Understanding The Live Casino Dealing

Live casino games are conducted through a live dealer. This made possible by remorseless advances in technology and has since become quite popular.

Live casinos are designed to mimic as realistically as possible the experience that players would get in a brick-and-mortar casino. This they have done so well that casinos without a live dealer are basically regarded as being incomplete. Read on for a better understanding of how live casinos and their dealers came into being.

Understanding The Live Casino Dealing

Live Casino Dealers: A History

Live casinos with live dealers arose from the increasing popularity of online casinos. These were introduced during the mid 90’s and took off with a bang!

These casinos in comparison to their land-based counterparts offer better customer care, had an astounding array of games, and let players play at any time of the day or night in the comfort of their homes and much more besides.

With the general improvement in tech and the development of smartphones and faster computing devices, live casino games experienced an unprecedented boom and currently threaten to eclipse their brick-and-mortar counterparts.

How Do live casinos Work?

There is nothing in the least esoteric in the way live casino dealer games are set up. Gameplay is broadcast live from a plush studio that could be located anywhere practicable. This video stream is normally in HD or better and the player usually has options to customize what they can see of the action.

Few online casinos do not use live dealers. The role is instead performed by a computer simulation.

There’s also not much difference between live dealer games and most other casino games players can find online. The live dealer games are streamed from developer studios located in different parts of the world. They can, however, be also streamed from real casinos. This lets players select bet amounts, choose chips sitting at remote locations.

Role of a live dealer

The live casino dealer, of course, performs all the roles that his land-based counterpart does, like dealing cards, interacting with players, spinning the roulette wheel and lots more. The dealer is normally located in a well-designed set that’s owned by an online casino, or might even be located in an actual casino.

All these make for truly immersive gameplay.

The Live Dealer Casino Industry

As previously stated, live dealer casino games are still relatively new but have an astounding popularity index all over the globe. They are mostly available in countries like the UK, Belgium, Spain, and Italy where gambling is legal and have become so profitable that they form a large part of the always-substantial yearly profits that most casinos make.

Helping make them so popular and accessible is that no special software is required to play them. They are instead made an integral part of the lobbies of most live casinos and all a player has to do is to click on a tab to load their prefered live game and then have all possible fun.

As well, live casino dealer games are increasingly showing up on mobile devices, these include smartphones and tablets and are due to advances in mobile tech. Thus, players can play on the move, rather than being tied down to a computer, and with the growing sophistication of mobile live dealer games, the best is yet to come, in the form of better eye-candy and the slickest animation effects.

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Name: Understanding The Live Casino Dealing

Posted On: 28/07/2018

Author: Alex Karidis