Sticky Casino Bonus Everything You Would Like to Know

Everything You Ever Wanted to Know about Sticky Casino Bonus

Online casinos are used to offering bonuses just to gain a competitive edge. These bonuses are effective ways of enticing or luring new customers to the online casinos and also, to keep maintaining loyal customers. However, some of these casino bonuses include sticky bonuses. A sticky casino bonus definitely comes with certain strings attached. Casinos enjoyed far more Title | Brightstar Casinoliberty in terms of bonus offers in the past as compared to the present times. Casino bonus hunting seems to be the basic practice of finding or identifying the best or the most attractive casino bonuses so that you can maximize your winnings just from these casino bonuses alone. 

Once casino bonus hunting began to gain traction, online casinos started to identify effective ways of making bonus hunting slightly less enticing by making things far more difficult for cashing out the bonus money via low-risk gambling that takes place at the casino. One effective way of achieving this goal was to come up with the concept of a sticky casino bonus.   

Understanding a Sticky Casino Bonus

Sticky casino bonuses are often referred to as phantom bonuses. These bonuses are officially known as non-cashable bonuses and are meant for exclusively wagering purposes. You simply cannot withdraw a sticky casino bonus from specifically the player’s account. We understand that the bonus amount would be stuck at the players’ account until the entire amount is lost and this practically disappears just like a phantom. 

There are two types of sticky bonuses. In the first kind of sticky bonus, the entire bonus would remain stuck very much in your account, but you could keep on using it for placing bets until the entire amount is lost or maybe until the amount seems to reach its predetermined expiration date. In the second kind of sticky bonus, the moment you withdraw the very first casino bonustime from your account, your entire bonus money is lost. It is just like holding two separate accounts- a casino deposit and casino bonus accounts. You may not be allowed to cash out your bonus account, but you could consider using it for winning money that could be cashed out. 

Discovering the Benefits of a Sticky Casino Bonus

We understand that a sticky casino bonus is generally larger as compared to a non-sticky bonus. It could be pretty common to identify 100 per cent match deposit bonus meant for non-sticky bonuses. It is not challenging to identify 300 per cent or even more in sticky bonuses from casinos. Another benefit is associated with the wagering requirements associated with the bonus. A non-sticky bonus may be having a wagering requirement ranging from 20 to 30 times the bonus amount before you could withdraw your winnings, whereas, the sticky casino bonus could be having a wagering requirement as low as just four times the amount. You would not be restricted to certain games, and there is no need to keep tracking what you seem to be playing. Another important benefit that you would be enjoying is once you have fulfilled all the wagering requirements associated with the casino bonus. Even if you lose while playing with this bonus, your bonus amount would still stay in your account. This particular money could be used effectively for placing bets that provide you with an opportunity to get away from your loss.

A Sticky Casino Bonus & Its Risks

Simply because sticky bonuses usually offer incredibly high percentage bonuses, often you may get enticed into depositing a much greater amount into your account for making the most of the high percentage. Here you face the risk of losing substantial amounts of money. The sticky casino bonus Bottom Lineproves to be risky for a particular player who is accustomed to playing conservatively and keeps betting small sums of money eventually.

Bottom Line

For maximizing your profits from a specific sticky casino bonus, it is mandatory to play aggressively. This could mean adopting an all-or-nothing gambling approach. You must always keep in mind that sticky bonuses are supposed to be eliminated from your account once you try withdrawing it. Hence, it necessitates reading all the terms & conditions involved. You must understand that sticky casino bonuses are always accompanied with strings attached. So tread with caution.

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Name: Sticky Casino Bonus Everything You Would Like to Know

Posted On: 08/12/2019

Author: Alex Karidis