A Jackpot From The Sky

Did you know? It was raining gold and silver bars in Russia recently. Yes, you heard that right. This incident took place in the Siberian city of Yakutsk, 5000 miles from Moscow a couple of month.

As per the reports, one of the doors in a cargo plane burst open after the take-off where 3.4 tons of alloy made up of gold and silver came crashing down. Approximately more than 9 tons remained intact worth US$156 million. The investigation committee also proclaimed that 172 bars were recovered from the runway.

A Jackpot From The Sky

The Source of the Gold Bars

The gold bars which fell from the Russian plane came from Kupol gold mine located in the Chukotka region. This mine is operated by Kinross Gold, a mining company based in Canada, which claimed that all the bars that tumbled down had been properly accounted in the books.

There is a probability that the plane was sabotaged during the take-off or had simply not been properly stabilised. As the plane took off, the cargo shifted and damaged the plane’s lower hatch. The door sprang open and the loose bars fell out and the plane had to return to the airport.

So, if you expecting something valuable to fall from the sky considering yourself lucky maybe you should consider this:

In the year 2008, Canadian Marian Liknes was speaking on the telephone in her bedroom when something came crashing through the roof. That something was indeed a frozen waste from an aeroplane toilet which smashed and landed on her bed.

According to the Transportation Safety Board authorities, a chunk of ice fell from a passing plane, which contained not only toilet water but human waste, disinfectant and other repugnant articles as well.
Also, in the year 2012, the scene in the London suburb of Mortlake was truly gruesome. The body of a man was found on a sidewalk. The police initially suspected to be a foul play. But later the autopsy revealed that the man was killed by falling from a great height.

The police first thought that the man might have fallen out of the landing gear hold when it opened to prepare for landing. However, the Civil Aviation Authority suggested the man died before the landing gear was released and he had either frozen to death as the hold is not insulated, and temperatures can fall as low as -40 degrees Celsius, or that he was crushed when the landing gear was retracted during the take-off.

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Name: A Jackpot From The Sky

Posted On: 24/09/2018

Author: Alex Karidis