Online Blackjack Myths You Will Hear Often

Blackjack is of course insanely popular. It is a rather simple game that has been around for a few centuries and will no doubt outlive you!

Over the years, like a rolling stone that goes against convention and gathers moss, it has acquired some myths and legends. Most of these do not bear investigating and are silly in the extreme. Others though will be properly examined for plausibility, so read on and keep alert.

Online Blackjack Myths You Will Hear Often

21 Needed To Defeat The Dealer– This is one of the most enduring online blackjack myths. In fact, 21 points are not needed to defeat the dealer, though getting that amount of points can be useful. Instead, the dealer can be defeated with a hand of low value when he/she goes bust. It bears repeating that the chief aim in online blackjack is to have a better hand than those of the dealer. The worth of this hand is irrelevant so long as it is of better value than the dealer’s hand.

Wins Are Assured– After 20 consecutive losing streaks, it might be tempting to imagine that the universe owes you a win. This is, however, a very mistaken belief. In fact, the game of online blackjack is a game that’s as even as possible. Thus, winning or losing streaks of 50 hands are not all that unusual.

More Variants = Better House Edge– There are lots of online blackjack variants in the market. As a result of this, players might imagine that picking the correct variant will result in a game that has the house edge decisively skewed in their favour.

Insurance Bets Are The Bomb!– While insurance bets sometimes have their uses, they are on the whole a very bad bet when the odds are properly considered. Each 52-card deck used in blackjack has 16 cards that are worth 10 points. This puts the probability of the dealer having both an ace and a ten at 32%. The probability of this not occurring is, however, an astounding 69%.

Betting Systems Can Defeat Dealers– In actuality, betting systems in online blackjack boils down to money management that makes lets players play longer, slightly reduce the house edge and make for better gameplay. They do not, however, assure beating the dealer at his game.

Dealers Never Go Bust– This is a widespread myth. Actually, the online blackjack dealer can go bust, especially when trying to catch up to players that have a hand that’s better than theirs.

Luck Not Skill Wins At Blackjack– While a significant majority of players think that online blackjack is purely a game of luck, it actually isn’t. Rather, it happens to be a game where skill is the predominant factor necessary for success. While there’s some luck involved, what happens during gameplay is totally up to the dealer and player(s). Thus, a player can luckily get a marvellous opening hand, but through lack of skill fritter it away. Conversely, a skilled player might be saddled with a poor hand, but patiently build it up and win the game.

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Name: Online Blackjack Myths You Will Hear Often

Posted On: 26/10/2018

Author: Alex Karidis