What Is A Void Bet?

The void bet is that bet which can be cancelled without any loss or profit as such. It is moreover like the bet that was never placed.  When the bet becomes void your amount is reversed to your account.

 What Is A Void Bet?

Possibilities of the bet being void:

There are a lot of if’s and but’s when it comes to a void bet such an event that is outlined will decrease the possibility of void bets. The possibilities differ according to the game. For example, in tennis, betting sites have different rules regarding player injury, sometimes with some sites make a bet live as soon as a ball is served while on the contrary, some bets only go live if the match is completed and yet others depending on how many games or sets have been played in the game. As such, if a player retires in the second set and you have bet on him to win the match, depending on the rules of the bookie that bet could be void, meaning you get your stake back, or you could lose, as the other player is deemed to have won.

This was an example with respect to Tennis. There are many other possibilities of a bet being void in different sports betting as well as casino betting, some of them are:

  • If the match or event is postponed: 

    No matter what the game is football, golf or horse racing or anything the chances of the match being postponed is always there. The match might be postponed due to weather conditions with waterlogged or frozen tracks, pitches and courses a particular problem in winter. The bet you place in such situations will be deemed as void.

  •  If the event is abandoned:

This can happen very rarely in any game but when there is a problem of handling the crowd or many players are injured to dismiss the game then the event can be abandoned. If you place the bet in such an atmosphere it will be considered as a void bet.
In the case of abandonment and postponements, one must also be aware that these will not always be considered as void bets. Bookies may have different terms and conditions so it is always advisable to check with whichever site you placed your bet. Usually, if a game or an event is re-played or re-scheduled within a certain timeframe, original bets will stand. This is often 72 hours, meaning that more often than not bets are indeed void but occasionally bets will stand on the re-organised contest.

  • If there is a Non-runner/Injured:

    This most probably happens in horse racing, if your selection is withdrawn before the race starts then it will be a non-runner and the bet is considered to be a void bet. Even when there are injuries in sports such as golf, tennis, and boxing it could lead to a void bet. In football, if you place the bet on the first scorer and if your player starts on the bench and comes on after the first goal has been scored, or doesn’t come on at all then it will be a void bet.

  • Because of certain rules:

    Sometimes the bookies can void your bet because of certain rules which vary with the games. Consider the following situations in different sports, for example, A cricket match is reduced in overs or a tennis match takes place on a different surface or there is a change of pitcher in baseball. These rules will be specified by the bookmaker in the rules section for the given sport.

  • If there is an error:

    There are possibilities of some errors happening in the market like sometimes the betting sites may leave the market live when the betting has  already started, and in such cases, the bets that players put will be void.

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Name: What Is A Void Bet?

Posted On: 03/03/2019

Author: Alex Karidis