How does Live Roulette game works

Ever since the live casino games were launched at online casino websites, the popularity of live roulette online has shot up. Roulette is one of the most loved casino games at brick and mortar casinos and with the live versions available, people can easily get the feel of the real time casinos from the comfort of their homes. Now there is no need for you to head to a real life casino in Vegas when you can have all the fun sitting right in your living rooms.
Live Roulette Online is one of the topmost accessed live games at the casinos. If you are also interested in playing live Roulette, here are some of the information that might help you in getting the hold of the game.

How does Live Roulette game works

Working of Live Roulette Online

The live roulette online is just like any other Roulette game with the live features. If you already know how to play Roulette, it will not be difficult for you to understand the live version. The game is played through real-time video streaming done through live studios in the presence of live dealers. Here is how the game actually works:


The rules of the live Roulette game are similar to any other Roulette game available at online as well as offline casinos. The best part about playing live Roulette is that you can access the rules of the games in a different window on your device and take a look at them whenever you want. The European and American Roulette has a little difference which is still the same in live Roulette games.
The gameplay is similar. A player places a bet on the betting table. The dealer spins the wheel and puts the ball in it. As the wheel stops, the ball lands on a number. If the ball lands on the number that falls under your bet, you win and if not, then you lose.


The betting is also done like a usual Roulette game. There are different kinds of bets available under the inside and outside bets. You can access the entire betting table from the information section of the game. The only difference anyone can see in the live roulette online is that the betting is done really fast. Hence, there is a timer which shows the time available to make the bet and the player needs to make the bet in that time limit.
With the live roulette online, you can have the real feel of a casino in a safe and secure environment. Additionally, you can get access to one or the other live roulette online game 24×7. Playing Live Roulette is easy, interesting and also quite lucrative.

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Name: How does Live Roulette game works

Posted On: 03/07/2018

Author: Alex Karidis