Triple Zero Roulette- A Complete Guide For Players

Triple Zero Roulette- A Complete Guide For Players

There was only one type of roulette in the world initially, which is known as European roulette. Then the game became popular, and Americans added another pocket to increase their house edge. It became popular as American Roulette. Then in 2016, an extra empty, thirty-ninth pocket appeared on roulette in The Venetian Casino of Las Vegas. The house placed its house logo “S” on it, and triple-zero roulette was born.

The game of roulette is quite popular, and over time, different variants have emerged. One of them is three-zero roulette. This article talks about every aspect of triple-zero roulette.

How Is Triple-Zero Roulette Different From Other Variants?

In the casino world, two types of roulette are very popular- European and American Roulette. While you will find a handful of European tables in America, it is the original roulette game. The layout of the roulette wheel is what makes the three of these variants different from each other.

The European Roulette has 37 slots. One is zero, and the others are numbers from 1 to 36. In an American Roulette, there are double-zeros. So, there are 38 slots; two of them are 0 and 00, while the others are numbers from 1 to 36.

The name of Triple-Zero Roulette is self-explanatory as it depicts three zero slots on the layout. There are 0, 00 and 000. Sometimes, the house name takes the place of the 000. 

Different Bets In A Triple-Zero Roulette

While the odds of a straight bet in a triple-zero roulette are 38 to 1, the payout is the same as European and American Roulette.  

The other bets in the Triple-Zero Roulette are-

  • Straight Up Bet- When you bet on a single number.
  • Split– When you bet on two adjacent numbers
  • Street Bet- When you bet on three adjacent numbers
  • Double Street- When you place a bet on six horizontal numbers.

If you want to play safer, you can also place outside bets which offer fewer payouts.

  • Red or Black- When you bet on any number in a red or black pocket
  • Odd Or Even- When you bet on any even or any odd number
  • Low or high- When you bet on the low side, from 1 to 18, or you bet on the high side, from 19 to 36
  • Column Bet- When you bet on vertical columns having 12 numbers
  • Dozen Bet- When you bet on a pair of 12 numbers

Is House Edge A Problem?

No. House edge isn’t a problem. Instead, it is a convenience fee you are paying by letting the house rule. It is the source of income for casinos so that they can operate the casinos. The problem arises when the house edge is more than what’s fair. That’s the case with triple-zero tables.

Where Can One Play A Triple Zero Roulette?

If Vegas is your betting spot and you love visiting MGM Grand, Harrah’s, Linq, or Flamingo, you will find the tables there. These triple-zero roulettes can be found everywhere in Las Vegas. It was believed that the lesser demand for the table would automatically mark its extinction, but it is not a possibility anymore. The biggest reason is the ignorance of the new players. They don’t seem to mind if there are one, two, or three green pockets on the wheel.

Should One Play At A Triple-Zero Table?

Honestly, no. It isn’t fair for the players. A house edge of 7.69% is too much. If you see a European table, go for it. These tables are not very popular in Vegas casinos, though. The American roulette tables have taken their place, and casinos love them. They earn them more money after all. But if possible, try to stay away from a triple-zero table.

You will never find an expert player at these tables, only newbie players who don’t know much about it. Rather enjoy a game of slots.

Wrap Up

It’s better to gain knowledge about a game before losing money due to ignorance. Many people make a mistake and lose their money on triple-zero roulette, where their chances are slim. This article talked about the game, its rules, how it affects players, whether you should play it or not. So, learn more and play more.

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Name: Triple Zero Roulette- A Complete Guide For Players

Posted On: 20/10/2021

Author: Alex Karidis