What is a Blackjack Party? Is it good to play?


Evolution gaming’s Blackjack Party can be described as Live Blackjack with a party-themed twist. The game is the same as Live Blackjack and offers the same betting options. The game’s presentation is a bit different because the dealers are determined to entertain the players.

The game takes place at a standard 7-seat table. It is open to everyone. This is great because the game has so many players. There are many things to do.

Blackjack Party: How to Play

Blackjack Party streamed live from disco-themed. This studio is different from anything you’ve ever seen and is filled with disco-type elements.

Blackjack Party works on all types of devices. You can also enjoy the Blackjack experience on any device by enabling several camera views. It is also available. Fully licensed and regulated, this is done by the Maltese Gaming Authority and the UK Gambling Commission.

Game Features

Blackjack Party can accommodate up to seven players. However, this is not true. Players can also use the bet behind option. This ensures that there are no fully booked tables and that everyone can join the party.

Blackjack Party the dealer stands at 17. Splitting hands is possible, but only one player can do it. Doubling down is permitted for the first two cards. These are just two options, but there are many side bets. These side bets are available to Live Blackjack players as well. These side bets include 21+3, Perfect couples.

Perfect pairs and 21+3 side bets offer handsome payouts that can be very worthwhile for players. These can be paid out at 25:1 or 100:1, respectively, and they are not related to the main game’s outcome. Blackjack Party, like Live Blackjack, also offers a live chat. This is an exciting feature due to the informal nature of the game. It allows players to have fun talking with the dealers and getting into the Blackjack groove.

Video Features

Party Blackjack has one of the best things. Live streaming in HD. This is not a live stream, as it is easy to get lost if it is blackjack. The party aspect of the game makes it stand out among the rest and adds an extra dimension to the experience..

As with all other evolution Gaming Blackjack Party products also include a CGI element. This element is used to display the different graphics. These features make blackjack more enjoyable. These include the amount of a player’s stake, his winnings, and any possible side bets.

Blackjack Party: The Pros

This blackjack version is unique in online gambling. This version of blackjack has some distinct advantages over traditional live blackjack. These benefits are described below.

The banter between Dealer and Host

You’re likely to be familiar with a single dealer if you have played live blackjack. They often work long hours and don’t have the time to chat with players. It is worth trying the live version, as it has some social aspects. You won’t always be able to have interesting conversations with the dealer.

Blackjack Party is an excellent example of table banter. The host and dealer talk almost nonstop to each other. You can also ask them questions or make comments. The host is a crucial part of this experience.

Chat with two casino employees

Live blackjack dealers may not always have much to offer. If the croupier doesn’t speak, you might feel bored. It solves the problem by having two casino employees at each table. The employee’s job is to have fun and make new friends. If you don’t feel like the dealer is talking to you, you can always point your questions at the host.

Amazing Backdrop

Many live dealer studios have modest backgrounds. Blackjack Party tables offer animated backgrounds. You might be able to see moving graphics behind the dealer and host, for example. You might also find a Caribbean Beach-style background at a table. Although it may not seem to make a big difference, the novelty effect can be pretty significant. It does offer something unique from the typical live blackjack table.

Low Edge

Live casinos did not invent this type of blackjack. For a few years, party tables were available in land-based casinos. This latter includes blaring music and lightly dressed dealers. There are even women dancing at nearby pools. Party blackjack on land is just as much about flirting with women as the game itself.

These party tables may sound appealing to red-blooded men. You’ll pay for it in the form of horrible rules. The land-based Party Blackjack game features 6:5 natural payoffs, dealers hitting soft 17 double-down restrictions, and other unfavorable conditions. You’ll have a well-above 2% house edge.

Live Party Blackjack has a lower house edge than its brick-and-mortar counterpart. It does have a clear advantage over land-based party tables when it comes to the house advantage.

You will usually face 0. Live dealer Party Blackjack has a 5% house advantage. This house advantage is comparable to virtual online blackjack and better than what you will find at a typical land-based table.

Cons of Blackjack Party

Blackjack Party is a great way to have some innocent fun while gaming. Be aware of the following drawbacks before you start to play.

Distracting Environment

Party Blackjack tables are a great place to be if you can think clearly in a noisy environment.

It would be best if you thought twice about playing this game when there are distractions. The tables have a lot to offer, including background graphics and chatter between the dealer and host.

It is possible to lose concentration and make poor strategic decisions. You won’t enjoy the moments when you make mistakes due to distractions if you want to lower the blackjack house edge.

It is not available at most live casinos

You may feel as though you are about to jump on the first party table that you see. Most people don’t realize this. Live dealer casinos this game is not yet available. Only a few studios offer the party variant. It has not had much success in spreading throughout the gaming industry. Party Blackjack may still be available at your favorite casino. However, it would help if you did not assume you will be able to play Party Blackjack.


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Name: What is a Blackjack Party? Is it good to play?

Posted On: 23/06/2021

Author: Alex Karidis