Manipulative gambling in Slot Machine: How to manipulate a slot machine

Manipulative gambling in Slot Machine: How to manipulate a slot machine

A slot machine is a gambling device also known as a fruit machine used for the purpose of creating a game of chance. It was developed in 1891 and became popular quickly all over in the gambling world. This machine is operated by inserting one or more coins into a slot and pulling a handle in order to activate one to three or even more spinning symbols marked into horizontal reels. The payoff is determined by the final horizontal alignment and released into a receptacle at the bottom. The number of payoff coins depends on how many of the symbols lined up after the spinning reels come to rest. Traditionally the slot machine symbols include stars, bars, various fruits, suits, cards and the words ‘jackpot’ and ‘bar’. Earlier the payoff was given in the form of drinks, cigars etc. later the payoff converted into money.

Ways to make fortune in slot machine

Do you know about “monkey paw”,   ”yo-yo”,  ”Eagle Eye”, “Software Glitch”, congratulations! You have knowledge about slot machine manipulation. Here are some detailed tricks and techniques of slot machine manipulation to make your gambling experience more joyful and entertaining.

1.The manipulated coin/yo-yo:

The most common and old manipulative method of slot machines is to use a stringed coin to manipulate the machine’s standard balance to earn without pay. In order to manipulate the slot machine, a long string needs to be attached to the inserting coin. Then the gambler can feed the coin into the machine numerous times while maintaining a registered balance by pulling the coin back through the string. It became successful at a time as the machine mechanism was designed to detect the shape of the coin and unable to detect the nylon string attached with the coin.  

2.Washer coin:

If you can find an alternative of high expense gambling or get a chance of gambling for free, no manipulator would like to leave the chance. It is an old technique of using washers of the same shape and size of a coin while playing. Even with a proper security system, it is hard to identify the move through CCTV footage also. This washer was first invented by a hardware manufacturer in Nevada. Nowadays this technique has become obsolete as it can only be used for the old slot machine which has a coin dispenser. 

3.Foreign currency:

This trick works well on older slot machines. Using foreign coins is consistently a very popular technique for manipulative gambling. Arranging similar-looking less valuable coins are the key to this trick. It is similar to the washer coin trick, in addition, the gambler actually pays in this situation. This technique works with the coins which are interchangeable with less valuable foreign coins, for example, people easily confuse 1000 Indonesian Rupiahs with 2 Euro coins which are worth around 0.067 of its value. Although this manipulative trick is useless for those casinos accepting cards and banknotes. Still, this popular trick works pretty well on vending machines.

Manipulative gambling in Slot Machine: How to manipulate a slot machine

4.Eagle Eye:

This technique works only on an older slot machine where the players can stop the reels manually. It is not an actual manipulation as it requires skills and concentration in gamblers to stop the reels on the correct time. A gambler with sharp eyes and quick reaction can win a jackpot by using this technique. This is a way more sophisticated method. Although after gamblers became famous on this the manufactures needed to redesign the machine so that only one reel can be stopped manually by the players. Unfortunately,  in modern slot machines, all the reels are stopped mechanically only so it is impossible to stop the reels manually.

5.The monkey paw:

The casinos and the slot machine producers keep the inner composition of the machine as a trade secret for security. If the machine falls into an efficient hand, the inner composition can be discovered and manipulated easily. Just like that, Tommy Glenn the cheating genius spent a year around inspected the machine and invented the monkey paw. This device can be made with a guitar or piano. To manipulate any slot machine the paw needs to be inserted into the ventilation system of the machine to evaluate the payout mechanism. After that winning the game even with a casino jackpot can be very easy for any gambler. This technique only works in old slot machines.

6.PRNG Crack:

This technique works on every slot machine but to apply this technique a player requires remarkable programming skills. Pseudo-Random Number Generators (PRNG) produces all combinations in slots. If a bug or a patent exploit in PRNG can be identified by a skilful gambler with ample knowledge of programming, he can easily figure out the next symbol combination of the slot machine. The first word “Pseudo” of PRNG recommends that the man-made algorithm cannot be genuinely random. So a skilful programmer comes in and the gambler can easily crack it and get successful gambling experience. This trick is not every gambler’s cup of tea but potential players can easily crack it to manipulate slot machine gambling.

7.Software glitch:

It is a manipulating technique applied for decades in slot machines. In this technique, the player manipulates the machine by playing a precise pattern of stakes or games. Thus the players are able to confuse the mechanism in the system and trigger a glitch that pays out the ultimate jackpot. Many manipulating gamblers earned money by using this technique over years. Many times also the casino authorities refuse to pay the jackpot to the winning player by claiming software glitch.

8.Gamble online:

Online gambling is an attractive playing zone to the gamblers. Playing slot machines online is way more fruitful than playing in live casinos. In online gambling, there are many options available for free spins and bonus games. One smart gambler can easily figure out the gaming pattern online and play smartly to win. Manipulating the programming pattern of the spin can be easily done by skilful smart gamblers. This technique is not very convenient to apply as it requires a handful of knowledge, but one can easily earn through this as it can be done with some skill and knowledge in the comfort of being in the room.

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Name: Manipulative gambling in Slot Machine: How to manipulate a slot machine

Posted On: 20/10/2020

Author: Alex Karidis