Will Enhanced Artificial Intelligence Spell the End for Live Dealers?

Will Enhanced Artificial Intelligence Spell the End for Live Dealers?

The development of artificial intelligence is slowly turning our lives into a sci-fi saga. Artificial intelligence has replaced millions of human workers across the globe to date, and the increase is happening rapidly.

These advances are also transforming our travel habits. Every week, we’re getting closer to the day when we’ll see roads full of autonomous vehicles.

While many gamblers are ecstatic about the idea of a self-driving car for long road trips, however, others are skeptical about the idea. We are particularly concerned about the consequences that these advances will bring to the casino.

Do AI enhancements mean the end of live dealers? It’s a bit far off, but We have got a few thoughts about how the impacts might affect those who play at casinos.

Rise of the Machines

Automated games are played in numerous casinos with land-based locations. They feature real dice, cards as well as a roulette wheel. However, the games are missing one vital element; the live dealers are not present. This is because automated games manage every aspect of the game using an algorithm.

The games list is extensive. Although you won’t be able to discover every game at all casinos, blackjack, Baccarat, roulette, craps, and video poker remain among the most played options.

Even games like Keno are getting into the action. If luck is on our side, the bingo game will not be affected. We are not bingo fans. However, there is something that is uncomfortable about the thought of a voice from a robot booming “B-19” over the intercom.

Robots in the Casino

Transitioning from the traditional casino games to the computerized version hasn’t happened quickly. Robots have made casinos’ lives easier for many years.

Before the modern-day automated games were invented, bartenders who were overwhelmed and servers of cocktails were equipped with an effective weapon. You can imagine, during busy times, the casino bar staff and live dealers are often busy.

The stream of constant drinks for thirsty patrons is like the mail that never ceases to come. Therefore, casinos gave their staff members an ear with self-service bars. The towers are helpful to everyone. Bartenders are less burdened with their work to do. 

The cocktail servers don’t have to sit in the bar waiting around while the guests at the casino are served their drinks promptly. Many gamblers think that the casino will allow a bartender to offer you a drink as soon as seated. But, the casino has to know that you’re betting.

Additionally, they want you to bet enough to ensure that the drinks are worth it. It’s mostly at your discretion as to the server of the cocktails. In many major casinos, there’s an automated system that will monitor how much you’ve been playing. After you’ve cleared a particular value, the player will get drinks.

It seems the days of sitting in the bank of slot machines and spinning when the server comes in are over. Comp monitoring was one of the first areas of casinos to be automated. 

This made life easier for pit bosses as well as the players’ club personnel. The positive impact that the trend toward automation has brought to the casino indicates that the trend is set to continue for the next few years.

The Traditional Live Dealers

The traditional live dealers at the casino are a vital part of the experience at a casino. The casino’s trained staff ensures the games are played smoothly. Not only can they provide important assistance to novices on the table. They also keep an eye on any mishaps. This is to protect players of all ability levels.

When We first visited casinos, We confessedly were unsure of what was happening. We sat at the roulette tables, slowly losing money with poorly thought-out bets. Our only saving grace was the casual attitude we displayed towards the game.

After that, We walked into contact with a live dealer of blackjack. At our first meeting, we made the biggest impression on our career in gambling. They explained that the goal was not to reach 21 but to be a little close to her without exceeding.

They also advised us to purchase basic strategy cards. We had never heard of the basic strategy, and We could not imagine a casino allowing us to make a loss on our money.

We lost a few dollars during the trip, but it was smaller than our fellow travelers. But, We developed an obsession with gambling with real money gambling, which has brought us to some amazing destinations. We are not keen on seeing human live dealers aced by robots. However, it’s occurring in certain areas.

When to Expect the End

Don’t expect the transition towards robots to be completed within a short time. A lot of obstacles stand between you and the goal. One of the main obstacles is the AI technology needed to control the floor of a casino would incur the cost associated with this kind of shift. 

The longer the technology remains being developed, the lower the cost will become.

Casinos, however, basically print money. Anywhere they can make money and improve their efficiency is an obvious choice.

But there’s another important obstacle that is for the robot. The industry of casinos has the majority of its workers unionized. Lawyers from the union will not just sit and watch their numbers reduced by introducing Artificial Intelligence.

Before this obstacle can be removed, the casino will need to address one important question. How will an entirely automated casino treat the public?


Does AI-enhanced technology mean the end of live dealers? It’s possible that robots could replace human beings as the primary casino live dealers. However, that won’t happen anytime soon. Robots have to face a variety of issues, and one of them is that gamblers would prefer a person to deal with their gambling.

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Name: Will Enhanced Artificial Intelligence Spell the End for Live Dealers?

Posted On: 06/10/2021

Author: Alex Karidis