Multi Line Vs One Line Slots: Explained

Playing games online is overwhelming and exciting, but it is true for seasoned players. Many new entrants may face issues in understanding online games and may end up losing some money. Slots are the basic games and thus they are mostly attempted by new players. However, it may look very easy, but there is a huge variety of slot games to be played online. Typically there are single line and multi-line slots to choose from while playing in a online casino.

Multi Line Vs One Line Slots: Explained

Earlier, it was difficult to incorporate multi-line slots and thus online gambling was restricted to single line slots. However, with technology driving the online gaming industry, many multi-line slots were introduced and now they are played widely. As a matter of fact, the multi-line slots have become more popular than the single line slots. 

The shift has happened primarily due to the people’s expectations of having more variety in games and the technological ability with the online slot makers to make it happen. A single slot machine may be boring and monotonous as the same slots are played again and again. With the introduction of multi-line slots, there is a variety in slots and one feels like he has entered a casino and gets to play the different options.

Multi-line slots have great features attached to it, they come in different themes and they also have more offers and prizes attached to them. Single slots are the classic slots which people keep going back to and are more comfortable with while multi slots are a newer version of these slots and make the online casino more interesting and engaging. Here are some of the differences between multi-line slots and single line slots. 

Most of the online slots – both single slots and multi slots have free spins and bonus spins. These spins can be rewards or even a daily bonus for playing the games. With multi slots, the chances of winning can be increased as there are multiple slots to exercise the spins on and thus the players win more. 

With multiple slots, there are multiple winning combinations and thus these combinations can lead to different wagers. One can place wagers in different ways and ensure his win. While in a single slot, there are limited combinations and thus limited wagering opportunities and limited winning opportunities. 

Single slots have been in the picture for a long time now and have entertained people throughout. They are now termed as classic slots due to their constant nature. On the other hand, multi-line slots can accommodate more players with each player having more chances to play and win. This means that the players are exposed to more options and more players are exposed to the slots, making it more interactive, attractive and more entertaining.  

The structure of multi-line slots is way different than that of a single slot. Multi-line slots come in different sizes and with different themes. While playing on a single line slot may seem boring and monotonous after multiple rounds as a single slot is a constant. This implies that the players can get the hang of different machines and learn the different techniques all by themselves. It gives the feel of being present in a live casino. The players enjoy much more with multi slots as compared to the single line slots.  

Having listed the differences, it is not that playing on multi-line slots will ascertain wins or playing on single line slots will never lead you to a big win. Winning or losing in a slot is completely a skill based game. It depends on the strategies that the player is using and the way the player manages the free spins and converts them into big wins. The different slots require different skill sets and different practices to play and win as one plain strategy cannot work for both the slots. 

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Name: Multi Line Vs One Line Slots: Explained

Posted On: 01/07/2019

Author: Alex Karidis