Wagering requirements of Online Casino Games

How to wager on casino games

What Is Casino Wagering?

Casino bonuses and free spins, unless otherwise stated, come with wagering requirements. These wagering requirements are the conditions you must fulfil to be able to withdraw any earnings which are associated with a bonus deal. All bonuses have terms and conditions and it is these that specify what a player must wager to be able to withdraw any bonus cash or winnings associated with that bonus. You must meet these terms or requirements to benefit from any promotion.

Casino wagering talks about two different sides of your online casino game experience. Firstly, there are the wagering requirements that come with your casino bonuses and free spins. And secondly, each game has a minimum and maximum “wager limit” as in how much you can play for per spin.

Why Do Online Casinos Have Wagering Requirements?

Now that we have understood what wagering requirements actually are and how they generally work, the next question that pops in mind is why online casino games apply them to their offers. The answer to that question is they do this to prevent unscrupulous individuals from taking unfair advantage of offers and promotions. These terms and conditions ensure that any player who benefits from a bonus run by the casino in question bets with the casino even if it is only once. Wagering requirements and contributions ensure things remain fair for both the player and the casino. 

Another reason for wagering requirements is to counter money laundering. Without any checks and balances, online casinos can offer a huge bonus, with designated players deliberately signing up and withdrawing the bonus money, thus creating a mechanism to move money from one pocket into another.

When Do You Sustain Casino Wagering Requirements?

In most cases, every time you claim a bonus at an online casino, you will be accepting wagering requirements. You should always read the terms and conditions before claiming any bonus, to see all the wagering requirements for that particular offer. It is often a good idea not to claim new bonuses until you have fulfilled the wagering requirements of the previously claimed bonus.

How Does Wagering Work on Online Slots?

Wagering on online slots is simple to learn. When you open an online slot you will see that different games offer different wagering options. Some games will offer you a minimum and maximum bet value, allowing you to increase your stake and in turn increase your payout, while other slots will allow you to multiply your coins by also changing the bet level.

Wagering Requirement Free Bonuses

It may be hard to believe but some casino games offer bonuses comprising no wagering requirements. These rare deals are often only worth a very small amount of cash, and some loyalty bonuses come free of requirements. But before claiming any such bonus, just check the terms and conditions again to make sure if it is free of wagering requirements.

Sticky and Non-Sticky Bonus

  • Sticky bonus

    – Sticky bonuses are when the deposit is tied to the bonus funds instantly. This disables you from cashing out until the wagering requirements have been met.

  • Non-sticky bonus

    – Here the deposit amount is free of wagering requirements and you can use it to play more without being conditioned to any more wagering. Any winnings from this deposit amount can be withdrawn immediately on condition that the amount has been forfeited. The wagering requirements in non-sticky bonuses comes into action only when you lose and start using the bonus balance instead.

How Much Can I Bet on Casino Games?

All the games in an online casino have their maximum and minimum bet levels, either based on volatility, table type, or paylines. Some are set without bet levels, others let you use many variations of bets. It is up to you to choose what bet size fits your style of play and which games again suit that.

Wagering Requirements might seem like pain after being assured of such grand deals at online casinos. But, at the end of the day, they are for your good. So, you should try to know and understand how to wager your casino game money by studying the terms and conditions and calculating your odds. You can spend your deposit money alone and try to gain something from it. However, if it is tethered to your bonus amount, you will not be able to cash out any earnings until you have fulfilled the wagering requirements. Wagering Requirements are there for a reason. But of course, it is all about personal preferences and you need to do your research properly before you start to wage.

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Name: Wagering requirements of Online Casino Games

Posted On: 29/01/2020

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