General Misconceptions About Mobile Casino Depositing

Daily the number of casino players worldwide keep growing. Most choose to have fun on the go with their smartphone, rather than tethering themselves to a PC.

However, while the percentage of players engaged in mobile casino gaming has shown an impressive rise, the same is not true for those using mobile payment methods to make deposits. Reasons for this vary, but the more likely explanation is that most players have lots of misconceptions and misinformation on the subject of mobile payments.

So, for the public good, it is wise to debunk a few of the more common myths and misconceptions related to mobile payment methods for mobile casino gaming. Read on and get enlightened!

General Misconceptions About Mobile Casino Depositing

Too Complicated: Most people seem to think that making mobile payments in order to fund your mobile casino account is as complicated as flying without wings! However, making a deposit via mobile is one of the easiest things you can do.
To start, just log into your mobile casino account, wait for a text and when it arrives you confirm that you want the transaction to proceed. All this takes mere seconds, do not require the inputting of complicated bank details and other information and are actually as easy as eating a scoop- of vanilla ice cream!
Danger, and Lots of It!: Quite a few fear for the security of their mobile deposits. Apparently, they worry that texts to and from their mobile casinos might be intercepted, altered, broken, impaled or the like!
However, making deposits via mobile is extremely secure. Also, in order to deter hackers and get an FSA – Financial Services Authority- rating, a mobile casino has to possess an extraordinary level of online security and encrypted banking systems.
If a casino have an FSA rating, you are deemed to be safer than you think you are.
Slow and Slower!: Quite a few people hold the notion that mobile deposits take an unreasonably long time to process. But if you are making a deposit via mobile, then the bill is either charged to your monthly bill or instantly deducted from the credit available in your phone. A bank is not actually needed to transfer money to and fro. As a result, the entire process takes place at near the speed of light.
Fear of Transaction Fees!: Some think that making mobile deposits make them liable for paying huge in transaction fees. Actually, the entire process is free as air.
Credit Cards and Bank Accounts A Must!: The beauty of making deposits via mobile is that credit cards, bank accounts, debit cards and the like are totally unnecessary. Though those paying monthly via their phone bill might need a bank account so as to make direct debit payments, deposits made via mobile do not need anything of the sort.
Players can simply top off their phone credit with cash and then use this same credit to make a deposit in their favourite mobile casino. Simple, easy, fast and totally stress-free! It really doesn’t get better than this!

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Name: General Misconceptions About Mobile Casino Depositing

Posted On: 19/07/2018

Author: Alex Karidis