3 to $4 an hour in casino comps. This is the trick to success. It is important to recognize which video poker games offer the highest pay tables.

You must be able to play video poker with an optimal strategy. Many frugal gamblers find that their expected hourly value on video poker is higher than they think.

3. Ask for free stuff!

Asking for casino comps is one of the best and easiest tips. Charming and demanding are two different things. Irritable casino employees will be less likely to give you anything for free. This is best for low-level clients. It also helps if your appearance makes you appear to have money. It doesn’t mean you have to spend it all the time, but it is important to appear as you do.

It was great fun to have a back-and-forth with the manager of the casino, several years ago. We tried to convince him that we should all get hot dogs from the casino. It didn’t work out, though.

Do you want to know the reason? It’s easy! We were playing at one of the lowest stakes tables. These casino games don’t have enough rake to merit freebies. He told us that if we played for higher stakes, he would buy all our hot dogs. 

However, this is not true in all casinos. We used to play poker during our day shift.. It was mostly older men and low-rollers who were playing. We were able to have a complimentary lunch each day. It was always delicious. It was some of our favorite clam chowders ever.

4. Optimize your Play at the Tables

Let’s say you play blackjack instead. If you play the right games and have a basic strategy, the house edge is 0.5%. 0.2% in rebates would be a huge deal. You can go even further. The casinos don’t track your actions for dollars when you play table games. 

They do this because they’re not tracking what you do with gambling machines. They estimate how many hours you play and how much per hand. You’ll be rewarded if you can convince them that you are betting more per hand than you do. You can play fewer hands per hour to get more rewards.

How can you do this? Variate the size of your stakes if you are playing a table game. Ask the dealer or pit boss how much they rate you per bet. Ask the dealer or pit boss to revise your rating if you bet more than this on an average.

If you are playing, for example, Blackjack for real money, You can occasionally place $20 or $40 bets for as low as $10 per hand. You want to convince the pit boss you are playing for $20 per hand instead of $10. To reduce the amount you give at the table, it is important to take breaks and leave the table occasionally.

5. Check out Player Club Promotions

Many casinos offer double- or triple points for play during certain times. These are usually hours when they don’t see much action. You’ll get more casino comps if you play during these hours.

If you are a slot player and wager $3 per spin, you can expect to get $7 or $10 an hour in freebies instead of $3 or $4.

Other promotions may offer you more freebies. The casinos advertise these promotions via email and postal mail flyers. These are available for you to find and use. Paying attention to promotions is key if you want to earn more comps at the casino.


Let us close this post by saying that you should not believe that free stuff is available in Vegas and other casino destinations. These casino comps do not reduce your losses. However, long-term casino comps that you receive from casinos will make them a profit.

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Name: How to Get The Most Out of Casino Comps

Posted On: 12/08/2021

Author: Alex Karidis