Different Types of Progressive Jackpots

Most casino players often dream about getting your hands on a progressive jackpot that’s worth tens of thousands or even millions.
The immense fortunes that progressive jackpots often contain is the prime reason why slots that have it are more popular than those that do not. Progressive jackpots are not static, but each time players play it and lose, a little more is added to bulk it up, till it is near enough to buy a luxury yacht!
There are also different types of progressive jackpots on the market and depending on the progressive jackpot, it might be wise to play each differently. Read on and learn all you can of these online jackpots.

Different Types of Progressive Jackpots

What Are Progressive online Jackpots?

Progressive jackpots comprise a network of multiple slot machines that are all connected to an identical jackpot prize which their players can win. Whenever any of the connected slots is played, the jackpot prize increases a little. To be eligible for an online jackpot, players are normally required to play with the maximum allowable paylines and have a bit of money in their accounts, due to the fact that wagering for a progressive jackpot is a different cup of tea from normal slot playing.

In effect, every slot player betting on the online jackpot contributes some money to the prize. When the progressive jackpot is triggered, one or more of these players get to collect fortunes.

Here are the different types of progressive jackpots in existence

Standalone Progressive Jackpot– These kinds of progressive jackpots as the name implies are not connected to other slots and the prize is fixed! Here, a predetermined percentage is subtracted from the wagers of players and added to the prize. The jackpot is awarded to the player who first forms the right combo of icons. A jackpot meter is normally placed at reel sides, to enable players visually confirm their progress to the prize.
Most types of this online jackpot boast identical payouts to other progressive jackpots but differ in that the awarded prizes are usually less and a bigger variety of players earn wins.

In-House Progressive Jackpot– This form of an online jackpot is also known as Proprietary Progressive and comprise a group of interconnected slots that are both operated by and owned by a casino. They are not the sort that throws millions of pounds at you but still offer quite substantial prizes. Due to their offering less in the way of prizes, they are not all that popular but make up for it by offering better odds on wins.

Wide Area Progressive Jackpot– These are the real deal and consist of slots that are connected to each other on multiple online or brick-and-mortar casinos and offer the sort of prizes that bless players with millions. These online jackpots are regulated by the operator but are occasionally designed by some third party software companies. However, as these online jackpots are linked to many casinos, the odds of players getting their hands on them are very low.

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Name: Different Types of Progressive Jackpots

Posted On: 12/09/2018

Author: Alex Karidis