What Is A Non Sticky Bonus?

If you were to enjoy a bonus winning, wouldn’t you want to withdraw it? Non-sticky bonuses refer to the category of bonus which can be cashed out upon fulfilling all bonus requirements. Most casinos give away bonuses to new players upon signing up and making the first deposit. Commonly, non-sticky bonuses vary between 50% and 100% of the initial deposit made by a player. As opposed to this are the sticky bonuses which cannot be withdrawn by players as cash money but can be used to place bets.

What Is A Non Sticky Bonus?

How do you know which is a non sticky bonus?

Prior to joining a casino, it’s important to find out the type of bonus which you will be availing of. Online casinos may not distinctly use either of the terms, sticky or non sticky bonuses in their offers. You can find it out by scrutinizing the terms and conditions of the bonus category offered. Bonuses for wagering refer to sticky bonuses which can be used for betting only. Bonuses that allow a player to turn over the amount of bonus a specific number of times before withdrawing it, refers to a non-sticky bonus.

Some sticky bonuses appear too good to be true which are offered when registering with the site. For instance, if your chosen gambling hotspot is giving away up to 400% of your initial deposit, it could mean that the risk is low for the casino. Online casino may not really give generous non-sticky bonuses that big. At the most, you may see them offering a 100% match bonus of your deposit.

Why opt for a this bonus?

A number of players prefer the non sticky bonus as they provide an opportunity to make cash money, though the fact is that it may not be as easy to turn this type of bonus into cash, especially at online casinos. You’ll see that most casinos restrict players from using their bonuses on specific games and even types of bet, thus limiting the overall scope of winning cash rewards.

Advantages of sticky bonus over non sticky

Players often learn to play the games better by making risky bets and exploring newer strategies that they may not have tried otherwise. With non sticky bonuses, you can play with your own balance first without getting into fulfilling wagering requirements.

The bonus gets activated only when players enter the bonus balance. For example, a player makes a €100 deposit and then claims a 100% welcome bonus of the sticky bonus type, his €100 deposit amount gets mixed with the €100 given away by the casino as a match bonus. At this point, the bonus terms and conditions start applying. On the other hand, if the same player claims a non-sticky bonus at the casino, he will first use his €100 to start playing and any amount that he wins can instantly be withdrawn by him. Here, there are no wagering or bonus conditions to comply to. However, if he loses his €100, the bonus will be activated and he will have to begin the wagering process.

With its rising popularity, non sticky bonus seems to be one of the most common types of casino bonuses offered these days. Some players and experts say that these are better than the traditional sticky bonuses as they do not put the wagering pressure from the very first spin.

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Name: What Is A Non Sticky Bonus?

Posted On: 02/12/2018

Author: Alex Karidis