How RNG Is Used in Online Casinos

Some of the significant questions that come to our minds when gambling online include the legitimacy of the site and whether the games played are fair. RNG refers to a technology known as the Random Number Generator which is applied by online gambling establishments to ensure fair play to all players.

How RNG Is Used in Online Casinos

RNG: Types used across online casino

There are various kinds of RNGs used on the gambling platform and the notable ones include True RNGs and Pseudo RNGs. Pseudo RGNs work on an algorithm where numbers are generated in a predictable manner using a mathematical formula while the latter type operates without planting any algorithm. Most virtual casinos use the Pseudo RNG method as they ascertain higher objectivity. While several RNG software brands are used across the online casino platform, some are better known for their accuracy.

Pseudo Random Number Generator: How it works at online Casino
In this mechanism, the algorithm calculates the results. For instance, when players activate a game on the machine by pressing the start button, they expect a win. However, the combination of symbols that appear is predetermined prior to the launching of the reels. This means that the process uses a thousand digits or more to calculate the results using mathematical operations which include addition, subtraction, division, multiplication, rounding and other formulas.

Firstly, the generator calculates the next value based on the basic number using the algorithm whereby the outcome number acts as the following basic value to be used by the algorithm to calculate further. This process continues without halting, thus making it practically next to impossible to find out the next number.

RNGs are registered and approved by gambling regulators and casinos using this mechanism possess a certification of fair gambling.

Why are RNGs valued at online casinos?

The technology used behind RNGs is still in the process of further research and development so as to enhance its performance at par with modern games and software. The latest models of the RNG software provide a multistage safeguard to ensure better protection with the use of the complex algorithm. This also prevents the possibilities of the software being hacked easily.

The RNG certificate of compliance used by online casino operators indicates the site’s transparency to a great extent making the establishment more reliable for players to enjoy gambling with real money.

All games offered by online gambling sites need regular screening and lab testing to ensure maximum fairness and thus even RNGs undergo regular evaluations. Popular online casinos ensure fair winning opportunities to all players and thus right from online roulette, live dealer games to slot titles; all casino games are scanned using RNGs.

If you are an online gambling aficionado, it would always be wise to spot RNG certified casinos before you begin wagering your hard earned money. RNG batches determine the trustworthiness of casinos and the games on the offing.

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Name: How RNG Is Used in Online Casinos

Posted On: 04/08/2018

Author: Alex Karidis